Friday, 24 June 2011

New Covers for Kitchen Appliances - Part 2

Greetings One and All!  Cy Bear here once more and delighted to be able to chat with you again.

Isobel, having re-started the blogging process yesterday, has asked me to take over today and here she said when ending her rather long blog last night, she has now completed the covers for her kitchen appliances sewing project and we'd both like to prove it with a couple of photographs to show some of the final products.

Left - Food processor cover:  Right- Toaster

New look for Isobel's kitchen counter
Now, having got that little project out of the way, perhaps we can now return to the REAL business Isobel is supposed to be working on - toys (which can be seen at our shop  Think she's mentioned that she is seriously considering a new section for the shop - which will involve renovation of soft toys, rather than just making new ones for her to sell.  We've already been involved with one such project where we re-made Little Red Ted, as well as making a brand new Bear called Big Red Ted. (please visit Rejuvenation of Little Red Ted.  There were three posts involved, with pictures of me in the third one, as well as Big Red Ted).

Isobel did so enjoy rejuvenating the little fellow that when a friend of the family mentioned he'd just found his old Bear (while engaged in the sad business of clearing his late mother's home) and that he was in a bit of a mess - she suggested that he send his Teddy to us to see if we could help to get him better.

Well, after thinking about it - understandably, folks are so fond of their Bears (and other toys) that they are sometimes reluctant to let them be mended.  It is, alas,  inevitable that they will never return to the way they once were, and folks are leery (good Canadian word for wary) of changes.  Anyway, the Teddy arrived yesterday in the post and although he is indeed a well-loved Bear, he has certainly been in the wars by the look of him.  Just have a look-see...
The new arrival
Isobel has had a look at him, taking off his "bandages" and is pleased to say that although this pictures looks somewhat alarming (to another Bear at least), she thinks she can help him return to his former glory - even though she may not be able to exactly match his original colour.  Fabrics and dyes have changed in the years since he was a new bear.  By the way, for the purpose of this exercise, he's going to be called Ed Ted, as his Best Friend has "Edward" among some of his names.  Easy to remember and pronounce.

Isobel has contacted her fur fabric supplier and found four different fabrics that might be nearly right.  She's asked for swatches to be sent and will then send them to RFE (Ed Ted's best friend) so he can choose.  Then, the remedial treatment can begin.

We'll keep you posted - and meanwhile, here is another picture of Ed Ted to end for today.  Bye!  Cy Bear

Ed Ted from the rear