Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Cuddlies Go on a Mission - to help UK Hedgehogs.

Hello Everyone - Cy Bear with you once again, this time to tell you about something new we COLDHAM CUDDLIES are going to get involved with. - trying to do our bit to save the extinction of British Hedgehogs.

This has all come about since Isobel read an article in a weekly magazine to which she subscribes called "The Lady".   In the edition for 25th September 2015, there is an article entitled "Is it the last hurrah for The Hedgehog?".  Apparently Hedgehogs in the UK are declining at such a rate that by 2025, it is thought hedgehogs could become a "mere urban myth, perhaps vanishing from some urban areas completely".  "The Lady" says that in the 1950's there were 30 million of them:  by 1995, they had reduced to 1.5 million.

That's an awful thought for any one who likes Hedgehogs as I do - especially as I have three Coldham Cuddlies friends who are Mommy, Daddy and Baby Hedgehogs - seen here, all together on a table in "The Artful Buttoner", the craft shop in Kirkby in Ashfield - where last week, I was telling you that Colin the Koala has now taken up a spot,

Isobel took this photograph of them yesterday morning, so we could start work on our campaign to help the Hedgehog survive in the 21st Century in the UK.

The Coldham Cuddlies Hedgehog Family
Isobel and I have put our heads together and decided we're going to try and do something to help save our Hedgehogs and would like to ask for support from all our Followers here, on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and anybody else who might be reading this post today.

All of our Hedgehog Toys make great companions for anyone - from birth to whatever age you want to choose, there's no upper limit.  We've got Cuddlies who are companions to a former good neighbour of ours who lives in The Hospital of St. John, Heytesbury, who has a Mommy and a Baby and is nearly 90.  That's where we used to live until we moved to Nottinghamshire last year. There also used to be a lady who lived in the Village there, who made a point of buying a Baby Hedgehog for each great grandchild as he or she arrived in the world (think there were at least 3 before we left Wiltshire) - so you see they have great appeal.  They are also always popular when they appear at Craft Shows and Charity Bazaars.
Isobel has decided that anyone who wants to buy one of our Hedgehogs - the prices are shown if you use the links given to each individual Toy - she will donate 10% of each sale and send the proceeds to (

In addition, if you add up the cost of all three Hedgehogs it comes to £49.50 - which is £50.00 as near as makes no difference.  So, if anyone wants to buy the Family all together, she'll reduce the price to £40.00 for the three of them, which means £4.00 will go to Tiggywinkles for each Family purchased.  There are some in stock, and they don't take too long to make:  orders will be treated strictly in order of receipt.  Baby takes a couple of days, with Mommy and Daddy taking a day or two longer each.  Isobel tells me that if folks would prefer Daddy to be in the prone position like his wife and child, she'll be happy to accommodate that request.

I'm told that there are two particularly famous Hedgehogs in the world:  a Mrs. Tiggywinkle, who is the heroine of a book of the same name, written by a lady called Beatrix Potter.  Isobel is particularly fond of that story - as were/are Philippa and Clare,  her daughters.  There is also a relative newcomer in the world of fictional hedgehogs, this time in the field of video games (whatever they may be) called Sonic the Hedgehog.

 Isobel doesn't know much about the latter, but she's determined to do what she can to help save the real time Hedgehogs - and asks all of you Followers, Readers and anybody else who are interested - to think about possibly getting a Hedgehog for Christmas (to begin with) and any time else, afterwards.  They make great Stocking Stuffers I am told (again, whatever that might be.  I think I would be too big for that).

Thanks for reading this - and I do hope you will think about it.  Isobel will make them as quickly as she can - so if it is for Christmas 2015 that you want them - you'd better get on with ordering them!

Until next week:  your friend, Cy Bear.

Coldham Yogi is my full name.  I'm Cy Bear to my friends.
PS: The LADY magazine  has actually featured the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic - we wrote about it in this post in 2014 -   (and if this link doesn't work, you can reach it by going to the right side of our blog page, and finding it under the blog for 16th January 2014).