Sunday, 18 October 2015

Introducing the Kirkby Koalas - and Hedgehog update(s)

Good afternoon everyone - 

Isobel here, giving Cy Bear a rest from posting.  He's been busy elsewhere today, anyway, and one mustn't over work the Bear, must one?

For instance, marshalling the Kirkby Koalas in line is REALLY hard work!
As the title implies, the latest batch of Coldham Cuddlies Baby Koalas (or Tree Bears, as the original pattern designates them) are now ready for listing - and they will be, just as soon as this post has been published, and duly publicised via Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, not to mention just about all the  6 Teams that I'm on regularly.  There's quite a routine to be observed - in the hope that the Cuddlies will get viewed by more and more people.  

They're going to be listed at their current price of £14.50 each, but if more than one is required - and they make great Stocking Stuffers for anyone wanting to fill that empty space this Christmas(or even small gifts at Thanksgiving, Cyber Friday or any of the other upcoming holiday season commercial bonanzas)- a discount may well be available.  Two or three will be able to travel for much the same price as one, because in the end, they don't weigh very much when each goes on the scales. Convo me at, and I'll be delighted to discuss the matter with you.

Talking of blog publicising, I've just checked on today's number of views for this blog and since we began in March 2011 and they amount to 40,871.  Given that I normally just natter about the Cuddlies (with some brief excursions elsewhere), I'm pretty pleased with that result - and want to thank everyone who reads us regularly for this wonderful total.  

Can't help feeling that all the material I'm gathering in all these posts (counting this one, it will be 322) that there should be a way of capitalising on the stories incorporated in these posts - but, frankly (getting over a touch of bronchitis as I currently am) my entrepreneurial spirit is somewhat diminished today.  The antibiotic I've been prescribed is the strongest I've had to date, and while it's doing its stuff, it's taking it out of me a bit as well.  Definitely not firing on all pistons could well describe how I'm feeling today.  Perhaps one of you wonderful Followers - when commenting, as I hope you will continue to do, can give me a suggestion as to how this new venture might be approached?  Thanks in advance.

To return to the Kirkby Koalas (illustrated above)  - they've been made with the current Koala fabric of grey faux fur with black flecks, are as tactile to touch as usual, and ready to be pram or cot toys, mantle piece or bedside table decor or whatever else comes to mind.  They're certainly one of the most popular Cuddlies - and especially so at Craft Fairs and Bazaars we've attended to date. 

I'm due to go to one on Thursday next - if I feel up to it, and can arrange a bit of transport assistance.  It's within Kirkby, and as I'm not taking the entire 88 COLDHAMCUDDLIES contingent, I may actually be able to make it by 'bus (that leaves close to our front drive, and is free to me, as a Pensioner).  The local University of the Third Age group is holding their "Interest Groups Display" for their regular October meeting, and when I met members of the Committee at a local Seniors Forum in town a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to take half a table (at no cost). So, that's what I will attempt to do!  

(In the past, the transportation has been provided by Clare since I moved up - but with the arrival of my small Grandson, she has more than enough to do, and Little One is not yet ready to meet his public full-on - although he does pretty well when we go to Church each week:  but that's a different kettle of fish all together!)

Not all of these will be going, but maybe a couple or three will - and they'll be accompanied by some Cuddlies that I currently have in stock (other than those that are already on show in The Artful Buttoner craft shop in Kirkby Town Centre.

I took some of our Novelty Slipper selection down to the Shop earlier in the week, just to give a different flavour to the Rabbits, Foxes, Wolves and, of course, Colin, the Giant Koala.  Hopefully, with both Winter and Christmas approaching  (when Slippers seem to attract a lot of attention) some pairs may be adopted this year, especially for the Children's versions.  I like making the adult versions, but somehow they are not as appealing to work on as the smaller ones are - not to mention taking that much longer, and using more of my special faux fur fabrics!  Will have to really work at finding an alternative source for these, similar to the one I had when living in Wiltshire - but that's for another day!

The Kirkby Koalas from the rear
A quick update on the Hedgehog campaign.  Nothing much more to report, other than that I've been working to publicise the attempt.  However, this week's The Lady magazine contains a letter from a reader who found she had been "adopted" by a female Hog, who after being fed with cat food, duly produced a litter of Hoglets.  She writes that she is duly flattered to have been selected as a safe haven.  She has provided two Hog Houses and hopes to be able to host many more litters. 

While still hoping that Cy Bear's post a couple of week's ago will attract some attention from that source, I'm attempting to get hold of the local weekly newspaper to see if they might like the story - and in the process have discovered that there is a local wildlife hospital (which treats Hedgehogs, as well as other animals who need help).  I'll be following up on that as well - and promise further news next week, and in the future, of course.

Until then, have a good week - and hopefully, I'll be feeling a bit more like myself by the time either Cy Bear or I post next Sunday.