Sunday, 15 November 2015

Still working on Saving UK Hedgehogs - latest developments.

A very good afternoon to you all Everyone - Cy Bear back again, after a week away from posting.

We're still deep in Hedgehogs, and likely to be for some time, I think, but since we're being given a lot of verbal/written support from members of all the Teams that Isobel is on, and she's still got one or two more "ducks to get in a row", that's likely to be the situation here for a wee while yet. It's a pretty full time occupation for her - and while she's being kept busy there, she's leaving me alone!!

At the end of last week's post, Isobel mentioned that Daddy Hedgehog was destined for a spell of treatment in the COLDHAMCUDDLIES Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic  Well I can tell you that she has been as good as her word.

Daddy was wheeled in on Monday afternoon, had a considerable amount of polyester stuffing removed - after she had gently unstitched him around his head area.  She then remodelled him and made his nose a lot more pointed.  So that from looking like this:

Toy Daddy Hedgehog Art Doll  Brown Plush Faux Fur Cream Black Flecked Animal Furry Pram Cot Toy Boy or Girl Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Daddy Hedgehog now looks like this:

I am also pleased to be able to announce that both remaining versions of our Brown Baby Hedgehog toys have been adopted - so there are two "ten per cents"  awaiting distribution to our intended donor charities - West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue and Tiggywinkles Hedgehog Hospital (StTiggywinkles, as Isobel discovered the specific sanctuary for Hedgehogs is named).  Tiggywinkles is a leading provider of  medical assistance to wildlife of all kinds - like Swans, Squirrels, Foxes, Deer and, yes, even Badgers too.

So, with their Babies now in their Forever Homes, Mommy and Daddy are patiently waiting to find themselves a berth somewhere soon.

There is something in the human world apparently called Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up at the end of November.  So, if they have not found anywhere by then, Isobel is intending to sell them at a discounted price - separately or together, and she is also announcing that ANY CUDDLY finding a new home over that week-end, will be sold for free shipping, to anywhere in the world.  That announcement is appearing in our Shop Announcement section next week - but you my Reader Friends are getting advanced notice.

We want these guys to go soon, because Isobel has made the decision that she will not be using the faux fur "prickly" looking fabric, nor the light brown plush material, for future Hedgehogs.  The fabric we now have access to is quite different and is resulting in Hedgehogs who look different, although just as authentic - or at least we think so.

A first glimpse is given here

These three new Hedgehogs are currently spending time with MrPE, the Graphic Designer Isobel mentioned as offering us assistance.  He came to our flat on Thursday evening and took them away to be professionally photographed for use in the campaign.  We expect them back early next week, if they don't get delivered here later today (Sunday evening).  This photograph is taken on Isobel's bed, and like all our photographs, is a bit of a snapshot, as opposed to a professional one.  (There is already a second Baby made in the new colours:  and Isobel has made and stuffed a second Mommy Hedgehog - with legs and face needing to be attached to the body.  The second Daddy  is cut out and awaiting production as soon as Mommy is complete - hopefully, later today.)

As for the campaign, here are the latest developments.  Isobel is becoming a Member of the Tiggywinkles Hospital Trust (or something like that) and will be sending a letter with her cheque for the first year's membership (which also includes the £1.25 ten per cent for One Baby Hedgehog) to Buckinghamshire on Monday.  At the same time, a similar amount of money is being sent to the West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue in Cheslin Hay, Nr. Walsall, Staffordshire (with their first ten per cent).  In the letters, she asks if both establishments can help her help them by allowing more Coldham Cuddlies Hedgehogs the chance to find their Forever Homes.  In other words, more Sales of Hedgehogs from our Shop,!

Then last week in the House of Commons in London a Member of Parliament was awarded an Adjournment Debate (hope you know what that is, because it's not a term this Beaver Lamb Bear is familiar with) in which he stated he was going to try to get The Hedgehog to be appointed the UK Official Animal,  as well as trying to save the species from extinction;  just as in 2014, The Robin was appointed the Official UK Bird.  Isobel did some surfing of the internet (again, am sure you'll know what that is!) and found - and downloaded - the Official Hansard record of the entire Debate.  She plans on contacting the MP to see how they can work together to improve the survival chances for the UK Hedgehog population.

So - watch this space folks.  Life is getting quite exciting!  Have a good week all of you.

Your Friend Cy Bear.