Sunday, 17 September 2017

A return to "Normal" - with news of more re-listings

Hello once again, everyone.  Isobel here.

My apologies for omitting last week's post, but even though the computer came with me, it wan't convenient for me to post another bulletin last Sunday.  When one is in someone else's home, one cannot really carry on as one would under one's own regimen - and that was the case while I was away in Buckinghamshire, staying with Philippa in High Wycombe.  I did carry on with the re-listing processes, though, and several more Cuddlies have had their lives extended by a further 4 months, accompanied by more new photographs (some of themselves - taken from earlier versions of each relevant Toy or Novelty item, some with pictures of similar Toys dressed with, or made from, different fabrics). - 1 pair in stock
Our Polar Bear Baby Slippers have been re-photographed - with a Christmassy touch - and include shots of how they are made (in particular, showing, the soles of each slipper made with the leatherette fabric all COLDHAMCUDDLIES Novelty Slippers have).  You find these additional shots by clicking on the link above, and then on the 12 different photographs underneath the main photograph.

It's amazing to realise, but our Puffin Friends have come up for their first re-listing opportunity - 2 are in stock

(four months after they first appeared in the Shop following the arrival of PuffinR as a Patient in the Stuffed Toy Animal Restoration Clinic).

There are vacancies in the Clinic should anyone have an Animal Toy needing restoration - and we welcome them from anywhere in the world.  You might think shipping costs could be a barrier - but in fact, PuffinR proved they are not.  He arrived in an unstuffed condition:  so travelled as a small packet from Rhode Island, New York, U.S.A.  So, in a "light bulb moment" I realised this could happen to any toy from anywhere in the world - no matter it's original size.  Unless the toys are bigger than Cy Bear (and most of them are not, as you can see from this photograph), even the shipping home charge is within the most expensive quoted in our Shop (  So, if you've spent the summer months clearing out attics and come across an old childhood friend, please do consider giving them a new life, to become a New Friend to a younger member of your own, or extended Families.  Cy Bear and I would love to meet them, and provide them with a new opportunity to thrill and comfort a new generation - and such a gift would be VERY SPECIAL to the Little Person (or slightly Bigger Little Person, perhaps!).
The re-listing process has also involved me having to check every single listing - because as a result of the recent Etsy Shop Manager changed format(s), new items have had to be added to each listing, and I had thought I'd complied with them when they were originally introduced.  Alas, once the new format was officially rolled out, one of the two additional items allowed "disappeared" from every listing to which they had been added!!!  So, with 107 individual listings in the shop, the re-tagging process has been more prolonged than originally envisaged, and there's still quite a few more items to be checked, and corrected. - Brenda is in stock as well
Still, it's keeping me out of mischief - while I prepare for this year's MacMillan Cancer Coffee Morning here at Old Chapel Close, Kirkby in Ashfield - where my flat is now located.  The event takes place on Tuesday, 26th September - from 1000 to 1400 hours BST:  and I will be taking a table from which I  hope several Cuddlies will be purchased for this year's Christmas and other Family Presents.  Sometimes wonder if going away is a good idea - although I did have fun staying with Philippa and enjoyed my break enormously!

(I'm also repeating last year's experiment of Crab Apple Butter - by popular request! That's got to be prepared sometime this week, in between all the other things that are scheduled already. Before leaving for my holiday, the Gardener kindly picked both Crab Apples, as well as Damsons, from trees that can be found directly under my kitchen window.  They've been in a freezer since that happened, and I'm hoping to find them in a good condition tomorrow (Monday).  It was pouring with rain when the harvesting took place:  so am not anticipating that I'll need to add too much liquid for the "magic" to commence!  I'm going to also produce Damson Butter this year.  More anon!!)
Gentleman Jim has reverted to his original name - as Cy Bear told you was going to happen to many of our Toys in his last post to you.  We still have one version of him in stock - so hope that there is someone out there looking for a colourful, unusual, dressed Toy to give away at Christmas time this year.

Our most recent listing is Jemima Brown Bunny - and currently, she's just listed - as the last version of her departed earlier this year.
As Cy Bear told you though,  I can make another Dressed Rabbit like her within 8-10 days from receipt of order, through cutting out and creating, to being ready to ship.  However,  BE WARNED        there is only sufficient fabric of her unusual, patterned aquamarine dress fabric for ONE MORE Jemima!  So, she's really now a Limited Edition Toy!

Cy Bear and I hope to be back with you again next week, hopefully nearer the end of this year's re-tagging exercised.  Until then, have a good week everyone - and hope the weather is being more benign for those of you in the U.S.A.  who have survived the recent Hurricanes and other storms that have wreaked havoc with you.

Good Bye for now.  Isobel