Sunday, 16 June 2013

Coldham Cuddlies have made it into a Peruvian blog!

Cy Bear opening this dispatch with the news that a fellow Etsian - a member of one of the Etsy Teams Isobel frequents from time to time - issued an open invitation to anyone who would like to be featured on his blog.  Isobel responded earlier this week, and today, we are delighted to say that

Gino Escate from GyGante - based in Lima, Peru - has kindly featured us in his latest post at  Although its all in Spanish and Isobel is not as conversant with the language as she once was (in the 1950's - she did an Evening Course at what was then called the Norwich City College & Art School - where she also learned to type and do Shorthand!) she was able to get the gist of what is being said - and is very grateful for the promo.  Do hope that EVERYONE will not only visit the blog, but also Gino's shop where he features some beautiful photographs and products he's made from all sort of different objects.  He's very talented - so Isobel tells me.

We do hope lots of Spanish-speaking folk will not only read Gino's blog, but also visit us here and look around our shop at  Hasta la vista!  (hope that is an appropriate Spanish greeting?)

Isobel has now just about finished the third pair of furry slippers she has recently been commissioned to make, and here are one or two pictures to follow on from those we included in our last post, when we spoke about the Brown Rabbit Slippers with their mauve satin ribbon trimming.

Sitting on the dining room sideboard 

The Panda Slippers from the rear.

(The salver in the background is one that was given to Isobel when she ceased being a  Girl Guide District Commissioner while they were living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.)

These Panda Slippers will be listed in our Shop sometime tomorrow, once they have had some elastic threaded through the ribbon trimming.  They are destined for MrsKV's other daughter (you will recall we told you that together with the Brown Rabbit Slippers, they were going as "fun birthday presents" for her two daughters).

 They won't be delivered for another ten days, as MrsKV is away.  Isobel is looking after the family dog - a Boston Terrior called Widget.  She spends the day with us, and then goes back for the night - to keep the family feline - called Ariosto - company.  They only live next door, so it's not a problem - and keeps Isobel company during the day time:  not to mention giving her some more welcome exercise too!

As also promised in our last post, Isobel will do a blog shortly showing how all three models were made - and you will see how they have developed from the Golden Rabbit Slippers we started with, to the latest version.  Isobel is not quite satisfied that they the finished article - but they are all wearable, and she's developed a routine in making them.  These last two only took  two afternoons to complete - from cutting out to finished product (except for the elastic, of course!).  Plans are afoot to repeat all three - plus introducing several other animal models, some of which have yet to feature as proper Cuddlies! - to have available for sale in time for the Christmas season, when slippers are apparently often required as gifts.  Special requests can always be handled in the meantime!!!!

Before the bodies were made as slippers, they featured in our last post
I'm also delighted to be able to tell you that Isobel thinks she's almost got the new computer going at full blast.  She's been in communication with the outside world using it in the last two days,  but has so far not been able to figure out how to load the printer that goes with our computers- nor the camera.  Also, she's got to figure out how to transfer all the pictures that are on this machine which we are using to post this update on to the new one (1,189 at the last count!).  Most of them were once on the new Sleekbook (we're using a Compaq Presario at the moment!) but due to all the virus problems Isobel has been having, she was told by the Hewlett Packard technical support team who have been helping her sort out the mess, to " Reset the computer back to its factory default position".  This has had to be one twice, but yesterday, Isobel was able to get it back sufficiently to be able to use it a bit.

Now as you know, I'm just a Bear made in Beaver Lamb, so all this does not mean a thing to me - I'm just hoping that it will all work out so that Isobel will stop being so frustrated with the darn thing, and we can get back to our normal equable selves!

Right this has now gone on long enough, so I'll end this dispatch!  It's been good to chat again - and, don't forget:  visit Gino's blog and shop and see just what he gets up to!

Good night, and God Bless  Cy Bear