Sunday, 15 November 2020

Reaching The End of the Current Stripeless Tiger Rush

Good afternoon Everyone - Cy Bear back again, after an unintentional week off.

After another self-inflicted glitch in the photography area of ColdhamCuddlies life last week, Isobel finally managed to work out a way of shifting photos taken on her camera, on to the laptop,and into files with which she can work.  An essential requirement for listing new Toys etc. as well as illustrating this blog.  Without that ability, last week's post would have been a bit dull, so we decided to leave well alone and hopefully return to normal business this week.  

(We are starting to think we're going to have to replace the computer - it's been being considered for some time.  If (or when) it does happen, Isobel will leave someone technically competent to do the necessary switch of the material from this machine over to the new one - and hopefully, get her properly set up, with just one version of every programme, operating system, media platform - or what ever.  Currently she seems to operate on multiple ones - and I'm sure that could make her life a whole lot easier!!  As well as being easier for me to live with too!)

I've also persuaded Isobel to keep the Clinic photograph at the bottom of this page (it's been quite a while since we used it) - because removing it every time we post a new story does cause problems for her when she comes to edit anything we write.  (Finally, I got fed up listening to her moaning about how long it can take - when all she had to do was allow it to remain where it was!).  Besides, I've enjoyed being reacquainted with the Bears who were Patients in the Toy Restoration Clinic - before we moved up from Wiltshire 6 years ago!!  That seems a lifetime ago, although Isobel does still keep up with some of the friends (many of them Customers - both for the Shop and Clinic).  

                Two New Stripeless Tiger Kits-heading for Mt Shasta at the beginning of this week.

Indeed this week, we received a request for "that huge plastic bag" we had when we lived in Wiltshire  - so that the Banner for the Heytesbury Branch of the Royal British Legion can be safely stored.  Alas, the Branch is now non-operational, and the Banner is being "laid up" in Heytesbury Parish Church (where it's predecessor was stored a few months before Isobel and I moved to Kirkby in Ashfield, in 2014.)  That is housed in another large plastic bag (again from our sources).  We then had ready access to them when we used to get our regular six-monthly supply of fabric off-cuts from The Fine Quality Feather Company, in Frome, Somerset.  

The plastic bag is now on its way to Heytesbury - and we're delighted to have been able to assist (it was under threat of eviction as it did take up valuable space - which is always a problem hereabouts.)  That does mean the biggest plastic bags we have access to now are the 3 kilo ones in which the stuffing required for making new ColdhamCuddliesToys is supplied - from Fred Aldous Ltd, in Manchester/Leeds.  We got two bags a few weeks ago, and are already well into the first one - thanks to the requirements for our two latest Stripeless Tiger Toys, both headed (together with their Mother/Sister or whomever) for Mt. Shasta, California).  These are at the request of  MrsML from San Diego, California - who ordered the last three Tigers Who Lost Their Stripes for herself and her friends, as well as the newly introduced Orange Tiger Toy (shown below), whom she sent to her newly-arrived Great Niece living in Brooklyn.

The two new Stripeless Tiger Kits (pictured above), who will shortly be listed as such in the Shop, look like this.  They are going to become Forever Friends with two grandsons of MrsML's best friend, MrsMJ - and will be travelling to Mt Shasta tomorrow, once Isobel has prepared the necessary travel documents to enable this journey to take place.  Differentiating between them was initially a slight problem, and originally Isobel had suggested different colour collars to each of them.  However, during manufacture, one of them ended up with a head that was slightly off-centre, and rather than take it off and re-position it, Isobel decided to leave it as it was (it's eyes were also placed in a different spot on his face) and that's ended up with two quite different-looking Tiger Toys.  These toys are going to be accompanied by a matching Tiger Who Lost His/Her Stripes, because MrsML wanted to give one like one of the two she now has, to MrsMJ.

The Stripeless Tiger Arm Puppet also going to Mt. Shasta this week

Meanwhile, we've received some lovely reviews for the previous Tigers (Orange and Stripeless) Isobel has been making over the past few weeks - the beneficiaries of whom are also friends/relations of Mrs ML: she's fast-becoming not only one of our best customers - EVER:  but also a good "pen-pal" for Isobel as well.

