Sunday, 17 May 2015

Continuing the Tulsa Puppet Saga story - Updates on a Tiger Puppet

Greetings Everyone!

Cy Bear back again, because Isobel thought that it was better for me to bring you up to date news of my friends, DanielS Tiger and Grandpere Tiger - Arm Puppets that she made in November last year for our Puppeteer Friend, MrJS - who was responsible for last week's post showing how he builds Puppets for his collection.

DanielS Tiger was the first one of my Friends that Isobel created for MrJS and his production was described in our post on 25/11/2014 - "Puppet Personalities become Associate Cuddlies".  (You can read this by going to the Blog Archive at the bottom of the right hand column of our blog page here and scrolling down to the appropriate post).

Shortly after he arrived, MrJS  took this photograph showing DanielS settling in after meeting a new friend, "Teddy", who also originated in England.

However shortly thereafter, following a suggestion from  MrJS's daughter, DanielS became Colette and looked like this in a frock that was found to fit her.

However, MrJS  then got to work and Colette Tiger now looks like this:

The ultimate in chic - and to use MrJS's own words - "complete with real designer sweater and matching hat.  Made from one of my son's old sweaters salvaged after it was damaged beyond repair. Only the best for little Colette."

Now it's taken Isobel a lot longer to sort out how to get this photographs from the original email, via the download section of her computer and on to here.  So, this is all for this week.  Next time, hopefully, we'll be able to bring you more news of what has happened to my friend Grandpere Tiger and how he now looks, as well as Henrietta Pussycat and, with luck,  MrJS's son's recording of a song by Henrietta which was used by them in a joint presentation to the Mr. Roger's Foundation in Boston.  (You can see more about that contact in the November 2014 post I alluded to earlier).

Isobel is planning to begin a prototype for the final version of Daniel Tiger this coming week, with a view to sending the "real deal" shortly thereafter.  There's going to be a different head made - based on a pattern send to us by MrJS.

Until then, do hope you all have a great week.  Your friend  Cy Bear.