Sunday, 7 July 2013

Cuddlies Slippers - the final installment!

Good evening once again Everyone! 

 Cy Bear signing in for the final post about the Cuddlies Slippers - at least for the time being.  Hope you're not getting bored with the whole idea - because from what I can see of Isobel, they are definitely THE NEXT THING as far as ColdhamCuddlies and their site is concerned!

In one of my latest conversations with you, I mentioned that Isobel had got two custom orders for slippers from KatherineV our next-door neighbour here in Heytesbury.  This time, it was for some UK Ladies Size 7 Slippers for her other daughter.  Isobel was told that they did not need to have quite as much material for this version, and that she was quite happy for us to provide another set of Rabbits, or any other animal we fancied.  However she did add that this daughter was a person who "turned herself out well" and was "conscious" of her appearance, so Isobel decided to make some Panda Bear Slippers, and trim them with black and white checked ribbon.  She also thought the bow should be somewhat smaller, and provide a neater finish.

So here are the Panda Bear Slippers at various points in their appearance on the ColdhamCuddlies stage.

The heads were made first - using our existing Panda Bear pattern, and cutting the seams so that the finished head was slightly smaller than those appearing on our full-sized Panda Bear (Etsy Listing #55269914).   They are very much smaller than the one used for our Golf Club Head Cover featuring a Panda (Etsy Listing #1072411362), not to mention our Panda Bear Glove Puppets (Etsy Listing   #91356474).

This is the insole base we use to build the slipper.  It is actually a "memory" insole and somewhat thicker than some other insoles available in relevant Warminster outlets.  But there is a choice of sizes on the one base, and Isobel cuts out the size she needs for the slipper she is working on.  These need to have the water resistant covering tacked on before the sides of the slippers are attached.

We decided to take the photographs in a different location this time.  These were set on the sideboard in the dining area of the flat, with the silver salver presented to Isobel when she retired from being a District Commissioner for the Canadian Girls Guides in 1986.  That event took place when Peter and Isobel decided to return to the UK (after 12 years of trying to get back - because the Alberta winters were becoming too hard for the family to handle)  In the event it was another year before that actually happened.  However, as we then moved to another part of Edmonton shortly after the presentation, the outcome was the same!

The slippers are lined with white fleece fabric (used originally to make the White Fleece Baby Rabbits featured under Etsy Listing #89020911).  At that time we also made other Baby Bunnies in Purple, Pink and Blue Fleece, some with White Fleece chests and others all self colour.  They've proved very popular when Isobel has taken them to Craft Fairs and Bazaars - because they are just the right price (and size) for Little People to buy for themselves when they attend these events.

That brings me to the end of the Ladies Slipper Saga:  we've now got two sample pairs of Childrens Slippers ready for listing,  They are the Small and Medium-sized versions and feature Foxes and a new animal Cuddly Friend, a Leopard (complete with lots of spots).  The Large Kids' size is next on the production programme, and then there will be a break in Slipper production for a while.

Here's a preview:

The Foxes are made in the Small Kids' size:  the Leopards are Medium sized.  They can of course be inter-changeable.  I'm just curious to know who is going to appear to represent the Large Childrens' size!
Believe me, I'm the last one to know what happens in the world of ColdhamCuddlies!

We have three Bear Patients awaiting treatment in the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Esty Listing #79124185) and we've decided that their needs require attention before any more Slippers are produced.  Isobel has not been neglecting them, but has been having trouble in acquiring fabric to match one Bear, who is a Winnie the Pooh look-alike (called - what else - Pooh Bear!)  However, earlier this week, she was finally able to find the type of Poodle Fur fabric from which Pooh Bear was originally crafted - even though it was definitely not a colour match!  Yesterday, at the weekly Produce Stall Sale in the Village Church, she was able to show PennyAB (agent on behalf of her two sons in the matter of the Bears' restoration) and was given the go ahead for the suggested therapy for Pooh.

His friend is made of similar  fur, but does not need as much treatment.  He's a Brown Bear (known as such) and a few years younger than Pooh Bear.  They will doubtless feature in future posts, and I hope I'll be able to tell you about what happens to them, myself.

Here's an introductory view of the Clinic Patients shortly after they arrived a few weeks ago.  Bernard Bear (in the centre of the picture)  is still waiting for his Forever Friend to decide exactly how much treatment he wants Bernard to undergo.  Certainly, like the other two, he will need two new eyes.  Why is it I wonder that my Bear Friends' Forever Friends seem to "attack" their right eyes?  All three of these new Friends require that therapy - and they come from two different families!  Because they would look odd with different eyes, they will all three need to have two brand new eyes put in for starters.

Isobel has just told me that these will feature in a post quite soon, but until then, I'll close for tonight.  Good Night - and I do hope you all have a great week!  We've been told to expect a heatwave for a few days - so, with my Beaver Lamb fur, I'm keeping as still as possible sitting on Isobel's bed which is in the shady part of the flat, most of the time.

Be back with you all soon!  Cy Bear.