Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Prize-winning Collectable Dressed White Plush Rabbit, Handmade in the UK using a Vintage Pattern and Upcycled Fabric

Meet Jubilee Rabbit, a prize-winning member of the Coldham Cuddlies family, complete with the prize-winning certificate awarded by the Wiltshire County Branch of the UK Royal British Legion Womens Section in the soft toy category  of their annual Handicraft Competition.  Jubilee Rabbit also contributed to the Heytesbury Branch  of the Royal British Region winning the Handicraft Cup for 2012.  The award was received November 23, 2012.

This White Plushie measures 18 inches (46 cms) from the tip of her ears, over the nose to the soles of her Blue Felt Shoes.  Like all the other Lady Coldham Cuddlies toys, she has a pair of  pantaloons, with pale blue poplin fabric delicately edged in white lacey trim.

Her Blue Gingham Dress is edged with white RicRac binding, and her white Felt Collar is edged with red white and blue French Knots - to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK.

This White Plushie comes with a white furry tail - as all good bunnies do.  In addition, like all the Coldham Cuddlies Lady Toys, she has an Apron, which is decorated with red RicRac binding.  It is made with white Muslin and has red white and blue floral print ties.

 Jubilee Rabbit is completed with a juicy orange Carrot topped off with fresh green felt Carrot Leaves.

The final look!