Sunday, 9 October 2016

A return to Rufford Abbey - this time in Autumn surroundings.

Hello again Everyone - this week, I intend to let Cy Bear take over.

That's because Isobel has got herself into a fix on the computer (YET AGAIN!) and am hoping her friendly Techy Guys from Hewlett Packard will be able to sort her out early next week.  Some things still operate:  but not all!  So, here's an update about what has been possible!!

After a busy week in which a successful MacMillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning was held - and resulted in a total of £500.00 ($620.75 USD) being sent to the Charity.  The actual event raised a little over £280.00 (with the help of our regular Tuesday Coffee Morning attendees, and their friends).  The rest was made up with a contribution from the Old Chapel Close Busy Bees Club amounting to £200.00 and the total being rounded up to the final amount with a personal donation from one of our residents. 

(The Busy Bees meet regularly on a Monday afternoon and consist of a regular group of ladies who "knit and natter".  They create knitted toys, baby clothing, and tea cosies, which get sold on a Womens' Institute stall at nearby Southwell Market each week.  Once the WI have taken their share (ten per cent of any item sold), the monies are returned to the Busy Bees, who then decide once a year on which local charity they would like to support.  Isobel is one of the weekly regulars - but uses the time to do some Cuddlies preparation, as she rarely knits these days.  The Monday Regulars are quite happy with this arrangement!)

Isobel celebrated her birthday on Saturday, spending it with Clare, Alan and Grandson E - involving a stomp around Rufford Abbey Country Park - about which we posted earlier this year - (on 24/04/2016-Rufford Abbey, Part One and 02/05/2016-Rufford Abbey, Part Two).  It was a beautiful, autumnal day, plenty of feathered friends came to meet the Party, and a good time was had by all.

Ever hopeful avian friends

A very regal Swan - keeping an eye on family (out of sight) and friends

A gaggle of  Brent Geese - gathering in anticipation!
Whereas the previous stroll around the Country Park had taken place in the Spring, this time the trees were in full leaf (getting ready to drop in some cases), and the visit concentrated on the lake area, finishing off with a delightful picnic lunch in the Rose Garden.  Here are some more photos of the occasion:

Queen Mother's Walk in full leaf - at the beginning of our visit.
A tantalising first glimpse of the lake, with autumn colours appearing
A view of the lake - with the furthest point in sight

Playing with a new found friend
A last glimpse of the lake at the end of the trail
The clock tower of Rufford Abbey, seen from the Rose Garden as lunch was being unpacked
The rest of the week involved Isobel finishing off the order for a pair Size 10 Mens' Fux Fur Novelty Slippers, which were dispatched on Friday afternoon, and will hopefully be in situ in San Francisco by the end of next week. 

We've also received two custom orders for some Children's Novelty Slippers - from  a returning customer, SraCF, living in Italy.  Isobel has got to clarify something with the Etsy Custom Order system - which doesn't seem to be recording the request as 2 separate orders, largely because we think the client based her Custom Request on the same original Slipper listing.  Isobel may be wrong - but it's another of these things that need sorting........ if only to see that the correct charges are applied!!!. 

So, you could say that this week has been somewhat frustrating on the Coldham Cuddlies front - but overall has been a good one for Isobel.

Hope to be back functioning with All Systems Go next week - I'll close for this week.

Your friend, Cy Bear.