Tuesday, 27 December 2016

COLDHAMCUDDLIES say Good Bye to 2016 - Welcome to 2017

Greetings Everyone - with this last post about the  COLDHAMCUDDLIES from me for 2016.
Overall, it's been a good one for the Shop, and we're all looking forward to 2017 to see what happens next.

We've heard that the Blue and White Fleece Baby Rabbit, and his travel companion, one of our Grey and White Plush Baby Rabbits, arrived safe and well in time for their Christmas meeting with their Forever Friends.  MrsSS sent us this series of pictures just before things closed down for the Christmas holiday (and before the meetings took place):

Then over last week-end, we received an enquiry from MsSS - whose twin sister has recently become Mum to a little boy - and she was hoping that we would be able to send her a pair of Pink Fleece Piglets in time for Christmas.  As she lives in the UK, and we did have the Pink Fleece Piglet Twins shown here in stock, we were able to pack them up and posted them on Wednesday morning, while I was doing part of my weekly shop in Kirkby in Ashfield.  Cy Bear did our usual Farewell Ceremony prior to their being packed up.  

Yesterday - Boxing Day - I was absolutely delighted to get photos from MsSS showing the Pink Piglet Twins with their Forever Friend.

The message from MsSS read as follows:

      "Thanks Isobel. They are lovely! I'm sure he'll have them for life. Merry Christmas xx"

(I never get over how fast things can happen these days - thanks to modern technology, and on-line Shopping!  The order was received Sunday, payment confirmed on Monday, the funds reached my UK bank account on Tuesday, but too late for me to send the package that day - but Royal Mail Special Delivery ensured it could reach its destination on Thursday mid-day, after I'd done the posting on Wednesday!!  Simply great - when everything works well!!)

Our prospective Buyer enquiring about the Brown Bear Golf Club Cover (which Cy Bear spoke about last week) was in no hurry to have it for Christmas, as she was only interested in a Yogi Bear type Club Cover - and was prepared to wait for it to be made between Christmas and the New Year.  There's still one more special party to attend, later today, after which I'll cut out two of these Club Covers and send one of them off to Runcorn, Cheshire sometime next week - making it the first Order for 2017!  (It so happens, I've actually got two knitted handles waiting for their respective heads - whomever they may be - in stock).

As ever, technology is defeating me and the font has mysteriously morphed into another one.  So, I'll end this post by wishing you all the very best for 2017.  May you all receive everything you are wishing for yourselves and your families - and Cy Bear and I look forward to meeting you regularly next year.  As ever, thanks so much for being here for us!

Your Friends  Cy Bear                                      and                        Isobel