Sunday, 22 January 2012

Looking for Patterns for new animals + other matters

Cy Bear looking in - with some interesting items for all of our followers!

The link below is from the company that Isobel is dealing with in getting the 360 degree pictures of Madame Lapin (mentioned in our recent post dated January 13 - when we told you that she was on her way.  This picture is already on the Outsphere website, but under their logo.  Isobel has told PaulN that she'll send the ColdhamCuddlies logo, as he requests, when the whole treatment is complete!  Exciting isn't it?

Now to the title of this post in particular.  When Isobel was in Warminster, going to St. George's Catholic Church this week-end - as she got to the door, a lady who was handing out the service sheets asked if she was "the lady who made soft toys"!  Could this be a direct result of the recent Warminster Journal article she quoted in another of our recent posts ("Pre-Christmas publicity":  11/01/2012)?  Needless to say, she responded in the affirmative.

The lady, MrsM asked if we could make a Beaver - for her young grand-daughter, who has been "into Beavers" since she was three years' old.  We're not sure how old she is now, but Mrs. M and her husband are due to visit Denmark, where the young lady resides, in April.  Now Beavers have not featured large in our Cuddlies Family to date, but it looks as though they just might in future.  When Isobel got back home, after she'd had supper with Peter, she sent out an APD (All Points Broadcast) to everyone she thought might be able to give us a lead to a Beaver pattern. 

We've been very lucky - thanks to Isobel and Peter's neice, AnaliseS - who lives in British Columbia, Canada and whom we supplied The Lacey  Foxes, and a Koala and Baby Rabbit to date.  She gave Isobel a link - and behold, we now have access not only to a Beaver pattern, but one that can be used as a stuffed toy or a glove puppet!  Isn't that exciting?  While on the site, she also purchased a pattern for a baby Penguin!

This is specially good news, as on Friday morning, Isobel went round to Fine Quality Feather Company in Frome to purchase some more polyester fibre.  She'd run out and was unable to finish the two new Golden Bear Plush Puppets she's made (replacing our original one, who is on his way to Liberty Township, Ohio, USA by the way - my farewell picture with him is below).

Getting ready for the journey to the USA
While she was at the factory in Frome, Isobel also picked up the off cut plush fur fabrics they'd put aside for her and here are pictures of what she's come back with!

The actual colour of this fur is darker than it shows in this picture.  Isobel thinks this will become the replacement brown fur for Brown Bears - because she doesn't think there will be any more Hairy Bear fabric after she has done two more Bears.  Then the other new plush looks like this:

 We're not sure what we will make with this, but badgers are a possibility
Isobel is also thinking of Chipmunks and Racoons, as she seems to remember they have stripes in their fur, too.  So, they were added to the list of patterns needed in the APB I've already mentioned, as well as Badgers and Hedgehogs.  If any of our Followers know where we might find patterns for these other four contenders for places in the Cuddlies Family, we'd be very grateful to be told.  Alternatively, if you know of any old toys, in yours or some else's attics or basements Isobel would be equally interested.  If you wouldn't mind, she would take it to pieces (rejuvenate them - if necessary) and make templates from them and return the toys to the senders.  Costs of getting them us would of course be met by

Then, finally, for this post anyway, Isobel and Peter were speaking to their France-based sister-in-law, IvyM mid-week.  She is the Forever Friend of Madame Lapin and Mons. Reynard and was interested to hear about developments on that front obviously;   but just guess what?  When she was visiting us just before Christmas, she was very complimentary about MEIsobel happened to mention that she still had enough Beaver Lamb Fur to make another version of me, and IvyM has asked Isobel to make it for her, with all costs of the production met by her!  So.....add that to Isobel's list of To Do's!  Mind you, I'm not so sure about another real Beaver Lamb Fur Bear:  but, if it's going to be living in France, then our paths are not likely to cross that often.  I do rather enjoy the status of being a Unique Bear.

By the way, two replacement Golden Bear Plush Glove Puppets will be listed on the Shop site ( very soon and will form the content of the next post here shortly.  The replacement Panda Bear Puppets are well on the way to completion.  Then, Isobel will probably be undertaking the treatment for the French Rabbit and Fox toys.  They have been patients in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185) since November last year.  They have been very patient (pun not intended!).   It's all go in this household!

With that comment, I'll end this post!  Good night for now!  Cy Bear.