Sunday, 21 August 2016

Not much to report this week, so this is a "Holding Post"

Hello there Everyone:

Taken when we still lived in Wiltshire:  me sitting in a branch of a Mulberry Tree
Cy Bear reporting in with really not much to say or offer today.  It's just as well the Olympic Games only happen once every 4 years, because we'd get nothing done in our Shop -  All this week, when she normally sits and sews new Cuddlies, Isobel has been glued to the television, watching all the splendid action being shown in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (She's not been able to sew and watch (as she normally can), because the action has been so fast and furious!) However, because our wonderful Followers have got used to reading something about us Cuddlies  every Sunday,  when we miss a week-end post, our viewing figures - 50,883 when Isobel checked a moment ago - go down.  As it takes some time for them to build up again, we decided I should just check in.  Since this is likely to happen during September, when Isobel is away on holiday in Devon, UK (and she may not have access to WiFi so we can use the computer) we decided on this "Holding Post" - so that our viewing figures don't drop away too fast as September gets going..

This afternoon as well, on one of the Teams Isobel actively works with on ( ) their Monthly Heart Attack session begins at 0900 EST and goes on until 2100 EST.  This means all members post their new items, or renewed items, and everybody clicks on the individual items' "hearts" so that by the end of the day, lots of extra people get to see the items and it can result in lots of new folk learning about the Shops involved and it can also end in sales of the items too.  So, that's where Isobel is going to spend her time this week.

There are several of the Cuddlies due to be renewed/relisted - take your pick: the result is the same!  A .20c renewal fee, and the chance to be seen by the World for another 4 months, before they are renewed, deactivated or "killed off" - depending on the circumstances.  There will be more that will be listed during the evening/early night.

Here's a selection of Cuddlies that will be being given the treatment first this afternoon, after we've finished chatting here.

Novelty Rabbit Slippers Yellow Plush Slipper Plush Lined Slipper Made to Measure Warm Foot Gear Unisex Indoor Shoes Unisex Adult Slippers

Winston Wombat, 3-Way Bed Pillow. Pajama Case, Plush Pillow Case ,Pyjama Cover, Novelty Hot Water Bottle Cover, Faux Fur Toy
Coyote Hand Puppet Activity Toy Teaching Aid  Buchanan Tartan Fabric Lined Glove Cool Toy for Tots Toddlers Toy Tots or Toddler Activity Toy
Koala Bear Slippers Adult Novelty Slipper Made to Measure Footwear Indoor Foot Gear Unisex present Unusual Gift Special Occasion Gift.

There are several other Cuddlies who are due to be re-listed in coming weeks in August/September, and they may well be given an outing on the FRU HEART ATTACK session too.

Isobel is also planning on officially introducing our Blue Plush Baby Monkeys and the Brown Plush Rabbit Head Shoe Ornament we mentioned in an early post.  So, as she's got a busy afternoon ahead of her so I'll have to end this week's bulletin now.  Good to have chatted - even if it was a bit of a "make do and mend" effort this time around.  We'll try to do better next week.

Have a good one Everybody.  See you then.  Your Friend Cy Bear.