Saturday, 11 January 2014

Describing a Coldham Cuddlies Catwalk Show

Good afternoon Everyone - and a Happy New Year from me, Cy Bear.

This photograph was taken on the occasion of the latest farewell to two of my Baby Bunny Friends, who left for their Forever Home on January 3.  Their first stop is to the home of the lady who ordered them (MsLC) who lives in Blacksburg, Virginia and we are just hoping that the bad weather they've been having in the eastern USA this week will not have delayed their journey too much. They're going as Welcome to the World presents to MsLC's little Nephew.   The Russet Brown Bunny (Etsy Listing 175220863) is the newest member of the Rabbit Warren, while Light Brown Bunny (Etsy Listing 73079287)  has been a member of the family for some time.

Isobel had run out of our normal safety backed eyes when MsLC requested they be made, but she has often made Baby Bunnies'  eyes from scratch before, so all five that she made this time around have pairs of eyes that are hand made with Brown Double Knit (DK) Yarn and then stitched into place with matching cotton thread.  They also all have their mouth/nostril combinations sewn in matching Brown DK Yarn.  Normally, all our eyes and noses have been embroidered with Black DK Yarn.  All the remaining Four Russet Brown Baby Bunnies have now been listed in our shop at - No: 175220863

 Meanwhile,  I suggested that we should let you see how we arrange a ColdhamCuddlies Catwalk Show - when Customers order a Cuddly, and we have more than one of them in stock.  Modern technology enables one to do so much more than you used to be able to - or so I am told:  as a mere Bear (albeit a Beaver Lamb Bear!), I wouldn't know one way or the other.

In the case of the Russet Bunnies, Isobel lined them up on top of the Printer in her office.  She put a coloured base to show them off well, and then a somewhat crudely hand made number label was placed in front of each Bunny.

Then they are turned around, and the same label is applied to the appropriate bunny, so that the Buyer can see what they each look like from their respective rears.

Then we try to give our customer the chance to see what they look like from one side

Then come photographs of them two at a time, with the left hand pair shown first, and followed by the second pair.

The pictures  are then cropped, so that they really stand out for the Customer to make his/her choice and Isobel e-mails them - and waits for their decision.  When received, the successful selection is taken out of the Warren and put aside to be wrapped up and sent to their Forever Home.

I know Isobel often says she finds it impossible to make a Cuddly EXACTLY the same each time - and I think this last photograph - with all four Russett Brown Baby Bunnies facing the camera, minus their labels - illustrates it pretty well.  Despite all Cuddlies being made in an identical way, using the same fabrics and other materials, and from their individual patterns, there is always some difference in every one of us!

We've had an exciting week, which will be the subject of our next post early next week.  That's the way it is we're finding in this world of blogging world:  one can go for some time without really having anything of import to tell you folks:  and then at least two items of interest need to be incorporated into a post, and by the time we do post next, there may even be a third!   I'll leave that one to Isobel, I think - although she may change her mind and let me tell you all about it.  Whatever - we're both very excited at what has happened.

Until then - lovely to be back again talking to you all!  Cy Bear.