Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Re-opening the blogging posts

Blogging regularly is about to re-start - in a day or so.  However, yesterday, I began to follow the latest offering from Tim Adams, leader of the Handmadeology Team on which is designed to help those of us who are clueless about Social Media - full-stop!  Believe me - I'm the original  in that department.  Know that there is something called Facebook, have used it to post photographs of my toys being offered in my Etsy shop ( but am still not sure that either of the sites talk to each other or how to correct the fault if they do not.  Am a Twitterer, and tweet occasionally (when I remember) and yesterday registered with Digg, Stumbleupon and a couple of other sites recommended by the Social Media Blitz course. 

Was supposed to blog about it yesterday, but I find myself doing all this internet stuff quite late at night, and being a Silver Surfer, can get in a bit of a muddle at times as a result.  Doing it during the day doesn't always work - husband, Peter, often comes in and wants to know what is happening, without really being that interested.  However, he can have a malign influence on my computer - so his enquiries are not always appreciated!

So, having discovered Handmadeology, following my interview on the site earlier in April, I've been trying to keep up with all the helpful hints being provided.  They are wonderfully helpful, but they don't seem to be doing much to assist my problem in making sure that folks are actually reading the blog.  However, now I think about it, I was warned by a fellow Etsian (Yenbo), who was kind enought to create the Shop banner for me,  that it could take 6 months before I began to get regular comments on the blog.  SundayAfternoonHousewife has also been most helpful, and I hope soon to be able to follow her helpful hints too.

This may explain the lack of blogging from me in the last couple of weeks - and I've also been up to my eyes in Red Teds.  Little Red Ted is now fully rejuvenated - and will form at least a couple of future blogs (stage by stage pics will be included) and so, too, is Big Red Ted.  However, this afternoon, the latter suffered an unexpected injury by losing his left arm while involved in a photoshoot.  Until I've re-joined that to his torso, photography has had to be suspended (much to Cy Bear's annoyance - he rather likes his involvement as the ColdhamCuddlies mascot!).  However, it's not such a big deal, and I hope to resume progress in that matter tomorrow - as well as find out a bit more on how to make Facebook and Twitter work for the ColdhamCuddlies product and myself  - from the Social Media Blitz e-course being provided via Tim Adams.

Till then - bye for now.Isobel