Here are  the nice things she said about these two

09 Nov, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

We are so happy with our order of a orange striped Tiger stuffed toy and a Matching puppet! They are so special Nd unique. These were given as a gift to my new great niece and her parents (my nephew and niece). They loved them and will be cherished. The workmanship on these special items was outstanding. Thank you Isobel.

Then yesterday,  we received this review in connection with the Tiger Who Lost Its Stripes which went to Sunnyside, New York last week.  That arrived safely, and MrsML wrote this about it yesterday.

Marsha on 14 Nov, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

I LOVE all of the items I have ordered from Isobel, the maker and owner of this shop. This is the 2nd order of a Tiger with no stripe puppet I ordered from Isobel! Plus I ordered an orange striped Tiger puppet and matching stuffed toy for a new born and her parents. Everything is so well made. The quality and material are first rate and items are so cute! Everyone loved their special gifts. As an added bonus, Isobel gave me updates on my orders. I highly recommend this seller! The quality is so much better than anything I have ever ordered before! I definitely will be ordering more ....!!!!

As usual because I've directly copied these reviews from our Etsy Shop site,  we've once again ended up having to finish this post using their typesetting.  Rather than undo the latter additions to this post, we do hope you won't mind putting up with this change of look!  At least you've got two week's worth of posts to read this time around!

Next in line from the ColdhamCuddlies Shop will be models of two Furry Rabbit friends (one brown and one grey) made into the shape of our  Yellow Rabbit Slippers - the very first Novelty Slipper offering when they were originally introduced.

Then taking Isobel up to the beginning of December,  we received an order for a Bishop Bear (taking the number of adopted  Clerical Bears to 40, when it leaves for a Pittsburgh, Pa destination.)  That will be accompanied by a Black Cat Arm Puppet headed for the same place, at the same time!

NB:  The Shop will be closed for 2020 delivery orders on 1st December.  It will remain open for NEW YEAR delivery orders from 29th December, 2020- although Isobel will likely still be doing daily administrative jobs in the interim.

Right - that's it for the time being folks.  Blogging may not now commence until the New Year - unless,of course something momentous occurs in the interim.

So here's wishing everyone a really great Christmas - or as good as you can manage under the present Covid19 regimen, wherever you are in the world).  Also here's hope for a Happy New Year to you All, as well.

Your friend.


Coldham Cuddlies Clinic

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Some More Tiger Tales - from different American Destinations.

Hello there EveryoneCy Bear back again - with latest updates on the Tiger Front.

The Orange Tigers - Puppet and Toy - posted about two weeks ago, reached Brooklyn, New York safely - within the stated deadline:  that doesn't always happen these days, I fear .  From the photograph you'll see that the Toy Tiger was being inspected with interest when that picture was taken:

As the Tiger Toy travelled in the same package as did our Orange Tiger Arm Puppet, we assume that too was approved of, and that the family are now all settling in well and getting to know each other.  Isobel and I are very grateful for the speedy response to the request for this news and wish everyone a really happy life together going forward

While the Tigers travelled quickly to Brooklyn, once dispatched from our local Post Office, Isobel quickly finished off the Tiger Who Lost His Stripes Arm Puppet that our new San Diego-based friend, MrsML had ordered be sent to her best friend's 7 year old grand daughter, MsC living in another part of New York.  That package departed last Wednesday afternoon, and having just checked with Royal Mail Tracking Service Isobel finds that it has left the UK on its way to America, but so far the United States Postal Service hasn't yet received it officially.  Some journeys, even to the same postal City can take longer than others - and in the case of as big a City as New York, may even take longer still (depending on which airline handles the package, and which airport the package lands).  Anyway, we know it's still travelling - and looked like this before being wrapped up and packed into its Royal Mail plastic Air Mail envelope.

It was just before this Tiger Arm Puppet was wrapped up that Isobel noticed that it didn't have the usual black yarn embroidery around his orange nose.  So, before the final wrapping took place (but after this photo was taken) that the missing facial feature was added.  When this Arm Puppet arrives in Sunnyside, New York (isn't that a nice sounding address?) she will therefore look complete, rather than how the photograph shows her.

