Monday, 13 June 2011

Making Mr. Fox - the final instalment

Finally, the weather listened to the forecast - and the sun came out this afternoon, sufficiently for Isobel to get some photos of the latest addition to the Fox family in our shop at  He's just been listed (#75921238 and he's been named Sir Francis Fox!)  Isobel feels he looks somewhat aristocratic (whatever that is?) and certainly he seems happy with it!  He has a slightly wonky left ear - but no matter what Isobel did to straighten it, the end results were always the same - slightly off kilter:  so in the end, that's the way she decided Sir Francis wanted it to be!  Makes him look individual, anyway, doesn't it?

Sir Francis Fox, completed

From this picture you'll see that his total "look" has changed.  His jacket is now neatly sewn on to his body, and has a double silver button fastening.  Isobel has sewn it on very tightly, and it will take some getting off - but even so, just to be safe, she doesn't recommend that Sir Francis becomes a companion toy for anyone under 5 years' old.  Little people apparently have a tendency to try to put things like buttons in their mouths (what ever for, I wonder?  They cannot taste that good, surely?)  That's why we've got Baby Rabbits, Koala Bears and Pandas for sale at - because they are all very suitable friends for little people from 0-5 years of age.  The dressed members of the Cuddly family really are better companions for the older folks, although Isobel knows of one  - Mr. Toby Rabbit, who left the family before Isobel had heard of - who became the best friend of a little chap on his 1st birthday.  The two of them became completely inseperable!

Isobel also took some more photographs of Miss Prim Fox (Etsy Listing #75340524) - as promised, and also some of the two new Foxes with me.  Here is one of the new Miss Prim Fox portraits:

Miss Prim Fox on a bench in our garden, showing off her pantaloons!
Finally - for today, at any rate:  in an earlier post about the Foxes, I said that neither would be "officially" members of the Coldham Cuddlies, unless and until, they had been photographed with me!  So, Isobel heard - and took action this afternoon.  This picture now entitles both Foxes to become Coldham Cuddlies at!  Welcome to the family Miss Prim and Sir Francis.

            Bye for now! Cy Bear