Thursday, 8 August 2013

Latest Slipper Offering - Badger Stripes, with or without the Head: your choice!

Hello Everybody!  Isobel opening up to show you the latest item to be listed in our shop at  It's the latest in the Slipper offering - a Size 9-10 Man's Slipper - and was listed earlier in the week.

The Slipper production line is taking a temporary break, while our two Bear Patients (featured in our last post earlier this week) receive therapy in the Stuffed Animals Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185).  However, after parking the needle and thread, we did list the Man's Size 9 to 10 Badger Striped Slippers - presently headless, but capable of having one added to each one at the request of the Buyer.  Equally, since I now have patterns for a Skunk and a Raccoon, and stripes similar to Badgers in real life seem to be a feature of both, I would be more than happy to provide them instead.

 (Buyers can contact me on the convo section of our shop at to discuss your specific requirements.  To be perfectly honest, I'm eager to have a go at these two animals - it's long been an ambition to make a Raccoon, and I was lucky enough to find patterns for both on offer at the same time earlier this year).

Etsy Listing #158935304
The plush fabric is very soft and tactile, and the slippers have been completely lined - including the sole - using cream Poodle faux fur fabric.  They should keep a gentleman's feet beautifully warm during the winter months - and an initial tight fit at the toe will soon relax to fit the whole foot, as the slipper has been made around a memory foam insole, covered with a fabric which prevents too much slipping.

The Size 9-10 Men's Slippers from the rear, showing the stripes, together with the Brown Satin ribbon binding, which includes elastic to aid a comfortable fit around the ankle.  A gap has been left at the head of the binding on both slippers enabling the elastic to be pulled through - and an allowance has been made for the fit to be loosened or tightened, as needed.

A view of the interior of the slippers, showing the Poodle Faux Fabric lining.  All seams have been sewn by hand so that no seam is actually visible - thus avoiding a potential cause of discomfort to the wearer.

A view from the sides of both slippers, where the badger markings are clearly visible. 

The price of these Slippers listed in our shop ( is USD61.50.  This is for slippers with their heads in place.  Headless, they will sell at USD53.50, a reduction of USD8.00 per pair (or USD4.00 per slipper).

These slippers will be added to the growing collection of Children's Slippers, Ladies Slippers, and Men's Slippers which I will be taking to display (and hopefully take orders!) at various upcoming Craft Sales in the Autumn.  They will all make someone - small, medium or large - a great Christmas present.

Meanwhile, Bernard Bear's treatment has begun.  He's had his bath - and looks a different colour!   Tomorrow, having thoroughly dried - as I type this, there are still residual damp patches at the lower end of each piece of his limbs, body and head - the patching remedial work commences, and hopefully he will be ready for delivery to MrGS's friends by Tuesday,  for onward delivery towards the end of the week.

Good night, everyone!   Hope you're all having a great week!