While still on the subject of our 2020 Saga about our Tiger Arm Puppets, Isobel finally received a refund for one Arm Puppet who got lost in transit during his journey to Medina, Ohio in May this year.  This Tiger was dispatched from our local Post Office together with another one headed for Raleigh, North Carolina.  We had assumed both reached their destinations as usual, but at the end of July, the customer wanting her Tiger Puppet to go to Medina wrote to us (just in time, fortunately) to ask what had happened to it.  She had wanted her grand daughter to receive it for her birthday, but it hadn't arrived.  Isobel learned about this about five days before the deadline for her to make a successful claim against Royal Mail for non-delivery of goods.  When we heard from MrsSG (the Ohio buyer) Isobel naturally refunded her in full - and set about claiming for the lack of service (which is why we ALWAYS send all Coldham Cuddlies via Royal Mail International Tracked/Signed For service)!  What with Covid19 and the usual checks that take place on such occasions, we finally got our payment - IN FULL - at the end of this week.  Next job for Isobel is to pay that cheque into the Cuddlies' Bank account in Sutton in Ashfield (which will happen either Monday or Tuesday of this week).

So, that is all for this week My FriendsEngland is going into "full" Covid19 lock down as of Thursday next week, which is almost as severe as it was earlier this year.  Whatever happens, Isobel will still be able to visit TeamACE up the road, and do her shopping. She is currently busy with three Tigers, two of them Toys, and one further Arm Puppet - all destined for Mt Shasta, California.  The Toys are are being made like the New York Orange Tiger Toy, but made in another Plush fabric - I'll show you those, when they're completed - as Isobel goes along.   Also things are moving on the UK Department of International Trade Export assistance front that I told you about earlier this year, so she will be kept busy, whatever else happens.

I'll be back again, next week - meanwhile you all keep safe, my Friends:  wherever you happen to be.

Your Friend,

Cy Bear.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

A Little Self Indulgence on Our Part

Hello EverybodyCy Bear glad to be back again.

Isobel is currently still busily immersed in making Tigers - whether our Arm Puppets, or more recently Orange Tiger Toys - so she thought you'd like to see what she's been up to when not helping me write this blog.

The former uses the same pattern as our popular Tiger Who Lost His Stripes Arm Puppets  (two of whom have recently found their Forever Homes with a new good friend of the Coldham Cuddlies, Mrs ML). Thus one Orange Tiger Puppet (pictured below)  is currently on its way to MrsML's nephew and wife in New York, accompanied by our most recent addition to the Shop (  our Orange Tiger Toy - which is intended for their 6 months old daughter, MsR:


This Tiger Toy is being accompanied by a matching  Orange Tiger Arm Puppet shown below - both of them are travelling in the same parcel via the usual Royal Mail Tracked and Signed For Service and are due to land in their Forever Home sometime next week - all being well.  (In these Covid pandemic times, one can never be totally confident of what is normally a pretty trouble free service!).

                            Ready to be wrapped and packed up to travel to Brooklyn, New York

Although not intended specifically as a Halloween present, we're all hoping that this bundle of potential family fun will get to New York in time for this year's commemoration of all things spooky, even though neither of these toys can be classed in that category!  (Unless, of course, to begin little MsR is a bit startled by the bright colours, and dark stripes).  Equally, not every child is immediately intrigued by toys that don't have their full number of paws/legs! As Toy makers, Isobel and I have to be ready for the odd initial hesitance in accepting a new toy in a family:  although, to date, that has not lasted too long (fingers crossed).

                                    Getting acquainted prior to the start of their joint journey

The lighting for the last two photographs shows that these were indeed taken just before the two toys were readied for their trip (just as Isobel had finished sewing the Puppet, and then going to bed on the evening before they left the UK!).  So not really a photograph:  just a quick snapshot!.

It's been sometime since Isobel has been asked to use this Orange Tiger print fabric, so there was even greater care needed in trying to match the stripes in such a way that everyone didn't get eye-strain with the decorations going in all different directions.  Making so many Tiger Who Lost His Stripes Puppet versions has meant Isobel having  rather lost that skill in a way.  However, we're both satisfied that the final outcome is not too much of a strain for family onlookers and their friends.  

