Friday, 10 February 2012

Following the February departures

Following on from Isobel's post yesterday, I'm (this is Cy Bear, of course!)  going to tell you about my other Friends from who are off to their new Forever Home this month, and updating you on another one who left us in January.

Isobel told you all about my friend Hairy Bear losing his head - such an embarassing episode for both of us Bears, but one that has ended well.  I can confirm that Hairy is now on his way Sequals, Italy - Isobel posted him from Warminster this morning - and that he will probably be there before all the rest of the Italian Mob, as we've just discovered that Mr.RFE is still in the UK, with the Jaguar as well!

Also departing from Heytesbury this morning was Panda Bear.  He is supposed to get to Neosho, Missouri to meet Mr. JY and his wife, Mrs.VY, in five working days from the date of leaving Warminster Post Office.  Now that can happen:  but often doesn't.  It all depends on how well Royal Mail (in the UK) and US Mail on the other side of the Atlantic happen to be working at the time of any journey.  Isobel has had stuff mailed from the West Coast reach us just over a week-end:  on the other hand, some of my Friends going the other way have taken weeks to get to their Forever Homes, although Golden Bear Plush Glove Puppet got to Liberty Township, Ohio in just 5 days!

Here is the message Isobel recently received from Mr. JS, Golden Bear's new Best Friend confirming his safe arrival:

"Hello Isobel.

Wanted to let you know Golden Bear arrived safely at the end of the week, so both postal services exceeded expectations. I had not had a chance to message you until now. He is even cuter in person than online. I have misplaced my camera at the moment, but when I find it I'll send you a photo. We'll be going on a trip around Easter that i can send you some photos from as well. My travel friend is a puppeteer and he thinks it's awesome that Golden Bear is a one of a kind. Many thanks, and well wishes "

Mr. JS had earlier told Isobel that he spent a lot of time travelling round the States, and it was his intention to take Golden Bear with him - Isobel asked if pictures of him in the various locations could be sent, so that we can all share in his exciting trips!  We will post them here if and when any arrive!

Just to remind you of whom we have been writing!
Since his departure, when indeed, it looked as though he would be a "one and only", Isobel's younger daughter, Clare, has luckily run to earth a supply of the Golden Plush fabric for which we had been searching for a long time.  As even that supply looked as though it was running out, she purchased three metres (1 metre apparently is 39" in Imperial measurements - whatever that may mean!), so there may well be more Golden Bear Glove Puppets on offer later on, once everything else Isobel has planned gets done!

Now for some final farewell pictures for the February departures from - now due to take place on Monday, February 13.  These are of  Auntie Brenda Brown Rabbit, together with two Brown Baby Rabbits and two Grey Baby Rabbits.  Here are some pictures of the impending travellers,  with me beside them - in our usual official farewell ceremonies:

Auntie Brenda and me - on our own!

The whole bunch and me - only two each of the babies are due to go, though

Mrs.SP the Rabbits' new Forever Friend selected the two Brown and two Grey Rabbits from the Beauty Parade and let Isobel know her choice.  But, due to the time difference between the UK and the USA, all the packing materials (which involves Isobel getting up and down steps to get the tissue paper and bubble wrap down from their hiding places in the flat) had been put away by the time the decision was relayed to us.  As we only get to a Post Office capable of handling international parcels twice a week, and Mrs.SP's order is an early Easter one, delaying the departure by a couple of days was not a problem.

Right that's all from me this time around.  Isobel is now quivering with anticipation as she has been told that two more pattern books, containing several animal patterns she's been looking for, and many that she has not, are on the way.  One arrived yesterday, and Isobel is "over the moon" with the contents.  She has decided on at least three or maybe four new additions to the Cuddlies Family - once the patients waiting for their treatments in the Soft Toy Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185) have been attended to.  I am given to understand that Madame Lapin's therapy is due to begin this very evening!  Doubtless, we'll be keeping you posted on how it is done and the eventual result!

Until then, this is  Cy Bear signing off!  Good bye!