Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Making of Mrs. Fox - Final chapter

Hello there folks!  Cy Bear being allowed to chip in once more.  Isobel felt that as she had written two posts about Mrs. Fox's production, it might be appropriate for me to write the final post about the process so that I could then officially welcome her to ColdhamCuddlies family in our shop at www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.com. by telling you her name.

The blog was left last time with Isobel having to transfer the final photographs of Mrs. Fox to the computer so they could be used to illustrate this post.  Here is a picture of her with hat and bag.  If someone wanted to give her away as a special present, the name of the recipient could be embroidered on the bag (which currently has a bobble decoration made with blue double knitting wool, knotted in the middle and sewn on).  Similarly, if anyone wanted to use her as a Mascot, then the initials and/or a logo could be added (provided the latter is not too complicated).  Artwork is not Isobel's strong point - although she enjoys being creative once she has a needle and thread in her hand.  
Finished:  complete with bag, bonnet and facial features
Her bag and hat are made with a light blue fleece material and the underside of the bonnet has been lined with pale blue voile.  We've got some more pictures of her from different angles, so everyone can get a good idea of how she looks. They'll be appearing in our shop (www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.com) when she's listed - probably tomorrow - but in the meantime here is one that we were able to transfer to the blog this evening.  Isobel seems to having a problem doing it, so rather than carry on wasting more time, she's decided not to include any more in  this post - and maybe, when she posts tomorrow (or whenever), she'll be able to show Mrs. Fox and me together!

Showing tail and rear of bonnet
She's a lot more comfortable sitting down than standing:  we've only got her looking like this because she is propped against the wall, and her tail is balanced on the printer!  She's a bit like me in that respect, as I'm not too good standing, either - but then my arms and legs move around, whereas hers do not.

Finally, looking at her fully finished, Isobel decided that Mrs. Fox looked pretty, but prim - rather like an old-fashioned school mistress!  So, as the Cuddlies all have names so that they can be listed in our shop at www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.com, she has been named Miss Prim Fox!  Hope you'll enjoy her as much as we do.                                                                                             

Cheers for now:  Cy Bear