Friday, 23 September 2011

Announcing some tweaks and changes

Following our last post - or rather Cy Bear's last post - about Brr Bear's completed rejuvenation, have decided to announce some changes in future Coldham Cuddlies blog contents.  While there's still plenty to post about, feel after 72 posts plus nearly 50 Followers to our name (to those who are here, welcome - and thanks for your support), perhaps I can afford to let others participate as well.  Thus, in the next few weeks, I shall be inviting fellow Etsy toymakers,  and friends who have invited me recently, to Guest blog here, and will also be providing links to other interesting, toy-related items that I've come across as well.

Before doing so, think one has to wrap up some unfinished items - and I'll begin with an update about Panda Bear who left us recently to go to a new home in Saudi Arabia.  A photograph arrived earlier this week from his new home, showing him looking very comfortable with his new Best Friend.  I don't know what Best Friend's name is, but Panda Bear definitely looks as though he needs to do a bit of growing!  On the other hand, Best Friend will soon be big enough to want to cuddle him, so perhaps he'd better stay the size he is!

Next, in an effort to increase the "relevancy" of my tags for the toys in the Shop at, I've slightly changed the names I've given to all the dressed toys.  Over the weeks I've been posting here at I've been referring to the ColdhamCuddlies family at varying intervals.  Decided (when I was ironing the other day,  or it might have been when I was washing up - both activities encourage thoughts and new ideas!) that the inclusion of family type labels might be helpful in attracting viewers to the shop.  Accordingly, if folks want to visit, you will see that the Foxes are now labelled:

Auntie Prim Fox   Daddy Ferdinand Fox   Uncle Chuck Coyote   Mummy Fox (those my daughters had - and one still has - were christened such!)  Uncle Charlie Coyote  Cousin Francis Fox (although very smart, he doesn't look paternal - to my mind at any rate)

The Rabbits have been similarly labelled - Daddy White Rabbit  Aunty Grey Rabbit  Uncle Brendan Brown Rabbit  Grampa Grey Rabbit  Grandma White Rabbit  Auntie Brenda Brown Rabbit

Don't know what will happen - but when I checked the Activity site at before starting this post earlier, the Brown Rabbits had both already been favourited!  Here's hoping for increased viewing activity anyway.

Finally, with a view to being ready for the Greatest Coffee Morning in the World jamboree in aid of MacMillan Cancer Research on Friday, September 30, I've begun to really focus on the Glove Puppets (three are finished, one is almost complete and I'm hoping to have at least another four or five more before the great day).  Any left over (hope I'm not being too over-optimistic, but I'm quite excited by their potential, I have to admit) I'll list in the shop immediately.  (Incidentally, MacMillan Cancer are celebrating 100 years this year, which is even more exciting, don't you think?)

Before the great day, though, I am looking for something to perch them on - to display them to better advantage.  I have contacted some embroidered t-shirt and promotional badge companies in the area - good old Yellow Pages! (as well as my upholstery friends in Frome - the source of my polyester fibre and off cut materials).  I have asked if they can save me some of the plastic cones that the yarns they use - either wool or cottons - are spun round..  The Frome friends have said they'll keep some out of their bins for me.  The other contact has yet to get back, which means they probably cannot help.  I'm hoping for about 12-24, if I can get them in time.   I  also think the Lady Toys might look good perched on them,  as well as the Glove Puppets.  It would show off their skirts (and maybe pantaloons, as well!)  If not, I'll have to make do and mend somehow, but think the cones would be great, if I can get  them.   Obviously, I'll be taking the camera along, and if lighting etc. permits, will be photographing the stall etc.

Also, this morning, Brr Bear was handed back to Mrs. DK - who was seemingly very pleased with his new look.  One comment made was that until I'd mentioned the wrong nap on Brr's original coat in one of my blogs about the renovation project recently, she had forgotten that she had always had to brush him differently when she used to "fluff him up" as a child!  She has promised to have a photograph taken of Brr Bear sitting in his accustomed position on her bed - and it might also contain her beside him!  That would be a fitting close to that particular chapter of this blog, I believe.  When received, I'll post it on the blog to complete the rejuvenation story.

And that, my friends, is it for this post.  Will be taking photographs of the Glove Puppets when more are complete, and they will form the next post here - shortly.  I did promise not to specify dates, as I never seem to be able to keep them!  So... for now.....Good night, and God Bless!   Isobel