The stripe arrangement for this side of the Tiger Toy was much easier to accomplish on this side!

Our Orange Tiger looks a little fierce (or maybe a bit startled) here - just because of the arrangement of stripes on the side of his face and mouth.  One doesn't want to lose too much fabric in the process of matching up the pattern while creating the toys with existing printed patterning on the material.

MrsML (of San Diego, California) is fast becoming one of the ColdhamCuddlies best customers, because not only did she decide to keep the two Tiger Arm Puppets that comprised her initial order to Isobel, but she's ordered another, smaller version non-stripey Tiger Arm Puppet for her best friend's grand daughter living in another part of New York).  (Isobel is close to finishing this smaller Tiger Arm Puppet).  

Then she has been asked to make two more Tiger Toys (imitating this Orange Tiger, but using the Biscuit Premier plush fabric we use for our original Tiger Arm Puppet), plus another normal-size stripeless Tiger Arm Puppet - with all of them being sent to the same address in another part of California.  You might say, we're inundated with Tigers presently! Its a very good thing Isobel enjoys making these toys!!  Far from being overwhelmed though, we'll happily accept requests from all-comers!

With that, I'll end for this week.  Hereabouts, we are expecting to be put into the highest tier of Covid 19 Lock Down measures in England this week (maybe as soon as Monday, but more likely on Wednesday).  That means Isobel will be more restricted than she has been lately, but she can still visit Team ACE, her family 3 doors away and also do her essential shopping.  She's well prepared, and will continue do her best to keep safe - something we BOTH urge all our friends who read this, and support the Cuddlies, to make sure they do too.

See you again next week!!

Your Friend

Cy Bear.

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Following on from Last Week's Post About The Grampy Cats

Hello there EveryoneCy Bear back again.

As promised last week, here are some up-dated photos of the Grampy Cats, all taken shortly after they had met MrSS's grand daughter, V after arriving at her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  

She's been the recipient of many, if not all, the Cuddlies that our good Friend, MrSS purchased from Isobel since they met in 2015, and was indeed intended to be the recipient of THE Memory Cat when MsVS commissioned Isobel for this project.  However, as I told you last week, Isobel decided that there should be 4 different Cats made with the material she'd been given (with permission from MsVS needless to say!) because she felt more than one member of the Family might like to have a permanent reminder going forward.

                                                            An Armful of Grampy Cats 

When the Cats had been unpacked it became obvious that the decision as to who was going to get which Cat might take somewhat longer than initially expected.  V evidently has found it difficult to decide which two Cats will remain in her house, and which two will go to her Grandmother and her Uncle (as well which one will go to whom!).  Here are some of the initial photos showing her getting to know the Grampy Cats - and beginning to consider her options.

                                                                    Grampy Cat No 1

                                                            Grampy Cats 1 and 2

                                                       Grampy Cats with Green garments

                                                            Maybe the Choice is emerging?

                                                        and Being Sealed with a Kiss?

From these pictures, Isobel and I are beginning to think that the initial model of the Cat in her Blue Skirt might be winning the selection process for V, herself.  However, MsVS did say in the accompanying message for the second set of photos that the choice was proving "very difficult"!  Last news was that each Cat was being taken to bed singly - just to show them what they are supposed to when they do meet their Forever Friend, maybe?  After that, there is some mention of a further batch of photos once the decision has been made, and the Cats distributed.  

Once we hear what the results are,  we'll let everyone know!

Isobel is currently  busy with Tigers galore - Orange Stripey ones (  and both Arm Puppets and Stuffed Toy varieties in the original brown Stripeless Tiger Arm Puppet versions. Two Tiger Toys - using our latest New Cuddly listing ( ref=shop_home_active_3) are going to 2 young brothers using our soft plush fabrics.  (Isobel is currently waiting to hear if the Buyer wants both done in the same fabric, or one fluffier than the other - just to preserve domestic harmony!) .  I'll doubtless be tasked to let you know what their stories are when they're all finished and either at their Forever Homes - or en route them.

See you all again soon.

Your Friend,

 Cy Bear

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Here's the Story of the Memory Cats (now named the Grampy Cats).

Hello there Everyone! 

