Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Here Come the Owls - The Final Piece for the 2013 Cuddlies' Slipper Collection

Three months ago - or thereabouts - I set out on a new venture for the Cuddlies - Novelty Slippers,  Having responded to a challenge from one of my fellow Etsians,  LauraC  of EighBoardsFarm, who wished she could have a pair of Yellow Plush Slippers, I was challenged to have a go.  Now, many of you know that  I'm not normally a great one for making ANYTHING without a pattern to work with, but was reminded by one of my daughters that way back in the 1970's, I had made a lot of felt slippers for Christmas presents.  With that reminder as a starter, the Yellow Rabbits became a reality - after a couple of false starts - and the decision to have a selection of slippers in three sizes for Kids, Women and Men - preferably in time for Christmas - was formed.

Having first finished some commissions in our Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing # 79124185),  now - some weeks later -  I can show you the final item in the ColdhamCuddlies 2013 Christmas Slipper Collection.  They are  Owl Headed  UK Size 12 Mens Novelty Slippers made with some of our special, but limited supply, of  Brown and Gold Flecked Plush fabric.

Etsy Listing #162884385
This time, we feature Owls Heads, using a pattern that I've been wanting to use for some time.  They are originally from a vintage pattern for a Glove Puppet made in felt, but I decided to try and convert it into a Plush Head which I could then attach to the Mens' Slipper pattern that LauraC had found for me during our initial conversations about her slippers.  We've already listed https://www.etsy.com/listing/158936304/mens-size-9-to-10-novelty-plush-slippers?, which represent the Mens' Medium Size model and https://www.etsy.com/listing/158098231/mens-novelty-koala-bear-faced-slippers? our Small Size Mens' offering.

These Owl Heads have been hand made in the same fashion as all the slippers.  They both have a Memory Foam insole covered in fabrics which hopefully will prevent slipping on floors.  They are NOT  GUARANTEED not to slip, but as long as care is taken where feet are placed, they should not let the wearer down.  Going outside in them - particularly if the surfaces are wet - is not recommended.  In our view ColdhamCuddlies' Slippers in particular, and all Slippers in general,  are indoor footwear, not outerwear!  In the Owls' case, their foot covering is made with faux leather and the body of the slippers is attached (both on the inside and outside) by ladder-stitching all round the perimeter of the insole.

These are the Owl Slippers seen from their rear view.  The fabric colour is difficult to convey even though they were taken in daylight, with a north facing window behind me.  It was  raining too hard at the time for one to attempt an outdoor shot - and in any case, following my remark about outdoors not being an appropriate place to wear them, perhaps an outdoor setting for the pictures would be equally inappropriate!

As with most of the slippers in the Christmas Collection, the lining has been made with Cream Poodle Fur fabric, and the ankle is trimmed with golden satin ribbon, through which elastic has been threaded to fit the wearer.  Adjustments can be made via the seam positioned in the middle of the back of each Owl Head.  The ends of the ribbon, rather than having a bow (as with our Ladies' Slippers - shown with a pair made not with Plush fabric, but with a moleskin type fabric - https://www.etsy.com/listing/160760658/ladies-novelty-slippers-green-frog-heads?) are crossed under each Owl Head's chin and fixed to the front arch of each foot with a wood toggle-shaped button.

This photograph shows the Cream Poodle Fur  lining and Gold satin ribbon trim, with the elastic seam before the ribbon was tied and fitted to the front of each slipper.

This is the Right Owl Head Slipper - and here is the Left Slipper -

If this Owl Head looks as though it's had a hard night on the tiles, it's because when the photos were taken, neither slipper had been stuffed with the tissue paper that currently replaces the wearers' feet!  As the photographer,  I was unable to undertake having a hand in the slipper to support each head, while actually shooting the frame!  Before they are displayed at the upcoming MacMillan Cancer Greatest Coffee Morning in the World Craft Fair next Monday, September 12 not only will there be some tissue paper in place, but I hope to have a better illustration of both Slippers up in  www.Etsy.com/Shop/coldhamcuddlies as well.

Meanwhile, I'll end this post - not quite sure when the next post will occur, but it could be before the end of the week!  Until then, hope everyone is well, and hopefully enjoying some crisp, fine autumnal sunshine.

Good night and God Bless! Isobel