Sunday, 4 September 2011

Glove puppets - latest, plus other things

Good evening once again - Cy Bear posting:  seems to have been some time since Isobel allowed me to have another go!  Still, she has been busy as you know, and alas, I've still not learned how to do it by myself!

We're both very pleased to draw attention to the fact that our blog ( -  in case you've forgotten!) now has 30 (THIRTY) Followers.  We cannot believe it!  Thank you all so much for doing so - we look forward to welcoming even more as the weeks proceed!

Now on the glove puppet front:  Isobel sorted out the pattern pieces (ending up with just 6 in the end) and when she came to fit them on the material found that actually there was only enough material for just one of the Sooty/Sue type puppets.  She began to sew it up yesterday evening, and has decided not to use the Black ears she had cut out for the puppet she is making.  It will be made totally in the golden plush fabric - since there was enough material to allow for the four pieces required - and that way there can be no possibility of offending copyright etc. because Sooty and Sue do still operate somewhere on British television.  The brown ears that Isobel mentioned she had cut out will be used to make another coloured bear glove puppet.  They don't seem to take too long to make, which is a good thing, so I'm looking forward to meeting, greeting and, hopefully, selling lots of them shortly!

Rupert Bear is now looking forward to going home later this week.

Showing the burn on Rupert's cheek

His Mum and Isobel met at the Saturday Produce Sale in Heytesbury Church as arranged and when shown the material sent from Bear Basics earlier this week,  decided that it was such a good match  (even though not an exact one) that she would prefer not to have him go through the whole treatment programme.  She asked Isobel if she could just use the swatch as a patch - Isobel did it this morning, and although you can see that Rupert has had some treatment, it's no where near as visible as was the horrid burn the poor little fellow has on his left cheek in the picture. We'll take a picture of him tomorrow or before he leaves so you can see his brand new patch.

Expect that Isobel will be taking him round to his home later this week.  She goes shopping on Monday and then does a lot of washing - so Monday is out, on Tuesday she is going to begin a Zumba class - whatever that is.  Expect she'll tell us all about it once she's experienced it, but it's something to do with losing weight apparently and was suggested by her doctor.  So, I expect the appointment for the hand-over will be Wednesday or Thursday.  Meanwhile, Rupert is sitting very comfortably in the wicker chair we have in the sewing room and getting used to his new appearance.

Right, I'm getting the idea that Isobel wants to get on with her new sewing project - she's got more time to make more glove puppets now that she doesn't have to completely recover Rupert.  But once she's finished the first glove puppet, and photographed it, she will be getting on with doing Brr Bear.  His delivery date to his Best Friend has been set for Friday. September 16 - and it's September 5 tomorrow, already!!  Time goes by so fast, a Bear doesn't have time to think!!   Before I leave, here is a happier picture of Rupert - don't you like his fancy paw pads?

The paws match the hydrangea - or is it the other way around?

Good night !  Cy Bear