Sunday, 2 October 2011

Just checking in - and playing catch up as well

I cannot believe that it is nine days since I posted here - so think it's appropriate that a degree of catch up takes place with me notifying you of what you're likely to be seeing from both the Etsy shop ( where we have a definite departure scheduled for later this week, and six new listings.  Both items will probably form the subject of at least one blog post.

The Greatest Coffee Morning in the World in aid of MacMillan Cancer's 100th Anniversary took place as scheduled on September 30.  Attendance, according to the regular participants, was not as great as usual.  That  may have been because the temperatures were soaring into the high 70's-low 80's and people's minds were just not focussed on Christmas present purchasing - more likely to be how they could pack the family off for the week-end to the nearest coastal town to bask in the promised sunshine.  Nevertheless, from the Cuddlies' point of view, we had three sales in the two hour session - one of which was a newly-launched Glove Puppet.  I'll be posting a separate blog about all of them, of course, but meanwhile here is a taster:

Six Little Glove Puppets sitting on a Bench

I'll not identify the one on her way to a  2 year-old New Best Friend for Christmas.  That can wait till the blog itself appears.  All the Glove Puppets were received with enthusiasm and have been listed at with their own Glove Puppets Section.  It is my intention to make more of them, once I've sorted myself out.  They are attractive, individual, reasonably quick to make (2-3 days maximum) and I think are an exciting addition to the ColdhamCuddlies family. All five remaining ones have already been favourited by one of my fellow Etsians - and they were only listed late on  Saturday evening!  Even allowing for the fact that the USA is behind us in time zones, think that is a pretty amazing result!

The venue for the Charity Bazaar is a pretty amazing one - Slater's Barn  is a specially constructed facility which presumably is used for outside functions, besides the annual MacMillan Cancer jamboree.  It has it's own kitchen facilities and is carpetted, has central heating (so can be used year round) and good lighting (which was not required on Friday morning - given that blazing sunlight was streaming through the windows).  I know I said I would take the camera with me to take pictures of the display table - alas, in the rush to get out in time to set up, although I took spare batteries, the camera did not make it into the bag!  (All was not lost, however:  one of our neighbours was dragged by his wife to the bazaar, he had his camera with him and he kindly has provided some snapshots - which give an indication of the stall and it's owner!) 

However, I have a cunning plan:  the property owner is a fellow attendee at the weekly Zumba Gold exercise sessions I have recently started to attend.  We had a brief chat at the Bazaar, and this Tuesday, I'm going to ask if I can go round and have a clicking session on my own.  If that happens, think Slater's Barn history would make an interesting change of subject for a future post.  It is set in idyllic parkland, about 3 minutes drive from our home. There are several examples of lovely parkland settings  in this delightfully picturesque village - and provided the weather plays ball (which it looks as though it's not going to!), that can make the fifth future post  lined up for your edification!  Must be something of a record - at least for this embryonic blogger!

Then I'm pleased to say that one of my dressed Male Rabbits has found a new home - in Everett, Washington State and will be on his way early in the week.  It's Uncle Brendan Brown Rabbit (Etsy Listing #56013030) who has been selected, so that's another replacement project to be scheduled in between the rejuvenation of Tommy Teddy and Big Koala - the two remaining patients in the Soft Toy Clinic (Listing #79124185) .  Here is a picture of Uncle Brendan to remind you of how he looks:

There's another potential new development too.  For the past few weeks, I've been discussing with Ed Ted's Best Friend, RFE the possibility of having some special ColdhamCuddlies labels woven. (RFE  is a very capabale Graphics Designer, whom we have known since we returned from Canada in 1987, now based in Italy, but travelling regularly to Dubai and, occasionally, the UK!  Thank goodness for the internet - how did we manage without it for such matters, I sometimes wonder?)  One never knows - sometime in the future, the current Cuddlies might one day become valuable vintage toys - whose value can only be enhanced if there is a recognised label attached.  My husband has been keen to see if the idea was practical and it is increasingly looking as thought it might be!  We've got the artwork, we're in the process of getting quotes - and I hope to be attaching the chosen labels to future Cuddlies in the not too distant future.  That could form the basis of yet another blog, methinks.  I'll have to make a list - or I'll forget what I'm going to do - I'm not immune to "senior moments" these days, alas!

Right, I think I have caught up - will be posting, with Cy Bear's help, in the next few days.  Meanwhile - good bye for the moment!  Isobel