Cy Bear back again with two weeks missing in between!  One was - as ever - a technical hiccup:  the other Isobel started to do this post, and found she then had filed the photos for the finished Toy Cats destined for MsVS and the family in Tulsa somewhere on the computer - and couldn't then find them for including here!  We're hoping that we can conclude the story this time around.

Our last post ended with the hope that I'd be able to start telling you about the Cats - then called The Memory Cats.  These were the result of a commission by MsVS, daughter of Cuddlies Friend and Designer,  MrSS who sadly died earlier this year.  Isobel hadn't realised that he'd been living on borrowed time, so when the event took place, it was a bit of a shock.  Not only had MrSS been the "go-to" designer for Cuddlies for whom Isobel didn't have a pattern, but he'd also become our Best Buyer - by far, as he seemed to buy all the new models of our Clerical Bears - who can be seen here - - but also had been responsible for introducing his daughter and her family to the Cuddlies, as well as his Mother

The first Cat Head, as well as two of the 4 calico cut out bodies

Anyway, MsVS contacted Isobel in the early summer and asked if she would be prepared to make a Memory Cat if she sent us some of her Dad's favourite shirts to make them with.  After a battle to get the right price for the package sent to us in the UK - from Tulsa, Oklahoma - the fabric eventually arrived, and we were able to get started on the commission.  

As Isobel deactivated the order when it was completed, she's unable to give me a photo of the fabrics to show here.  It consisted of two shirts (one blue and one sports shirt in a lovely green colour, and a bit of a family joke fabric consisting of material with lots of yellow ducks - the kind that kids play with in baths).  Once Isobel understood the significance of the last item, she had great fun deciding exactly how to incorporate the ducks (which faced in all sorts of different directions on the material) - once she had unpicked both shirts so that she could use the fabrics without seams getting in the way.  (That wasn't an easy task, because both items were well constructed - and she also had to try to save some decals that were incorporated on the two shirts as well).

While undertaking the unpicking task, Isobel decided that instead of doing just the one Cat - as she had already decided - she was going to make the Cat using at least two, if not three, of her existing Toy patterns.  As she could think of at least 4 close family members who might like to be eventual Best Friends with  the Memory Cats (MrSS's Daughter, Grand daughter, Son and Mother), she began to plan her attack on the fabric and go for the full foursome.   

First to be cut out was a Lady Cat using the green shirt for the Cat's skirt. (She decided she would make two Girls and Two Boys, and leave the Family to decide who would get which cat).   The Cats' Faces, Paws (hands and feet) and Tails were to be made with our Grey Premier Plush fabric - which is lovely and soft and most recently used to make our Elephant Toy 


She then cut out a similar number of  Ducklings to be added to a Blue Skirt (with the lady Cats having Tops made with Blue or Green, depending on which Skirt one was looking at). The Gentlemen would have a similar colour choice - and you can see what I mean by looking at the then headless Cat Boy Toy below.  MsVS had stipulated she didn't want Shoes or Boots, but Furry Feet and Paws, and this Isobel set out to provide.  The Snoopy decal was delicately prised off the Blue Shirt when she was unpicking the shirt seams.  Where appropriate, she used the Lucky Ducky material as linings, which she backed with thin interfacing, as the fabric was a lot thinner in weight than the two shirts.

You can see the first Boy Cat's clothing a bit better in the photograph below.  All the Cats' arms were made so that they could be moved once finished - giving the eventual Best Friends as much opportunity to arrange their own Memory Cat to suit the eventual spot where they would spend their forthcoming lives.

When the heads got cut out and sewn, no matter how she tried, Isobel couldn't help feeling that they didn't look as much like Cats as she would like - even though the pattern she was using most was said to be from a Cat Puppet!  That may have been because the Grey Premier Plush didn't really lend itself to looking like the desired animal, but in the end, Isobel decided to carry on carrying on - because whatever she did, none of them would necessarily look like each other - which was the effect she was trying to achieve.

This is how the First Cat Toy looked when finished - we decided that a dark blue satin waist band gave the Toy a good completed look,although she also definitely needed something around her neck too.

