Saturday, 31 May 2014

Colin the Koala - the Next Step

Greetings Everyone - after a slightly longer interval than originally planned.  Isobel is now back home in Heytesbury but wasn't able to blog, as she had hoped;   because of all the things she wanted to do when she was staying with Clare and Alan.  (As well as not feeling like it for another).  She has to feel like writing a post, and I was too far away to be able to prod her into doing it!  Still better late than never.

It's a relatively short post this time around, but we thought you'd like to know that Colin, the Giant Koala, had a safe journey to Kirkby-in-Ashfield to his Forever Home, and is now safely ensconced in what will be the "Baby's Room" when that important person arrives.

Before leaving, however, we couldn't let him depart without the formal ColdhamCuddlies Farewell Ceremony - duly recorded in our traditional manner. I do have to admit to feeling somewhat dwarfed by Colin, and the Lloyd Loom Chair in which he resided until he left for his Forever Home now looks extremely empty!

Both of us can sit up without help!
Before he had this photograph taken, Colin had been wrapped up in a very big plastic bag - which is what the polyester fibre used to stuff us Cuddlies arrives in from our source in Frome, SomersetFine Quality Feather Company.  That was used to cover the back seat on which Colin travelled from here to Nottinghamshire - because the Clare's car had been heavily used during their recent move to their new home.  What with one thing and another, she didn't feel the back was clean enough for Colin, without him actually sitting on the bag all the way.

The plastic bag contained Isobel's various bits and pieces (not in her travelling case) - and as you can see, Clare's car is blue!  As for Colin, well he blends into his surroundings rather well, doesn't he?

Poor Clare had a very long day- spending nine and a half hours all together driving to and from her home and was delighted when the journey was over! (There was a short break between the journeys, when they had lunch with one of our neighbours.)  Colin now has a comfortable spot in the room that has been designated for the new arrival once the adoption process Clare and Alan are involved in has been completed:  the next important date is sometime in July.  

But, before she left, some photographs were taken of Colin getting to know Alan, Dotty the Dog and Clare in their sitting room.

Dotty is not unnaturally wondering exactly what, or indeed who, is sitting on top of her........  Oh,by the way - it is not planned that Colin will be treated in the same way as the toy that is on the floor between Alan and Clare! He is the currently much loved (a.k.a. chewed) "Santa" from whom Dotty is rarely separated.  (I'm told he still squeaks - a bit!)   Dotty's toys are always kept downstairs, where she reigns supreme.  The two cats, Mo and Alfie have the run of the first floor (together with their toys)  - and it's always a battle between Isobel and the cats as to who will occupy the spare bedroom!  This time around I gather the result was Isobel 7:  Cats 0.  However, they are still becoming accustomed to their new surroundings, so at a future date, the scores might not be so one-sided.  They do come downstairs to ensure that their food and well-being is maintained, but spend their days upstairs basking in the sunshine (when it appears!) and following the biggest sunbeams.

Normal service on this blog will be resumed shortly - as Isobel is rapidly "getting into the groove" once again. 

 Until then, this is Cy Bear signing off!

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