Saturday, 9 July 2011

Another Ed Ted update

Just a quick update - before Cy Bear and I begin blogging about Ed Ted's continuing treatment.

Glad to say that the material matching problem is solved.  My nearby source, just 30 miles down the road from here, has come up trumps - BIG TIME.  Ed's ear, which was sent to provide a sample, has been matched SPOT ON and the material has arrived courtesty of Royal Mail.  I'm now in the process of sketching the patterns on to cardboard to make a template for the new cover and will then be cutting the pattern out and the stitching can begin to complete the Ed Ted project.

Before ending for the night though, here is a picture of the leg featured in the last post - on the new material.  Think you'll all agree that it is a pretty fantastic match.

A final update.  Have begun the process of listing on Groove Press and will be doing it in stages.  Etsy will still remain the main site for - but am spreading the Cuddlies wings!

Bye for the moment.  Isobel