Thursday, 5 May 2011

Red Ted Bulletins - Final Posting

Making Big Red Ted was a doddle - compared to the problems encountered with the little chap.  Big Red was made using the same patterns as I've used for all the other Teds in the Etsy shop (   So instead of taking three weeks to sort Little Red Ted, it was only three days before Big Red was ready for stuffing and having his facial features added.

Here are the Two Red Teds together
Red Ted was made with Red Plush fur and stuffed - as all the Coldham Cuddlies are - with polyester fibre meeting international standards.  As I did not have chamoix leather to use for his pads, I used beige felt instead and the look fits him well, showing off his black, double knitting wool embroidered claws to perfection! 

Although they were not meant to, it's amazing how alike they look in their facial features - almost like father and son, don't you think?  However, as the two preceding posts indicate there is a matter of some 70 years difference in their origins!

Having successfully completed both toys, it was then a matter of introducing them to Mrs. P - something I have to admit to being somewhat apprehensive about (regarding Little Red Ted:  not Big Ted).  When introduced, Mrs. P said she would not have recognised Little Red Ted, but did approve of his new looks!  The shirt, trousers and cummberbund he arrived here with were declared to be redundant - "he now has fur again"!   Here is a picture of Mrs. P with both Red Teds sitting together.  So pleased is she with the final result and this picture that  it may feature as the family Christmas card later this year!  Now that is unexpected praise indeed!

Finally Home
Cy Bear's views on the whole episode will form the basis of tomorrow blog.  Meanwhile that's it for today"