Friday, 11 October 2013

News from Nottinghamshire - Holiday is almost over!

Hello Everyone!  Cy Bear signing in again, with the latest bulletin from Isobel.

She is getting ready to return home again.  All things being equal, ColdhamCuddlies's life will revert to normal with effect from mid-day(ish) Saturday, October 12.  In the interim, Isobel has deigned to let me (earlier today) that she's had the time of her life with daughter, Clare  and her husband, Alan, and given me some other things to tell you before she gets back to Heytesbury.

While Isobel is away, I thought I'd just slip this one in!  This picture was taken of me just before my friend Bernard Bear left for (his Forever Home (I wrote about him in my last post on September 20, 2013) , and shows me sitting in my flat-guarding position while Isobel has been away for the last five weeks.

 I can tell you that she is returning having sold our Tiger Slippers to MrsPL (Clare's mother-in-law) who wants them for her great nephew, who is awaiting the arrival of his baby sister - expected any day now.

While making replacements for these slippers (Etsy Listing #156629069 - and the largest size for the Childrens' Slippers in the 2013 ColdhamCuddlies Slipper Sales Campaign), there are going to be two more Tigers' Heads made to make Golf Club Head Covers as well.

We've had a request for one of those, for a golfing friend of MrsHJ.   (She is the House Supervisor at The Hospital of St. John (where you will remember Isobel and I live).  MrsHJ has a friend with the surname of "Wood".   One of the Tiger's Heads is destined to be a Christmas present for this young man,  While she has been away in Nottinghamshire,  Isobel has knitted three different versions of a black golf club handle cover, with a choice of orange spots and two different orange or black stripey offerings. When MrsHJ has chosen the one she wants, the other one will be listed in the shop at as another Golf Club Head Cover offering.  The spotted version will likely end up as a Leopard Head Golf Club cover - and both these versions will form a future post here on this blog.

Also, one Baby  Koala has also gone to MrsPL as a "Welcome to the World" gift for her new great neice.  (He's the one on the right of this picture - the one with a very determined look on his face!)  That means some replacements will have to be produced in very short order to re-stock our shop at  We've almost run out of our Koalas in the Shop!   There is another Craft Bazaar opportunity scheduled for early November and these little fellows do make great Christmas Stocking Stuffers, as well as ideal Baby Shower and First Toy gifts!  They have also been one of our best sellers since ColdhamCuddlies began in 2010.

While she has been in Nottinghamshire, Isobel was also able to visit a long-time family friend who lives in the vicinity.  MrsPC - who was the originator of the Pig Twins (about whom I wrote in our last post) who are now in their Forever Home in Italy.  MrsPC was also the source of the pattern template for our Snowy March Hares (Etsy Listing #125962011) and just happened to be celebrating her birthday earlier in October.  The visit took place the week before the actual date, because Clare and Alan had other family commitments on the actual date.  MrsPC's birthday present from Isobel was a pair of Grey Furry Rabbit Slippers (her choice) -  it's nice to know that they fit like a glove and

The first  photo we've been able to show of ColdhamCuddlies Slippers doing what they are made for!
when MrsPC telephoned to wish Isobel  Happy Birthday earlier this week (the actual date was Ocober 8 for any of our Followers who might like to know!) she said that for the first time, she was "actually looking forward to the cold weather"!  They have been listed in our shop under Etsy Listing  #162884385, and when she has time, Isobel plans to make another pair (although the ribbon might be changed, as we're getting short on the mauve ribbon).

MrsPC just might be getting her wish, because believe me, it's got very cold over  here in  the last few days in the UK as a whole.  I'm unable to comment on what it's actually like down here in Wiltshire , because in our home, Isobel and I are always warm as toast - and in the  bad weather, I don't go out!

I'll end this post now - and doubtless Isobel will be back doing it herself early next week, or maybe, even later in the week-end.  Here is another photo of the latest Slippers - another UK Ladies' Size 5 pair.  I should imagine there will be a blog about them. to back up the listing in our Etsy Shop - to give potential buyers an idea of all the Slipper choices now available in our Shop.

Good night and good bye for the time being.  Cy Bear