Sunday, 23 April 2017

Safely Back Home - and Some Up to Date Cuddlies' News as well.

Hello Everybody!  

Isobel here with a shorter post than usual, because I only got back to Kirkby in Ashfield on Tuesday afternoon, and much of the time after that has been spent catching up with all that happened while I was away in Buckinghamshire with elder daughter, Philippa.  A lovely break from normal routine, and reasonably easy travelling conditions, it's very good to be back home again - and almost back to normal (or what passes for it these days!).

Cy Bear, in his last post here, mentioned that we'd recently received an order from Santa Cruz, California for a Fox Head Hand Puppet - and I was able to cut it out and almost finish the sewing involved BEFORE leaving for my Easter Break.  So, when I got back, I got on with the rest of what was needed.  Basically, making the finger guide and sewing it into the Neck region of the Puppet's Head and finishing off the seams for the Glove component, and putting together the lining and outer cover.

Here is the new Fox Head Hand Puppet, with it's white felt collar - decorated with orange and green  French Knots, joined together with a yellow running stitch, picking up the main colours of the Buchanan Tartan plaid fabric with which the Glove component is made.  The paw-pads are created with our brown leatherette fabric (which is often used for the beaks of our Owls Toys - see below)

Barn Owl Toy,  Stuffed Toy Owl, Fluffy Barn Owl Toy, Brown Cuddly Toy, Cool Toddlers Toy, Collectible Toy, Cool Toy for Tots, Kids Toy Gift.
Beak and Talons made with the Leatherette fabric

I also used a Copper-coloured plush fabric for the Fox Head and Ears, which are lined with a matching copper-coloured satin lining.  (Previously, I've always described the Plush Fabric I use for making my Fox Heads - and Squirrels - too) as being "Chestnut Brown").  However, recent changes to the Etsy Listing processes have resulted in the colour being called "Copper", so that's how the relevant COLDHAMCUDDLIES Toys will be described in future!

Red Squirrel Toy, Copper  Squirrel Toy, Plush Squirrel Toy. Squirrel with Acorn, Special Toy Squirrel, Toy for Tots. Toy for Boys or Girls.
Our Red Squirrel Toys - previously made in "Chestnut Brown" Plush!

The Fox Glove Puppet was duly dispatched to Santa Cruz to our Buyer, MsBB on Saturday, a day later than I had hoped - for a very good reason.  I've not always been satisfied with the way my Glove Puppets' final "look" can turn out:  because until now, I've finished the lower part of the glove component with seam binding tape - which can sometimes result in a "scratchy" finish.  Making the California-bound Puppet, I decided to see what it would look (and feel) like if finished off with a satin ribbon (as I do with my Novelty Slipper' trim around the ankle area)- 

Snowy Owl Slippers, White Owl Slippers, White Faux Fur Slippers, Made to Measure, Gender Neutral, Gift for Her, Gift for Him, Cosy Footwear.
Our Snowy Owl Novelty Slippers, complete with Brown Satin Ribbon trim

Frankly, I like the new look (and feel), so in future all COLDHAMCUDDLIES Hand Puppets will be finished with a suitable satin ribbon trim, looking like this

Showing the Puppet's finished base area
One of the great things of making toys as I do, is that it is an ever-evolving process.  I can experiment as I go along, and adopt the ideas I feel work best - and discard those that don't!  (And, there's no one to tell me which way is best!!!  Other than, of course, my individual Buyers!!).

I also managed to re-list two of our Toys which had inadvertently been deleted while I was learning another listing technique a few weeks ago.  This did mean that I had to wait until the weather was right to take the new-look photographs, because I do think Foxes and Wolves look better with an "out-doorsy" background.  I do hope you do too!!  (Previously, the photographs had been taken inside, and while effective, it's good to have a change!!)

Our re-listed Fantasy Fox Toy-

 as well as the newly re-listed Grey Wolf Toy -

Grey Wolf Dressed Toy, Grey Wolf in Blue Dress. Wolf Dressed Toy, Traditional Animal Toy, Dressed Wolf Toy, Furry Wolf Dressed Toy, Toy Wolf
Listing Number :

Well folks, that's it for this week!  I'm hoping to be able to get down to some much-needed replacement sewing this week,as well as to update the listings in the Shop (  Most of the Toys are listed as being particularly suitable as Gifts for Easter - and with that Festival now a week away already, it's time to find another suitable Occasion or Celebration (new Etsy-inspired "attributes" which have to be taken into account when listing the COLDHAMCUDDLIES these days).  With 105 different Cuddlies available nowadays, that can take some time to achieve too!!  So, I'd better stop now and get on with it!!

Until the next time - sending you best wishes from Cy Bear (who held the fort magnificently while I was missing last week-end!),here's a photo of the Fox Glove Puppet and Cy Bear, before the former got wrapped up and prepared for the  journey to California.

Showing off the new-look Glove Puppet formula!
Your Friend, Isobel