Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Newly Listed Bears looking for Forever Homes!

Greetings one and All - Cy Bear addressing all our lovely Followers and potential new readers.  I've got some new Teddy Bear Friends to introduce and here they all are!

Light Brown Plush Teddy Bear - Etsy Listing #69778158

Silvery Brown Bear - Etsy Listing #95205668

Dark Brown and Cream Plush Hairy Bear - Etsy Listing #120701950

Golden Plush Teddy Bears - Etsy Listing #120705327  
The first two are actually renewals - because they had been waiting to be replaced in our shop at  The other two are new listings - even though Hairy Bear in his various guises has been a long-term friend of mine.  However, as Isobel explains in his new listing today, after Hairy 6 had gone to Australia in 2012, and the Hedgehog Family had appeared on the scene, Isobel decided to suspend production of Hairy Bear since she would not have been able to produce both lots of animals with the fabric we had in stock at the time.

 In December, though, when we renewed our Polyester Fibre stocks to cope with the Wagstaff Bears, she was thrilled to find that Hairy Bear's fabric was now a feature in our offcut supplier's upholstery factory, so it looks as though we'll be able to have lots of Hairys and Hedgehogs for some time yet.

It's great to be surrounded by Teddy Bears again - it's been a bit lonely since the Wagstaff Bears left the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185) just before Christmas.  I don't count the two bears that have been waiting for their treatments because until they become blog posting subjects, they don't really feature on my horizon.

Edward Bear, however, has started his treatment, and photgraphs have been taken.  He's been taken to pieces, had his innards removed and had an overnight soak.  The pieces were all dried and pressed out so that Isobel could create the new pattern pieces on the selected new Mohair fabric.  She tells me all the original bits of Edward have been tacked onto the new fabric and almost all the new pieces have been sewn together.  So, it will not be too long before the story of Edward Bear's therapy will be appearing here.

Meanwhile, you will have to bear (oops, pun not intended!) your souls in patience, and I'll say Goodnight to you all.  Cy Bear