Sunday, 31 January 2016

Two Cuddlies have new Forever Homes and there are Two Cuddlies to Introduce.

Hello Everyone!-

This is coming from Kirkby in Ashfield in Nottinghamshire, England, UK on a very wet and - so far at any rate - less windy afternoon.  We've had some terrible winds here in the UK (not not that bad around our flat fortunately.  When it does blow, the living room window rattles, and being on the top floor of the building, the effect is even more pronounced).  We're expecting another storm to blow in across the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow, so we're all hunkering down and keeping our heads down.

MrsPB from Warrington, Lancashire was as good as her word and earlier this week sent us several shots of our Yellow Plush Dressed Rabbit  the subject of the last two week's blog posts.  Here is our Rabbit getting to know her new friends, Daddy and Mummy Gingham Rabbit:

We were actually sent three pictures in all, but this one was the clearest when all the transferring photographs from Etsy,com. to Download file on this computer,  and then to here was accomplished. (The other two were a little out of focus).  It's interesting to see the difference in how they've come out - because our Yellow Rabbit is actually smaller - although all three are obviously based on a similar original pattern.  MrsPB said that so far she's not got a name but that "that will come in time"!

There's some great news to report about Barny Barn Owl - who, together with Ollie Owlet, a bunch of Hedgehogs and the other Yellow Plush Bunny were taken to be displayed at The Ark Book Shop in Kirkby for the first time at the end of last week.  Isobel had about 10 minutes to spare on Wednesday morning - after doing some of her weekly shopping in the local supermarket - and dropped in to see how things were going (and to check that the Cuddlies had been behaving themselves, too!)  She was delighted to learn that Barny was purchased and taken home on Saturday (the day after he'd arrived).

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We're not sure which of these two pictured is the one who is in his new home, but I'm delighted to be telling you about his good luck.  Isobel's arrangement with MrsSQ, our contact in The Ark Bookshop, is that she'll keep dropping in, and once a month, they'll meet.  The money from any sales will then be given to Isobel -minus the agreed 20% commission for the display space.  When visiting the Cuddlies on Wednesday last week, they'd already been moved from the back of the Shop to a shelf in one of the Shop's front windows!  (So,..... watch this space!).  None of us expected quite such a fast result.  (In case you were wondering:  a branch of the Cuddlies bank is situated just across from The Ark Bookshop, so it's just a hop, skip and a jump for Isobel to be able to pay any funds in straight away!)

Isobel has not been feeling as well as normal this week, and hasn't ventured outside the flat too much as a result.  But it has meant that she's been able to do quite a lot of sewing - as well as doing a lot of admin. work for the Shop.  All 89 items in it are having their tags(labels) changed - from references to Christmas (which is now over, of course) to some new ones referring to Easter - be it gifts, presents, bunnies/rabbits or eggs (although to date, we don't feature the last item - though one never knows!).  She's about a third of the way through, and is re-reading the descriptions for each Toy as she checks the item, so it's something that cannot be rushed.

However, we now have two examples of two new Cuddlies - listed last week-end, but yet to be described to you.  They are currently sitting in one of the chairs in the Living room, waiting for the third member of the trio to be completed.  So, meet Sybil Grey Squirrel
and her cousins, Cyril Red Squirrel
The felt acorns are currently "fixed" in place with velcro and are a little fragile.  However, as they are an "additional" item, and not really part of the Toy, when they go to their Forever Homes - hopefully before too long - the"decorative items" can easily be removed and each toy then becomes a cuddly armful for a new Forever Friend.  (Mind you, that might change ere long:  the acorns keep becoming unstuck from one or other Squirrels'  front paws, and Isobel could well get fed up with putting them back in place - before that happens!)

There is already one Black version made (to be called Basil Black Squirrel ) but waiting for his nut to be fashioned, and to have some facial features added.  Isobel normally uses black double knitting wool to produce these facial features on all us Cuddlies, but when one has a completely Black Squirrel, she's debating how to sew them in such a way that they can be seen, but not stand out too much.  By next week, hopefully, the problem will have been satisfactorily solved.

So, until then - this is Cy Bear (Cy does stand for Cyril, too - but as you all know I'm Cy Bear to all of you, My Very Good Friends).  In our Red Squirrel's case, not only was Sybil named first (by a lady who attends the same Mass at St.Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham as do Isobel and The Family, but she also suggested Cyril - because "he looks like a Cyril"!  Who am I to argue? (Basil Black Squirrel has got his name, because it goes well with the other two!)

See you all next week - Cy Bear signing off: