Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Latest ColdhamCuddlies update

My word - what a day this has been!  Things seem to have happened thick and fast today - not that either Cy Bear nor I are complaining.

So, let me (Isobel) begin with an update on the two new ColdhamCuddlies patients:  Brr Bear is waiting to be deconstructed, but has an ear missing (more information on that matter in a minute).  Tommy Teddy has been completely taken to bits and is now wallowing in a basin full of cool water in which he will be all night.  He's had the first layer of three decade's plus worth of dust, wear and tear removed:  the soaking in cold water will, hopefully, remove another layer.  He will then be dried out naturally and ironed out.  He really is the most odd shape and I shall be having nightmares about getting him back together again - until I actually sit down and do it.  That's my modus operandi, I fear.  He, too, is missing an ear as well as a paw pad.**  His stuffing turned out to be foam rubber which had been cut up from whatever sources it had originated from - and I dread to think what could have happened had he been anywhere near a live flame.  The foam was certainly not fireproof!  It has been deposited at the Warminster Dump!

**This is because I've sent them to Susan at Bear Basics to see if she can match them up with her impressive stock of bear-making fabrics.  She not only has the Steiff Shulte fabrics, but a whole lot more as well, and I am confident that she will not let Coldham Cuddlies ( down.  Put it this way:  if she cannot help, am not quite sure where I'll be able to find anything remotely like Tommy Teddy now, given that dyes and materials have changed so much since he arrived to live with the Morrells in the early 1970's.

Cy Bear interrupting here:  Isobel has learned that we have received orders for three Cuddlies, so she's going to be busy on these while she waits to hear from her fabric supplier.  Two Baby White Rabbits like the one shown below are off to New South Wales, Australia (which I understand is the other side of the world away from here).

Baby White Rabbit - Etsy Listing # 55036116

And then we've received another order from Mrs B-P from Saudi Arabia for one of our Panda Bears. (She was the person who ordered Hairy Bear some weeks' ago - and we hear that he's had an accident with one of his legs.  So, we're expecting him to become a patient in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic soon, too.) Panda Bear will be going to Saudi Arabia, which I'm told is about half the world away from England, UK, so all three of them have got  long air journeys ahead of them.   Panda's photo is coming up now.

Panda Bear - Etsy Listing #55047110
Now it's Isobel back again to take up the final bit of the latest ColdhamCuddlies update story.  We've got back in touch with Annie  from EmptyontheInside, and I'll be copying and sending off all the items related to the Ed Ted treatment history for her to use in her blog at  Poor lass - they're suffering a heatwave in her part of the USA (think it's Okalahoma)  where temperatures are forecast to reach 116 degrees Fahrenheit, for Heaven's sake! Apparently, they've not seen temperatures like it since the 1980's.   Now we've been groaning at 90 degrees, although we've been promised more reasonable temperatures after a day of rain tomorrow, so we've got few reasons to complain, methinks.

Thus, one way or another, I'm going to be busy, busy, busy.... and neither Cy Bear or I would have it any other way.  Until we meet again......Cy Bear  and  Isobel