Saturday, 8 December 2012

Finally a Sale on Etsy - we thought ColdhamCuddlies had disappeared off the Etsy radar!

Cy Bear calling in again - as promised in Isobel’s last post after the blog had been nominated for The Liebster Award.

The title of this post says it all - and I’m sure that most, if not all, our great Followers (now 265 with viewing numbers up to 9,700+!) will sympathise.  Isobel has been re-tagging, changing pictures, filling in “variations” - whatever they may be - all seemingly to no avail.  However, maybe our luck has changed, because guess what?  Silvery Brown Bear (the last remaining Big Bear in the Coldham Cuddlies Family - except me, but I’m Cy Bear) has found a Forever Home in White Plains, NY, USA.


The confirmation order arrived in our e-mail inbox this morning, and we now await payment for the transaction to be completed.

Isobel intends to produce lots more Bears, using some of the new plush fabrics she’s been hoarding over the past few months (without having time to use them properly!)  The time has simply not been there for her to do it just recently - fortunately!  However, with the Christmas break coming up (Isobel  is away from home from December 20 by the way, so I shall be on guard duty until she comes back) she is planning on taking cut-out versions of as many different bears as she can carry in her luggage. (Occupational therapy for her arthritic fingers, you see!)  She’s going by train, and coming back with Philippa in her car either December 30, or if the weather is awful, sometime in the New Year, when said weather has improved.  That means blogging will be curtailed although she will be monitoring comments (and responding appropriately) as usual.

A Full Length View!

We thought you’d like to know that the Christmas Bazaar held at the Wylye Valley Primary School in Codford on Saturday, December 1 was a success as far as the ColdhamCuddlies stall was concerned. No photos were taken, but the stall looked similar to this one (which was taken earlier this year when attending a Craft Fair in Heytesbury).
Silvery Brown Bear is middle left, in front of the window,  in this picture, when there were 3 Bears!

Isobel tells me that it was her best result yet from the craft fairs and bazaars we have attended since got started on Etsy in January 2010 (although sales did not begin until September that year).  Goodness, our third anniversary coming up!  How doth tempus fugit!

We derived a healthy profit for Isobel (and Philippa’s) efforts and Winston Wombat, our Multi-Purpose Bed Adornment Toy, Two Baby Rabbits, a Baby Hedgehog and the remaining Brown Rabbit Hand Glove Puppet all found new Forever Homes.  (One Rabbit Hand Puppet had found her Forever Home some time ago).

As I wasn’t present - being on guard duty, you understand - there was no formal Farewell Photograph.  There WILL be before Silvery Brown Bear sets off though, I can assure you!  I shall INSIST on it!  So, not only do our Big Bear Family members have to be replaced, but all these fellows too!  2013 looks like being a busy start for Isobel!

I’ll end this post with the news that Isobel is deep in Bear treatments for the Patients in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185).  The mohair fabrics required for the two renovation projects are in the clinic, but will not be used until after Christmas, there being no deadline for these therapies.

Edward Bear (L) and Ted Wilson (R) - both awaiting renovation
The other three will hopefully be ready for delivery before Isobel leaves for Christmas, as their current Homes are here in Heytesbury. 

The one on the left has no stuffing in it (Isobel has removed it and he's had a quick rinse and is awaiting a new eye and nose):  the other (right)  has to have his innards removed, some seams re-sewn and over-sewn to preserve them from fraying and then both will be re-stuffed.  The Big Mohair Bear (centre), will, hopefully also be ready in time - he just has to have his stuffing removed, his Head re-attached to his body and his facial features improved, including proper Bear Eyes, rather than Brown Buttons. 

Right:  time for me to stop babbling!  Isobel needs to get on sewing, and she cannot do that until this post has been published.  Good bye for the time being - and in case I’m not allowed to post before Christmas, I really do wish EVERYONE  a really Great Christmas and a New Year full of everything you all wish yourselves!  Cy Bear.