Sunday, 22 November 2015

Third Time - Lucky, for Colin, the Koala - together with more Hedgehog news

Hello again Everyone -

Cy Bear greeting you once more, although it only seems like yesterday that I was opening a post here a week ago.  Admittedly, Isobel is drafting this a day early, because she has other plans for publicising both the shops and the Hedgehogs on Sunday afternoon, when she would normally be doing the preparation for our weekly bulletin from the COLDHAMCUDDLIES ' world.

However, such good news to tell you.  On Tuesday morning, there was a notification on the Shop site that MsDS from Southend on Sea, Essex, UK  had ordered Colin, our Giant Koala - and when Isobel read the details we find that Colin is destined for her Christmas preparations. She wanted confirmation that we could get him there in time.  Needless to say, she was rapidly apprised that we could - and WOULD!

Colin Sitting in "The Artful Buttoner" on arrival
A telephone call was then rapidly made to MrsCL, Proprietor of "The Artful Buttoner" - where Colin has been staying since I wrote about him here (30/08/2015 and 06.09.2015) to ask her to get him ready to come home here.  On Friday morning, Isobel went to collect him - he just managed to fit into her shopping trolley, and he caused some interest apparently on the 'bus coming home - since his head was peering over the top of the shopping bag!

Later on Friday, he was prepared for his journey to Southend, his travel arrangements having been set up with the MyHermes courier service we'd used before.  (Isobel found it much easier this time around - having made most of the mistakes she could have done the previous occasion.)

Coincidentally, Isobel had just purchased a new, padded winter coat which she had picked up the day before.  It was wrapped up in a large plastic bag - which happily meant that Colin could be fitted in and tied up safely - with some "breathing" space to spare.  The paper work in front of Colin consists of his My Hermes delivery note attached to our usual Delivery Note/Invoice/Letter from Isobel that goes with every Coldham Cuddly that leaves us for their Forever Homes.  

The other document is an additional item.  Because Colin has had such a "complicated" life to date, he has some "history" that accompanies him.  This is a copy of the blog posts we did about him (see dates mentioned earlier) so that MsDS can read it - if she is interested.  Then he was ceremoniously (by that I mean "supervised" by Me) bundled into a large, tough plastic bag (normally used for refuse, but ideal for transporting Colin to Southend as it happens) and the courier's label (together with his travel details) was cellotaped on.

At shortly before nine-o'clock on Saturday morning, our normal courier man rang the front door bell, and off Colin went.  We've asked MsDS to let us have some pictures of Colin once he has been introduced to his new Friends (but ONLY if she feel comfortable with it appearing in a future blog)  - so there is unlikely to be anything substantial until after Christmas (except, of course, we can trace his journey on line - or so Isobel tells me) and MsDS did say she'd let us know when he arrived later this week.

Fingers crossed - Colin will have found his berth - FINALLY.  He deserves it!!

As for the Hedgehogs, they've increased in number and on Friday afternoon, Isobel found - again on her Activity Feed in the Shop Site - that a whole Hedgehog Family had been ordered (by the lady who put us in touch with the West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue (WMHR)  in Cheslin, Hay, Walsall, Staffs).  So, on Monday or Tuesday of next week, our first Family of Hedgehogs will be en route to Mobile, Alabama, USA.  They are going to be given as Christmas presents to MrsMM's 11 year old  Triplet cousins . (Also, it's the first part of our next installment of 10 per cents to be halved between WMHR and StTiggywinkles)

We've heard back from both  Ms. Joan Lockley of WMHR and Tiggywinkles Hospital that our initial donations have been received.  So that means, as of today (when the Membership package came from the latter establishment) - that Isobel (and therefore me, too!) are now members of the St Tiggywinkles, The Wildlife Hospital Trust.  To prove it - here is our Certificate of Membership.  (The Hedgehog in the centrepiece has his left paw in plaster or a bandage)

That's it for this week everyone.  Hope you all have a good one next week, and that it doesn't get too much colder or difficult for everyone to get around where you all live - because Winter has apparently arrived in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom.  There was a dusting of snow on the lawns surrounding our flat this morning, and some was still lingering when Isobel closed the curtains this afternoon.

See you all soon.  Your friend, Cy Bear.