Sunday, 20 December 2015

A briefing from Buckinghamshire, UK

Good afternoon Everyone!

Whilst Cy Bear sits in solitary charge of the Kirkby Cuddlies, I've made it safely to daughter Philippa's home in High Wycombe following a speedy, untrammelled trip by car - courtesy of daughter Clare, and in company with son-in-law Alan and GrandsonE.

As everyone knows, it is not my custom to use anything but initials when referring to Cuddlies' Forever Friends who are children, and when Cy Bear is the author of our posts, he always likes to use initials when referring to our Customers and Friends - because he is a very well brought up Bear. GrandsonE is a recent addition to my family, and is still subject to rigorous adoption rules that operate in the UK, so photographs of this wonderful little fellow on public blogs and media sites like Facebook etc are officially frowned upon.

MrsMM from Mobile, Alabama, about whom Cy Bear also wrote last week has been as good as her word.  She sent us two pictures just to prove that her family of Hedgehogs had arrived safely - and here is the photographic proof!  (Taken in such a manner that their prospective Forever Friends were not aware of their arrival!)

Am pleased to be able to report the safe arrival of Mommy Hedgehog in Bonsall, California -  the furthest destination (from the UK) for the Hedgehogs who left us earlier this month.  We assume - because we've not heard to the contrary - that the travellers to Fayetteville, North Carolina reached their new home too.  When thanking MrsNA for letting me know, asked if she could establish whether or not the package had arrived there, even if the parents of the two children had been firmly told NOT TO OPEN the packages before DECEMBER 25!  (The parcel was safe to open in the travelling envelope:  but no further).  A response has yet to materialise  - but given what happens in households everywhere at this time of the year, it's not really that much of a problem if I don't hear - except, hopefully, that Panda Puppet and Baby Hedgehog make acceptable Forever Friends in due course!

Plans are being made for Philippa and I to travel to StTiggywinkles Hedgehog Hospital on Tuesday of next week - so not only will there be something for me to tell you about in my post next week, but I'm hoping that there will also be the opportunity for me to actually hold a Hedgehog patient too.  Am going primed with my camera - so watch this space.

Meanwhile, before ending this post - Cy Bear forgot to show you the publicity material kindly sent to us by St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Trust for the Press At Home that was such a fiasco.  I've retained it all in a file at home, and will be working on schemes where it can be put to good use in 2016!  (The certificate being propped up by a Mommy Hedgehog is my Certificate of Membership of the StTiggywinkles Wildlife Trust).

Then, late Sunday evening, after the last blog post had been published, we got a last minute call for help from MrPF .  He'd seen one of our Black Plush Baby Rabbits, and wondered if we could get it to him in time for Christmas, as he was anxious to include it with other gifts for his fiancee.  Apparently she has two real rabbit pets, and already has a black and white stuffed toy version of her Dutch Black Rabbit (which also has white markings).  The second real rabbit is an all black variety - and he was hoping to be able to provide a stuffed version of it as a surprise Christmas addition.  As MrPF is located in Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK, there was no problem - except that we didn't actually have one in my flat!  The extant one was on display in "The Artful Buttoner" in Kirkby Town Centre!!

So, Monday morning saw me boarding a 'bus into town to check out the availability of the Black Plush Rabbit, and also Wilfred Wolf, about whom I also received an enquiry over last week-end.  Just in case, the Black Rabbit was not in stock in Town, and because the Baby Rabbits don't take me that long to create, I cut out and sewed up a new version on Sunday evening.  Although there was indeed a Black Bunny in the Shop, I bought both of the Toys back - largely because I still didn't know the location of the customer who was asking about Wilfred Wolf, and I wanted to give MrPF a choice.

In the end, after completing the stuffing on Monday evening, the new version of the Baby Bunny was provided with a crimson velvet ribbon around his neck (rather than the orange version on the original Black one) and was dispatched to Ripon, North Yorkshire on Thursday, before I left for Buckinghamshire the next day.  Wilfred Wolf remains in the UK, as his potential Forever Friend lives in the United States, and there simply wasn't enough time for me to guarantee a Christmas delivery.  (The customer did admit to having "left things a little late this year"!!)

Cy Bear supervising the travel arrangements for the Baby Black Rabbit
Earlier in this post, I mentioned GrandsonE:  to celebrate the fact that after just three months with us, and because he will be 18 months old on  Christmas Eve,  I am including a photograph (with permission of Mummy).  It gives an impression of our wonderful little chap, without it being really that possible to identify him, so hopefully will not fall foul of any official policy.  He is playing with Bob the Purple Bunny, who featured as his first Present from Mummy and Daddy in the introduction process before he arrived in the family.  Bob is still a favourite among the host of toys - stuffed, electronic and wooden - with which E spends his days, and as you see can be subject to fairly rigorous attention. 

E's favoured method of propulsion when he arrived with us in early Autumn was rolling:  he is now walking up to 20 steps unaided, and keeping his parents on their toes!

So - that 's the news from the Coldham Cuddlies world for this week.  Let me wish all of you Readers, Friends, Followers and Fellow Etsy Team Mates a really wonderful Christmas before I end this last but one bulletin for 2015.  (Cy Bear did entitle last week's post as being the penultimate communication from the Coldham Cuddlies - I'd forgotten there was yet another Sunday between Christmas and New Year's Day!)

All the best.  Isobel