Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Career Opportunity for a Coldham Cuddy and ex Soft Toy Clinic Patient

Hello Everyone:  Cy Bear once more being allowed to tell you some splendid news.

The picture here gives you the explanation of today’s headline. (It looks a bit crumpled - because Royal Mail treated the envelope in which it was posted a little rough:  despite Isobel's efforts, we couldn't get the letter any smoother!)  

 The photograph shows Blue Bear (who once belonged to Alan, Isobel’s son-in-law - who never played with him, because he was too old when he arrived in his home) and William White Bear - one of the first Bears Isobel ever made for our shop at www.Etsy.com/shop/coldhamcuddlies.  They are shown sitting at the desk of the Director of the Journalists’ Charity - an organisation of which Peter was a Life Member, and which has helped  Peter and Isobel on several occasions in the past.  To say thank you, Isobel has given the Charity Blue Teddy and William so that they can be used as fund-raisers at future events which will take place throughout the year all over the United Kingdom (UK)- all aimed at attracting funds to look after retired journalists and their families when they face difficult circumstances.

Isobel’s cousins JohnD and RoyD took her out to lunch last week, and as they live only 10 miles away from the Journalists’ Charity HQ in Dorking, Surrey, England, UK, she asked if they would act as Couriers and give the Bears a lift there for her.  Today, we got a letter from the Director with this picture and the letter's contents were as follows:

“Dear Isobel

Our new members of staff…….   
 Many thanks and best wishes.  David (David Ilott, Director)”

How they will actually be used, we leave to the Journalists’ Charity:  but Isobel did suggest that maybe Blue Bear could feature in a year-round competition, visiting all the UK regional branches,  to find him a proper name.  Blue Bear is a bit unoriginal, isn’t it?  While William could be offered as a prize in a Raffle or Tombola at one of the important functions that get arranged by the various regions in the United Kingdom.  It will be interesting to find out sometime.  I’ll ask Isobel to see if we can be told - eventually.

William has attracted a lot of good attention when we’ve been to Craft  Fairs hereabouts, but, unlike our Light Brown Bears, Brown Bears like me, and Hairy Bears (now no longer available),  he has never been able to find a Forever Home, so Isobel decided something had to be done.  We can only think that being so completely White (except for his ear linings) potential Forever Friends and their families did not think he would be a PRACTICAL present for a Little Person.   I think he could, however, be a great companion to an Older Person, and be great company for them - without necessarily arguing with them!

 Blue Bear has been a patient in the Soft Toy Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185) waiting for treatment while Isobel was busy with other  Cuddlies.  She’s treated them in the Clinic, taken templates so that she could introduce them fully into the ColdhamCuddlies family - I’m talking here about Little Sleepy Teddy (Etsy Listing #107350815), Tigger Long Legs (Etsy Listing #108763404), Loppy Lugs the Arm Puppet (who has yet to be listed - he's still waiting for a model to show how he works!) and the Kittens - but she eventually had no one else to treat in the Clinic, so she got to work on Blue Bear.  (Isobel here:  there are now three Bears lining up for renovation and rehabilitation, so the Clinic won't be empty for long!)

Remembering what happened when she treated Rusty, The Giant Bear (still the featured Patient in our Clinic listing to be found at www.Etsy.com/shop/coldhamcuddlies (#79124185)- when she took him apart,the polystyrene ball stuffing spread all over the flat and everywhere we looked was covered with them - Isobel was careful where she took Blue Bear apart.  This time, she undid his head only down as far as his shoulders and then tipped him up with his head in a big black garbage bag and shook as many of the polystrene balls as possible into it.  Then she had to revert to dust pan and brush to brush those that stubbornly clung to each piece of the body, arms and legs - and head. She also resorted to her hand held Dust Buster vacuum cleaner, but being made of plastic, the balls all flew about inside it and it didn't  really work.   Finally, she turned Blue Bear inside out and shook him - with the result that what was left inside the Bear went everywhere on the floor of the shed where the dustbins are kept here at The Hospital of St. John!   It also spread outside the shed when the door was opened.  It looked as if we'd had a snowstorm for a while, but there was a strong wind that day, so most got dispersed!

 Next came the obligatory overnight bath and soaking to get rid of the dust which had accumulated over the years of being stored in an attic.   Once he was thoroughly dry, Blue Bear then took almost 2.2 kilos (4.4lbs) of polyester fibre stuffing to appear as he does today!   He's a big, very cuddly armful - and should make someone a great Forever Friend.

 As Isobel now doesn't have a yard brush, she had to confess her untidyness to the Site Supervisor on the Monday morning (all this action took place one Sunday morning a few weeks ago).  There wasn't a problem, but Isobel doesn't like leaving a mess anywhere!  She also didn't want to give other residents here a reason to complain!!

I’m also pleased to be able to tell you that Isobel has also completed her entry for the Royal British LegionWomen’s Section Annual Competition.  Entries have to be in by the end of October, so at the week-end she handed over Jubilee Rabbit - because 2012 has seen our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrated all over the country - and here she is.

She's perched on the arm of one of the comfortable chairs in the living room, and is being a bit cheeky, in my view, showing off her bloomers!  The decoration on her apron, dress and collar reflect the red, white and blue that appear in the United Kingdom flag, as do her dress itself and her felt boots!

 We do have  a series of photographs showing how she was created, but we will wait to let you see them - when we know the result of the competition. She will be returned once judging is complete, and she will be listed.  Once sold, ten per cent of the proceeds will be donated to the Royal British Legion Women's Section (the usual procedure for all our UK sales).  At this stage, we think it is just for the Western Region of the UK - which means winners might go to the National level!  So, keep your fingers crossed - and we’ll tell you what happens, when we know ourselves.

Finally, talking about competitions, Isobel posted a few weeks ago (16/09/2012)  about the Go Bustards Trail Art competition which took place in Warminster, our nearest Town.  The result of that competition was that Buttons - Isobel’s preferred candidate - was indeed chosen as the Favourite.  The second prize went to Bertie Bloomer, and we’re not sure who came third.  Isobel has been told to tell you that Buttons has now gone home to roost until the Spring, when he will re-appear as the centre piece for Think Outside the Box’s exhibit in the Wylye Valley Art Trail in May 2013. ( Folks will remember that Think Outside the Box is the haberdashery outlet that Isobel gets lots of her sewing materials from.)

That’s it for tonight.  Isobel is away for a few days, so blogging will be on hold - and I'll be left to hold the fort.  But when she returns, she’ll have lots to tell you about - so until then     ..........    Good Bye.  Cy Bear.