Monday, 26 November 2012

Welcome to some Handsome Stuffed Frogs, Newest Coldham Cuddlies members

Green Stuffed Frogs - Etsy Listing #116285186

These Handsome Stuffed Frog Toys have just been listed in our shop ( and are the result of a custom order placed in September this year.  They are hand made for folks who enjoy collecting Frogs as a pastime.  Indeed, the customer who suggested they become members of the ColdhamCuddlies Family has a close relative who already has over 40 in place.  I was persuaded to think about it, as the customer was keen  to buy one, even providing a deposit, and suggested that there was definitely a market for such a Toy.  I promised to look into the matter, found  I already had a Vintage Frog pattern in house, so then had no excuse not to have a go.

I have to confess that to date I have never regarded Frogs as being Cuddly - however both these guys have made me change my mind.  They have been great fun to make, don’t take too long and, above all, have provided my arthritic fingers with a real workout during their construction.  I decided to make two versions - to familiarise myself with the production process and to provide my Customer with a selection.  The second version was easier than the first - so I have high hopes of becoming quite adept at Frog construction. 

There are a number of colour combinations already available - they don’t just have to be variations on a theme of GREEN.  They could already be Brown and Orange, Brown and Yellow and Brown and Beige and any other combinations customers might like to suggest.  If they are not in stock, I am happy to go source them.  They could well look good in Fleece, as well as the fabrics shown.

Dark Green Frog has been selected by my Customer, Mr.GSHe approved of both versions, but felt the Dark Green one was most realistic!  He can be easily replaced (he took me 2½  days to make) and is made from fabric I purchased when a local glove factory (from whom I buy my leather off  cuts) was moving to a new manufacturing site and was having a clear out sale.  The dark green fabric has the feel of a raincoat - very appropriate for a Frog, and actually has a soft black reverse side, which is what attracted me in the first place.  The green velvet look chest actually has a rubber backing.  So this version could well be described as waterproof.  He is, in any case, washable. 

Green and Orange Frog is made from an off-cut obtained from my supplier of such fabrics and feels like felt or moleskin, with a cotton backing (and recently appeared as the trousers for our custom Tweed Coated Coyote, now on his way to his Forever Home in Canada.  The orange chest is made with velvet and the eyes are plastic with pupils that move about  - giving the Toy a realistic look.  The fabric used for this Frog may well not be washable - but could respond to dry-cleaning if necessary.  Crafters  know all about   velvet's fraying capabilities,  Thus, although Dark Green Frog had no worries on this score, I ensured that all seams on both versions were over sewn:  just to reinforce their long-term integrity.

Both Frogs are stuffed with polyester fibre meeting all international safety standards and their vital statistics are as follows
Measurements    Body - Nose to Tail       11 inches (28 cms)
                           Chest - Nose to Tail        7 inches (17.7 cms)
                           Girth - under arms         13 inches (30.3 cms)
                            Body, including legs     22.5 inches (50.6 cms)
                      Weight                        271 g  (10 ounces).

This means that both Frogs will travel at the Standard Small Packet rate charged by UK Royal Mail.  Buyers are asked to bear in mind that as I now no longer drive, I am reliant on local public transport to reach either of the two Post Offices in the vicinity that are equipped to deal with parcels.  This is done every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Should there be any question of a tight deadline involved when Buyers are placing an order(s), please take this restriction into consideration.

I've almost finished dressing two more new members of the ColdhamCuddlies Family - and hope to have them listed in our shop at later this week, so you'll be hearing all about them then - probably from our friend Cy BearI've finally managed to track down some mohair fabric which two of my five Bear Patients in the Soft Toy Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185) require for their renovation/rejuvenation treatments.  The other three don't need to be matched up - merely thoroughly cleaned up and re-stuffed..

Thus, will close now - and get going on some sewing.  Bye for now.  Isobel