Saturday, 16 April 2011

Unexpected contact - needing information

As a relative newbie to Etsy, I was amazed to get an e-mail a few weeks ago, from a lady living in California.   Now I don't know many people who live there and the enquiry related to the foxes in my shop (  (I was very encouraged that I could be reached in this way!)  ValerieW is her name and the message read "...I was just looking on the Internet for information on some old toy foxes that I have.  I found your web page with Ferdinand and Freda  and Freddy Fox (illustrated below)  .

Fred and Freda Boss Fox were made as Mascots

Ferdinand, a Hunting Gentleman Fox
Valerie went on to say that she also has a fourth fox - "named Flossy."  She wanted to know a bit more about their background.

Having replied, I got another message saying that she reckons her foxes were sent to her "in Texas, from my auntie living in Manchester, probably around 1953.  They have travelled with me to Oklahoma, South Carolina, back to Texas, to Turkey, back to England and then to California...."  Now apart from being well travelled, they are also long-lasting! 

One of the tags I use in all my toys' listings is just that - "long-lasting".  The longest lasting Fox that I have been responsible for is now over 35 and still going strong!  Think "they" say" and the Cuddlies look forward to welcoming you for a visit sometime soon!