Sunday, 16 October 2016

New Novelty Slipper Production now in full swing

Hello once again, Everyone.

 Cy Bear reporting in - and hopefully being able to do things better now that Isobel got the computer seen to on Monday.  It only took the Techy Guy 50mins from start to finish:  goodness knows how long it would have taken Isobel to try and sort it (as was suggested by the system, I believe!) and definitely worth the monthly fee we've signed up to for 12 months hence!!

The business regarding the hiccup on the Etsy Custom Order system was eventually sorted - but not before both sides of the transaction almost gave up on the order system totally.  Actually, we've got one on the official Etsy Order system (which is well under way - you can see where it is at the moment.)

This is the first of a pair of  Polar Bear Novelty Slippers - destined for SnraCF's youngest GrandaughterA, who is now about 12 weeks old.  The picture was taken last night and sent to Italy, just to make sure that it is what SnraCF was looking for. (IT IS!!  So, full steam ahead......!)

The second pair of  Novelty Slippers (this time featuring Panda Bears) are ready to be cut out, once the Polar Bears are complete. (They were eventually ordered between SnraCF and Isobel, via their mutual PayPal accounts!  It does mean that the second pair won't show as an official Etsy Order, but who really cares - when the funds are well and truly in Isobel's bank account!).   Once both items are finished, they will be converted into normal Coldham Cuddlies Novelty Slipper listings, and be added to that Section in our Shop (  That will take our listings total further forward and nearer the 110 mark, which will be exciting.  

With the success of the Polar Bear slippers, Isobel has had an idea as to how she can use some small Brown Rabbit Heads that she was left with earlier in the year - after someone contacted us, got Isobel to make them, and then disappeared before the custom order was completed.  This time, though, it was not such a problem as it has been in the past!!  (We actually blogged about them here )  Isobel was never entirely sure that the Rabbit Heads would work as Shoe Ornaments, but we are pretty certain there won't be a problem as Baby Slippers.  So, watch this space - I'm pretty sure they will end up in that role, rather than that for which they were originally produced.

Meanwhile, we've finally  been able to "find" the missing pictures showing how our Gentlemen's Badger Stripe slippers, recently shipped to MrMW in San Franciso, were put together.  (You can see the difference in fabric usage between Slippers for a 12 week old youngster, and needing a slipper to fit a size 9-10 for our gentleman customer!)  You may recall that I told we'd shipped them on Friday afternoon a week ago - so they are probably still en route, as we may have missed a California-bound 'plane from the nearest airport (we're not that far from Birmingham, Manchester and/or Nottingham International Airports) but Isobel has found that packages bound for overseas destinations need to be in our local post office by mid-morning on a Friday, if they're going to make it before the week-end.  I'll let you know when they do arrive safely.

Meanwhile, here are the rest of those photographs I was telling you about:

This photo shows one, almost completed, Badger Stripe Slipper - but giving our customer the choice of a grey or brown satin ribbon trim.  (He went with the Brown, which is what we thought would be the case!)

The grey ribbon will come in handy though because Isobel is making Christmas slippers for her Great Nephews who live in British Columbia, Canada, and they may well need to have special slippers made for them.  Their foot measurements were received during the week, and Isobel anticipates having to make at least a couple more pairs - although, hopefully, some will be met from our existing supplies. Some of the great nephews are healthy teenagers, with feet measurements to match!!!  In all, there are 4 Great Nephews who need foot warmers for this winter- ranging in age between 5-21!  (Isobel is of a generation that one does not become fully adult until you ARE 21!!).

Another view of the slipper and ribbons.

San Francisco-bound Slippers, completed.

The Slippers for MrMW before they were packed for the Journey.
So, that's all for this week, Friends.  Hope to be back with you again next week - with the latest from the Slipper Department of our Coldham Cuddlies Shop!!  Have a good one!

Your Friend, Cy Bear.