Thursday, 16 August 2012

Litte Brown Ted's Therapy Programme

During Cy Bear's post on August 2 when he introduced some new Patients to the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic (Etsy Listing #79145185), he told you about Little Brown Ted (LBT for short).  Well, today's post is mainly about his treatment, but there are also some updates on other toys we've posted about lately as well.

First, though, as a reminder, here is LBT as he appeared on arrival from his long-term home in PamL's Toy Box in Nottinghamshire, England, UK:


The assessment of his condition concluded that LBT needed to be taken apart, destuffed, re-stuffed and sewn up again.  I also decided his presence in a different colour would be a real asset to ColdhamCuddlies Family, so while he was in pieces, I made a template for future use as Little Sleepy Ted.  I plan to make a several of him in the Golden Plush fabric which I've used in the past for the Hand Glove Puppets.

So, here is LBT in pieces, complete with all the stuffing with which he was shaped.  He was not as dirty as some of our previous patients, but still has benefited from this treatment.  His stuffing consisted of the nylon fibre that was available as an alternative to Kapok in the 1970's and 1980's, which proved to be inflammable if the item was placed near a live fire.  While LBT's stuffing was in pretty good condition, it did not provide the soft, cuddly feel that the polyester fibre fill I now use does, so it was consigned to the dustbin and at the appropriate time,  I filled him with the polyester equivalent.

The nylon fibre used had been packed in very tightly, which also contributed to his not being as cuddly as I like my bears to be.

Here he is, in pieces, drying out overnight:

Here is LBT with his head and body sewn up, waiting to be stuffed and joined together

Now, here is Little Brown Ted in all his current splendour.

While he was in pieces and being treated, I removed his original felt nose and eyes.  When I came to put him back together, they had mysteriously disappeared!  There are times when I am convinced that I have a friendly poltergeist living in my work room-cum-study-cum-second bedroom.  I'm always losing things and having them re-appear when they are no longer needed!  Wonder how many other folk suffer the same problem?

Anyway, to return to the subject of this post:  I cut out new black felt nose and eyes and attached them to the new version of  Little Brown Ted.  Although they are slightly bigger than the original, when compared with said originals (which did re-appear!), because LBT looks fluffier than he did on arrival, I have decided to retain the new facial features and think he looks a very handsome little bear.  He's got soft fur again, and he's very tactile.  His new little friends should enjoy playing with him in future.

Having said there are updates on other items mentioned in recent posts here on, I think this post has gone on long enough.  So, I'll post about the updates next time around - which will be the week-end, after the upcoming Produce Sale at Heytesbury Parish Church.  I've been able to produce two prototype Golf Club Head covers and they will be on sale.  Will be listing them in the shop at next week - unless of course they've found new owners in the meantime!

Until then - thanks for all the nice comments recently received.  Good night, and God Bless!  Isobel