Sunday, 15 June 2014

One Coldham Coyote finds a new home - his Twin is still hoping!

Hello Everyone:  I'm giving Cy Bear a rest from his posting duties:  it's been somewhat hotter this week, and he spends a lot of time in the sunshine during the mornings, and the time has come for him to find a cooler spot so he can recoup his energies.  He finds writing quite an effort!
He  has been in action as Coldham Cuddlies Mascot this week in that he's participated in a Farewell Ceremony for a Coldham Coyote, who is now on his way to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
This picture was taken before the Harrisbug Coyote had his tie attached, because I had not got the right width ribbon available with which to construct it.  However, it did provide MsHL, our Buyer, with an idea of what her present for her Mother would look like - but minus his tie - and I'm pleased to say that this photograph, together with pictures from different angles, enabled her to send back a message "He's gorgeous:  she should love him! " which is just the reaction I seek whenever one of my Cuddlies finds his/her Forever Home.
He left on Friday - following instructions received from Ms HL from San Franciso, California who wanted to give him as a present to her Mother, MrsHR - who is celebrating a significant birthday in mid-July!  As his travel documents allow him to travel via the International Signed For service - which UK Royal Mail guarantee will deliver him within 5 Working Days of dispatch - we are hoping that he will be in his Forever Home by the end of this coming week. 
Harrisburg Coyote, complete with Tan Tie and Cy Bear prior to departure
When the order arrived, I found that the original Charlie Coyote had actually already departed for his new Forever Den, but as there was time in hand, I offered to make a new one - with Free Shipping for the disappointment. The offer was accepted, together with my suggestion that perhaps he should be sent wrapped in suitable gift paper - for which I do charge an additional fee (£5.00 - USD 8.48 - plus cost of paper and suitable card).  On this occasion, the refundable Shipping Cost covered this additional charge, and there will be refund of the cost on its way to San Francisco, by Monday June 16, 2014
Alas, Charlie's Velvet Jacket has had to be replaced by a similar colour Moleskin Gilet (Sleeveless Jacket - a natural by-product of my using recyclable fabrics where possible), but other than that,this version is the same as his original model. 
With experience gained over the years that has been in existence, together with the increased spare time available to me now that full time Carer duties are not required,  I can make one of these Dressed Gentleman Toys within 3-5 days of an order being received  (provided I'm not committed elsewhere, of course).  In fact, on this occasion two of the same Toys were made - with a slight variation in appearance.  Not noticeable to the naked eye - unless the difference is highlighted.
This one has a plastic moulded nose attached with a metal safety washer - whereas, his companion's nasal feature has been embroidered with double knitting wool. 
The latter has been the way my Gentleman Foxes/ Wolves and other assorted Toys with muzzles, etc. have been offered since COLDHAMCUDDLIES were opened in January 2010.  I only stumbled across the plastic noses earlier this year while browsing through one of the two haberdashery outlets in my local town of Warminster earlier this year.  The options have since offered for my  renewed Baby Koalas (Etsy Listing #55190188), as well as my recently introduced Wolves (Etsy Listing #178799382), together with the option of having their noses sewn as of  yore.
Initially, the two heads were made, after the multiple bits and pieces involved in  a Fox/Coyotes Toy had been cut out - jacket linings, body, arms, paws and feet.  Then a photograph of both heads, side by side - as well as the two shown here - were sent for MsHL to decide which one she wanted for her Mother.
As a matter of interest, these two heads were constructed over a week-end, and the rest of the two Coyotes were completed between Monday and Thursday of last week. (It was the left hand head that was selected).  They have both been made with an off cut which allows me to make just one more head and two paws, so the remaining HeytesburyCoyote (where we live presently- which will be listed in the Shop after this post has been published can justifiably be offered as a Limited Edition, as there will now only be one more version exactly like this one.

I am having the utmost difficulty in locating Brown Plush or Faux Fur - which these fellows are made with.  Seemingly the dyes used are either too difficult to obtain - or, alternatively, the colour is so popular that the manufacturers I had available locally in the UK (online too!) are unable to keep up with demand.  I simply cannot believe that Brown Plush/Faux Fur Rabbits, Slippers, and Coyotes are not as popular as they once were.  If anyone has a link to a manufacturer I can contact, especially if you can recommend them for quality and price,  I'd be most grateful to hear about it - I have a definite need, if no one else has!!!
There have been some interesting developments on the home front in the last week, which will be discussed shortly - once they have been confirmed and planning is under way.  In the meantime, I think this post has gone on long enough, so I'll close for the time being.  
The Shop reorganisation proceeds - at snail's pace, because so much seems to be happening (see last paragraph), as well as in my social media activities on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  I've long been aware that I've not been using them to full potential.  Whereas I probably still am not completely au fait with them, think I'm beginning to get a better handle on them.  However, they are time-consuming, and as yet - in common with everyone else - I've yet to find how one can do them all, and sew Toys - new or replacements - at the same time!  Anyone with any ideas are most welcome to get in touch!!
Have a lovely week everyone:  it's been great chatting with you all once again.  Cy Bear will probably be back soon too.  
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