Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Getting Ready for their new homes

Good evening, everyone - sorry for the delay in our posting but I've been busy, and so far, Cy Bear has not learned how to input his contributions for himself, let alone me.  As I've said before, do wish there were more hours to each day!

Anyhow, here's what's been happening.  I've managed to complete the order for New South Wales and in the next couple of days (Wednesday is early closing day in Heytesbury - they still follow that schedule in the only shop in the village, which also happens to be the Post Office as well.), the two White Baby Rabbits ordered by Mrs. GC of Beecroft, New South Wales, Australia will be winging their way to their new home.

The earliest I find I can begin to work on Coldham Cuddlies business (www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.com) is usually the afternoons, and tomorrow is no exception!  So, Thursday will likely be when they are posted from the village.

Oh - before I go any further:  Annie from Okalahoma, newish Etsy friend at EmptyontheInside and blogger at http://doughdirtdye.blogspot.com has kindly included me as a Guest Blogger.  She's posted a version of my post about the Soft Toy Clinic, using Little Red Ted's treatment as her post - and has invited me to provide her with the Ed Ted therapy programme as well.  That's another job for me later this week.  Isn't it great to be so busy doing things one enjoys?  

Meanwhile, Panda Bear is ready for his journey to Saudi Arabia, and with any luck, his replacement will be in place shortly after he leaves us.  His preparations for the trip included a photograph taken today in the garden here at the Hospital of St. John.  The weather finally allowed me to get snapping, and we've got a whole lot shots to share with you, including this one of Panda Bear:

Sitting among the marigolds
In addition to this activity, have managed to work out how to put Tommy Teddy back again.  That really was a puzzle and it took me a whole morning, getting increasingly frustrated  and losing pins all over the ironing board, surrounding floor and in my fingers before I worked him out.  Then I found that none of the bits of cardboard in my stock was big enough for me to create the template for me to cut out the final covering for the old fellow.  Today, I got the biggest piece of cardboard I could find in Warminster, and am not sure if even that is going to big enough!  Watch this space.

I've also completed a new member of the Coldham Cuddlies family and will be listing him tomorrow - using his appearance for another posting.  He'd been named Little Ed Ted and mentioned in an earlier post when I was renovating Ed Ted, because I'd been able to use the Ed Ted leftovers.  He's got another label, which will be revealed in the next post.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of Cy Bear - who will probably be doing the introduction of the new Cuddly - with the Baby White Rabbits taken in the garden this afternoon.  Must not put his nose out of joint must we?

Goodnight for now.  Isobel