Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Collection of Browns - Renewed Plush Rabbit Glove Puppets to the Fore

Cy Bear being permitted to once again drop in to tell you about some new Coldham Cuddlies -Brown Plush Rabbit Glove Puppets we've now got in the shop at 
 They're replacing some girl Mad March Hare Glove Puppets who have  found Forever Homes some weeks ago.  Isobel was able to get them finished and photographed yesterday - while the sun was out, but not too bright.  Apparently, that's the best time to take pictures outside - or that's how Isobel is kidding herself anyway.
When the heads were first cut out and sewn, Isobel intended them to be used for a pair of our Ladies' Rabbit Head Novelty Slippers which also needed renewing.  However, she found she'd run out of fabric and hasn't been able to replace it with anything that matches the existing heads.  So, finally, she decided to see if she could find some brown fabric that would make a suitable Glove Puppet.  She found some lovely soft  Brown Fleece - which alas is not a match, but is not too much of a contrast.  To finish them off, she's created a smart Tan  tie to fit under each Puppet's chin, and again, although the ribbon is not a match, it does seem to a good job co-ordinating the head and body.  There's yet another shade of brown included in the Puppet's paws - hence our title "A Collection of Browns"!
The pictures was taken with both Puppets fitting over a knitting wool cone, into which the finger guide to work the Rabbits' Heads is fitted.
We have several of those, donated by one of the residents here at The Hospital of St. John.  She is a dab hand at using a knitting machine to make wonderful cardigans, sweaters and lots of socks - for all the hunting, fishing and shooting afficionados that inhabit Heytesbury and the surrounding villages.  The lady is one of the oldest residents here (being in her 90's) and normally gives the cones to the Village School for their crafting activities.  However, Isobel happened to notice a collection of them on her window sill on a visit, and asked if she could spare us a few.  We've now built up a collection of about a dozen, which will stand us in good stead for future Craft Bazzars where the Glove Puppets can be displayed to stand up by themselves.
As I said before the heads are made with a light brown plush fabric, and the body - which will accommodate a man's large hand,  When Isobel puts her hands - which are quite small ones - into the space, her thumb and index fingers do find it difficult to get the arms and head  to work properly.  A full-sized man, however, using the Puppet to entertain a baby or young toddler would find there is plenty of scope for all sorts of manoeuvres.
The Rabbits seem to be enjoying the scent being wafted from the lavender stems,  They are growing in a bed  next to the wall on which the Rabbits were perched for this photo shoot.  I think there are some red fuschia plants in the background there too.
As you can see, they have yet another brown colour for their eyes - this time our amber plastic eyes have been used, both of which have metal safety washers to hold them firmly in place.  The head is stuffed with our usual polyester fibre which meets all international safety standards - and all together they both make for a safe, cuddly toy for children of all ages.  Their facial features have been embroidered with our usual black double knitting yarn.
Their paws have been sewn on with button-hole stitches, using some suedette material that we use for our Teddy Bear paws, when they are not having leather ones attached.  Isobel has also used the suedette fabric for the beaks of our Owls too.
There are likely to be some exciting developments in the COLDHAM CUDDLIES' world soon, which I'm not yet at liberty to disclose.  However, it's going to take up quite a lot of Isobel's time for a few weeks, so the blogging and toy replacement exercises may be somewhat intermittent.  She's determined not to let the schedule slip too much, but I've been told by her to give you an early warning!
Till the next time, then.
Your friend.  Cy Bear
Coldham Cuddlies Clinic