Friday, 5 August 2011

Announcing the Opening of ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic

 Having talked about the likelihood of opening the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic, I finally took the step yesterday and listed the Clinic on the ColdhamCuddlies shop site on Etsy (Etsy Listing # 79124185 - and backed it up by announcing it on both Twitter and Facebook.  Decided it would do no harm to copy the description of how the service will work as a separate post - so here goes.

"Description of Service:

Offering a new service to all Buyers on Etsy who have elderly toys in need of some TLC and or a complete makeover.  Prospective Patients may be any stuffed animal toy.   Bears have so far been featured, but I am
prepared to assess Foxes, Rabbits, Coyotes, and any other Etsy toys - EXCEPT Dolls.  Afraid I am not into THEM - and never have been.

HOW WILL IT WORK?  Buyers may send the Patient to the contact address featured at site at their expense.  Once the assessment has been completed, Buyers will be notified of what I can do to help restore the Patient to as near it’s former appearance as is currently possible.

You will then be asked to order the work by using the Etsy Purchasing process and including the Consultancy Fee which will always be 40.00 USD plus the current cost in the Coldham Cuddly Shop for Bears, Rabbits, Foxes/Coyotes and other animals that may feature in future. If Buyers need more information about the probable cost, please convo or e mail me - details are contained in my Etsy Profile and I will be happy to clarify the position. 

Price differentials will also be in place if only partial repairs are required:  the cost of these procedures will also be discussed with the Buyer prior to any permanent action being undertaken. 

 If the animal presented for assessment  is a newbie (i.e. does not currently feature in our shop)  or differs markedly in size and shape from our existing models, a special price will be quoted and no action will be taken regarding the purchasing process until all parties are satisfied.  The information will be conveyed to you via Etsy Convo and/or e-mail - Buyers’ choice.

The Patient will be returned to the Buyer  following the procedures already outlined in the Shipping section of the ColdhamCuddlies shop and will be at ColdhamCuddlies’ expense - using the most appropriate first class mail rates in operation to the Patient’s home address.  Shipping details will be conveyed to the Buyer once the journey has commenced.   THIS APPLIES IF IT IS DECIDED NOT TO PROCEED WITH THE PROJECT  as well as when a project is completed to the satisfaction of all parties.  Progress will explained on our blog at

If Buyers would like a video of the entire treatment process (which may incorporate photos already used on the blog), there will be an additional charge of 10.00USD.

 Customers should bear in mind -  depending on the Patient’s origins and age:

    Dyes can be different, and therefore an exact match may not be possible. You will be consulted before any further action is taken;

    He/She will probably be bigger than remembered - please see note on my modus  operandi .

    It is difficult, if not impossible, to provide an exact replica of the original:  however, you  can rest assured, every effort will be made to render one that gives the best outcome.


    Every project is likely to be different.  However, potential Buyers of the service can refer to the various posts contained in my blog at of  Little Red Ted/Treatment of Ed Ted.  The posts can be found in the Blog Archives (March/April 2011 for the former:  July 2011 in the case of the latter)

TOYS FEATURED:  Little Red Ted is a Plush Fabric Toy, originally a former Army Bear who travelled everywhere his family had been posted with the British Army.  Middle East, and Germany featured prominently in his former travels and his adventures included run ins with family dogs.  He now lives peacefully with his Best Friend, who admits to being "nearly 80" here in Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England, UK.

Ed Ted Bear arrived in the Clinic at the beginning of July and was the constant companion of a young Boy, going everywhere together.  He had spent the last 20-25 years wrapped in two plastic bags in the attic of the family home.  He only appeared when the attic was being cleared after the death of Ed Ted's Best Friend's Mother in December 2010 and was sent to the Clinic to see if he could be helped back to health.  He faces an exciting future, travelling to live in Italy with his Best Friend in the very near future and meeting a white cat named SNOW, who adopted the Best Friend in 2010."

Hello there Followers, Readers and everyone else:  Cy Bear here just to keep you informed about what is happening in the Clinic ( - #79124185) and regarding the Cuddlies who are preparing to be adopted shortly.

Isobel has cut out three new Baby White Rabbits and has sewn one.  It is now ready for stuffing and putting together.  MrsC from Beecroft, New South Wales, Australia has asked that one Bunny has a yellow ribbon and the other a turqoise one.  They are intended as "welcome to the world" gifts for twins who are expected shortly.  Mum apparently knows that one is a boy:  the other is going to be "a surprise" and everyone agrees that these two colours are properly neutral for whatever joins its brother!

Panda is ready to go and  his replacement is cut out and ready to be sewn together once all the Bunnies are complete.  Isobel will get down to stuffing and sewing the other two cut out Bunnies just as soon as she's finished this post.

Meanwhile, the patients in the Clinic are continuing their treatment.  Tommy Teddy survived his wash, having spent the whole night in a cool bath, and apparently the water was quite dark when he was extracted.  He spent yesterday and this morning in the Laundry area of The Hospital of St. John, where we all live, and is now back home waiting to be ironed out so that Isobel can make the cardboard pattern pieces from which he will be cut out - once we've got the fabric sorted.  A request for a prices and suggested materials has been sent.

Brr Bear, meanwhile, is lying down on his back - resting, before his treatment begins.  He looks very comfortable.

I'll bring this post to an end so Goodnight  for now and we both hope that you'll remember the Clinic if you come across a stuffed animal toy who needs help to look better.  Isobel does enjoy doing them:  and I like to see them get better looking as the days go by.