Sunday, 30 April 2017

Some Travelling Coldham Cuddlies - and News of their Easter Homecomings.

Hello there Everyone:  

Cy Bear back once more with good news of the recent departed Coldham Cuddlies Toys - one Duckling - who left for Alberta, Canada a week before Easter,  and the Fox Hand Puppet that was posted to Santa Cruz, California when Isobel returned from her Easter Break.  Both travellers appear to have reached their separate destinations safely - the Duckling having taken longer to get to Edmonton, Alberta than did the Hand Puppet - which appears to have reached Santa Cruz in around 7 Working days - although both destinations are situated on the western sides of Canada and America respectively.  (Just goes to show how much depends on the timing of the Toys arrival at our local Post Office, whether or not they catch the "right" 'plane in which to travel to their individual destinations, not to mention the attentions of the Customs authorities of both jurisdictions!)

A day or two ago, Isobel received an Etsy "convo message" regarding the Hand Puppet from 

A copy of the Departure Photo shown in last week's post.

MsBB  in which we were told that she would try to send us a photograph of the Hand Puppet "in action"  for us to use in a future post here - which made Isobel feel that the Puppet had indeed got to Santa Cruz.  Until we hear otherwise, we'll assume that this is another satisfactory "Job Done"!

On the same day, we got an email, with a series of photographs of the Alberta-bound Duckling,, which had actually left us in Kirkby in Ashfield, UK a week before Easter, but only finally arrived in Edmonton 2 weeks later.  From the photographs, (used with permission of MrsHB, AndyB's mother)  it would appear that the wrapping had done it's stuff, and Duckling arrived in one piece.  He and new Best Friend, AndyB. are now, presumably getting to know each other.

Meanwhile, here in the UK, and almost on the other side of the world, AndyB's Duckling Companion and an Easter Chicken were providing some excitement for Isobel's GrandsonE - who was so pleased with his Easter presents that they accompanied him to St. Barnabas Cathedral, in Nottingham, for the 1000 BST Mass on Easter Day, and is still creating pleasure on an almost daily basis (among a selection of trucks, cars and trains as well, of course.)

Shown with permission of Daughter, Clare

And, now, we can complete a story that actually began around Christmas time last year.  A good Friend of the ColdhamCuddlies, MrsSS - who has bought a Cuddlies Hedgehog in the past - ordered these Baby Bunnies for her two Grandsons, one of whom was celebrating the Festival for the first time..  Although they arrived in plenty of time for that Holiday, given the huge number of other Toy gifts that she knew were being provided for the young gentlemen, MrsSS decided to keep these two Baby Bunnies back and give them when they might appreciate them somewhat more.

So, a few days before Easter, her grand children arrived to see her, and found the two rascal rabbits well hidden among a basket of seasonal goodies.  (I did try to enlarge the photograph somewhat, but it was even more unfocussed than this one - but I think one gets the idea!!  Guess, one does have to "grab the moment" when Little People are around!).

That's it for this week, folks.  Isobel has been doing a lot of work online this week - because there was a big need for her attention to be focussed there - largely because the Etsy "Shop Manager" site is being "re-jigged" for want of a better description.  That has meant Isobel having to find her way around, which she doesn't really like doing - but if we want to continue meeting friends and selling our Toys to those who want them, it's a necessity for her to do it.  (The learning process is apparently not as difficult as she had at first feared!)

Hopefully, things will settle down somewhat soon, and we can return once again to more regular and "normal" behaviour.  Until next week then - wishing you all a good week.

Your Friend, Cy Bear.