Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Introducing New Patients for the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic - Part 2

Good evening folks!  Cy Bear returning, as promised a couple of evenings ago, with some more new Patients for the Soft Toy Clinic (Etsy Listing  #79124185).  As I explained in my last post  (Part One of this two-part instalment), although they've been accepted as Patients, not all of them will require full therapy, and some, if not all, may well become new members of the Cuddlies Family once Isobel has assessed and treated them.

Little Brown Bear (in the background in this picture)  is yet another friend from the Toy Box belonging to PamL, mother to Isobel's son-in-law, Alan.  He really doesn't need much doing to him, except he will be taken to pieces so that a template pattern can be made of him.  He's much smaller than many of us Bears in the Cuddlies Family, has a lovely cheeky face - if Isobel can replicate it - and she's got plans for him.

 I'm told that he is a smaller version of a very favourite Morrell Bear belonging to Isobel's older daughter, Philippa.


He's known as Sleepy Teddy, has had  three make-overs in his life, and has been Philippa's Forever Friend since she was about 18 months' old.  He's a much travelled bear, having accompanied her everywhere she went while she travelled around the world while working in the mid-1990's.  Isobel wants to give him yet another make-over, but so far has not been able to persuade either Sleepy Teddy nor Philippa that it is a good idea!  The latter doesn't want him to be changed from what he looks like now.  As Isobel freely admits to not being able to replicate any of us Bears, that would appear to be that!  So, Isobel will concentrate on Little Sleepy Ted as I think he will be named and perhaps a change of heart may occur?

Here's another picture of Sleepy Teddy at home with some old friends of yours and mine, both of whom have been Patients in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic in recent months - Rusty, the Giant Bear and Tommy Teddy.

Then, we've got the Sleepy Kitten - again from PamL's Toy Box.  He is not quite as White as he looks in this photograph and will need to given the luke-warm bath treatment if he is to regain his former glory.  Actually, Isobel thinks she may already have a pattern very similar to Sleepy Kitten, so he may not have to be cut to pieces in order to make a template so he can become a proper Cuddly.

When all these toys have been washed, templated - if there is such a word, but it does described the process these new Friends of mine face, and remade and stuffed, they will all be returned to PamL so that  she can have plenty of Toys for her visiting Little People to play with.

Isobel has a lot of work ahead of her in the next few weeks - which is all to the good.  In addition to these two new potential Cuddlies, she already has several commissions for new Wombats (4 of them) and another Gentleman Fox - all needed before Christmas, and there are the replacements for the Gentleman Foxes (Hunting and Country types), Coyotes and Rabbits that have found Forever Homes over the last few months.