Sunday, 15 January 2017

Golf Club Covers - with New Handles on Offer!

Cy Bear calling in once again to wish Everyone a Good Day!

Last week, I told you that Isobel was deep in the production of new Golf Club Handle Covers and I'm pleased to tell you that now not only do we have a set of new Handle Covers for our Yellow Plush Bear Head Covers  - which currently look like this:

But they now could have handle covers looking like any one of these three new offerings.

Not only has Isobel made these three new versions, but she's done the same for our current Tiger Head Club Covers too.  The patterns could be changed if folks wanted to suggest a new order - but the basic, double rib knitting stitch would still remain the same.  It provides a thoroughly elastic handle cover, capable of being stretched over the Golf Club Head and then returned to the long handled straight shape without losing it's elongated look.

In my post last week, I mentioned that Isobel was working on some new handles for our current Orange Tiger Print Golf Club Covers - and these three have been the outcome of her labours.

The current version looks like this - and we currently have two of them in stock in our Shop at

We have learned that the Yogi Bear type Cover - which formed the basis of our last week's bulletin -did arrive safely, but MsMS emailed Isobel to say she was not sure that it would cover her Friend's Club that she had in mind when ordering it before Christmas.  She had been looking for a Cover for a Driver - which is what Isobel has always thought our Golf Club was also called.  Naturally, we've offered MsMS a total refund for both the Cover and the initial Shipping charge, but she came back to say that she would like to see if our Yogi Bear Cover might fit another of her Friend's Clubs. We've not heard anything more, so are naturally hoping that another Club in the Friend's Golf Club Bag can benefit from our Cover's sheltering capabilities:  but are more than prepared to find our Yogi Bear-type Cover back in the fold here in Nottinghamshire sometime next week.  I'll update you naturally, as and when.

However, Isobel now needs to find someone locally who can give us some  access to their Golf Clubs which she can use to measure our pattern templates.  The Golf Club we were kindly given several years ago was one from a set of clubs that were no longer in use by its then owner - who had replaced his golf clubs with a set of "whizzy" new ones.  We believe that the most modern Drivers have complicated innards - not previously part of the old-fashioned wooden ones, of which our model is one - so it may well be that they are  now a bit bigger and our patterns need to reflect the changed size.  So - that's one of the new challenges ahead for us in the coming weeks.  

It won't affect the Club Handle Covers, whose dimensions will remain the same  - we've still got one more Handle Cover to knit - the replacement for the one last heard of in the Runcorn area of Great Britain, unless it is already on its way back to us here in Nottinghamshire.   Isobel's hands are a little tired after all that knitting in the past two weeks or so - something she hasn't done as much of in the last three or four years.  

Meanwhile, here's a photograph of me with the remaining Brown Patterned Golf Club Handles, awaiting the replacement Handle in the next few days:

The next week or two is going to have Isobel busy in the Shop rearranging the items, giving them some new tags (labels) and titles and hopefully giving the Shop a bit of a new look for 2017.  We've got a few new items to list as well - so if there isn't a Cuddlies  blog in the next week or so, please don't think we've gone away.  We may resort to a non-Cuddly post or two - so keep watching this space.  We've got photos taken while Isobel was away last September in Devon yet to show you - and this might be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Also, Isobel has signed up for a "bootcamp" she found on Facebook last week - not sure what she's going to learn from it - but she seems to finding lots of notes to scribble on a  "Bootcamp Blueprint" that she printed off during last week - so that's been keeping her busy as well.

See you all around soon.

Your Friend, Cy Bear.