Saturday, 26 October 2013

Some additional details - and the promised photograph

Hello everyone!

In his last post, Cy Bear promised you a photograph of our Jubilee Rabbit with her new Forever Friend.  When I was listing the Baby Bunnies who also featured in Cy's narrative, I suddenly discovered the missing picture of MrsCD's little Grandaughter J and here it is!  Jubilee Rabbit has been re-named, I think -Elizabeth (because 2013 is our Queen Elizabeth's 60th Jubilee Year) - and although she's a bit more of a handful than J can accommodate at the moment, am sure it won't be long before they are difficult to part!

And now, here are the newly listed Baby Bunnies - not necessarily in the same order as they appeared in Cy Bear's Post.  However, they do show each one with their specific Etsy Listing.

Am now off to get on with the replacement Slippers that are required for the upcoming Craft Shows, as well as complete the cutting out and sewing of the three further Baby Koalas that I deem to be required for the forthcoming Coldham Cuddlies' outings.

Until then, here's to the next time!  Isobel