A photograph of the first completed pair shows the Boy's jacket closed by using a popper (under the gold button), because we felt it would spoil the jacket if  Isobel made a button hole with which to close it.  Also, the Lady Cat now has a neat white, embroidered collar to finish off her outfit.

Then Isobel turned to the other two Cats she had in mind, alternating the fabrics to get different tops and bottoms, although she felt the Green material made the better trousers.  The decal on this Girl's top was taken off the original Green Shirt fabric - and has a horse depicted on it.  MsVS's family are keen horse-people, so she was keen to include this item in the Memory project  (it was originally off the Green shirt - a Ralph Lauren product)The waist band, this time, is provided by a matching pale blue satin ribbon tied in a bow at the back.  The skirt and waist band are sewn in, and the finishing touch of a felt collar was added, because both the Girls'  necks looked a little bare without something there.  The collars have embroidered edges, picking out the main colours in their outfits.

Isobel felt that all of the Cats needed to have their own tails, so she made all four of them furry ones to match their head and limbs and they ended up looking like this.

The Cat with the Green Skirt can sit down - and actually prefers to do so.  The Blue-Skirted Cat is not able to do so, because Isobel forgot to do the necessary seams to enable it to do so!  (We're not sure what the speck is in the photo here - because all the Cats had soft furry ears on the outsides, with a grey lining for all ears to complete the look).

The Memory Cats, as they were called when they left us, lined up for their final pictures before each were individually wrapped and fitted into one of our biggest postal envelopes  - nice and snugly.  They travelled quite fast this time around.   (During our relationship with MrSS there had been times when Toys had gone for longer journeys than intended and one nearly being returned, because the wrong Zip Code had been provided to Isobel!).  They were picked up from their local post office, after the postman had initially not been able to deliver them - and were given a seal of approval from MsVS's daughter, who was originally intended to get just one.  

While she looks like she's happy to love them all, we now await to hear which family member gets to house which Grampy Cat - as they have now been named now that they are arrived in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  (Technology is once again intervening, and not allowing me to copy and paste them from their original Facebook files.  We'll work on the problem over next week, and show you some of the photos then).

Until then, I'll sign off for this week,

Your Friend, 

Cy Bear.

An Important announcement follows:

  • MrSS and Isobel had originally crossed paths when he contacted her to make a series of  Tiger Arm Puppets about 5 years ago - and he then gave us the patterns for us to use for all our Arm Puppet Toys in the Shop.  So you see why Isobel is so grateful that she was given the chance to make these Memory/Grampy Cats for the Smith family.  MrSS has been a large part of the reason that this week, COLDHAMCUDDLIES is able to announce that we have now made 200 Sales from our Etsy Shop since we started (and that doesn't count all the sales we've made OFF LINE - at craft bazaars and other events in the same period).  We're looking forward to making many more as the months go on - but meanwhile want to thank EVERYONE who has supported us since our start in September 2010.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Yet more technological problems: but coping/learning as one goes along.

Hello again Everyone - from Cy Bear!

Many apologies for the break down in posting - but technology has intervened once again. Apparently the internet connection Isobel relies on for doing all the Cuddlies work with her laptop failed - because something called "the router" broke down and the only remedy was for a new one to be supplied by the Post Office - who provide Isobel's broadband and telephone connections.  The router applies just to the broadband service, so she was still able to make/receive land line telephone calls. 

            This is what the lining of a Tiger (or any other) Arm Puppet looks like when first sewn 
Needless to say - because it seems technology likes to break down at week-ends - it was on the Sunday that the problem showed itself.  That meant no blogging session, not to mention all the daily Etsy routine tasks having to be put on hold as well.  When first contacted the Post Office Call Centre had Isobel crawling (no mean task nowadays with her still injured left hip) around electric sockets in our flat to find out which plug related to the router - and then applying the tests requested by the Call Centre staffer.  None of them worked, so - as it was Sunday - Isobel was told to ring for more technical assistance the next morning.

Here is what the latest Tiger Who Lost His Stripes looked like before being turned right side out

Monday dawned, and Isobel was on to the Post Office folks early.  She had to go through all the tests again, because this time engineers were involved, and apparently they never take anyone else's capabilities seriously!  We were promised a replacement router as soon as possible - because Isobel stressed her need for being able to communicate with the outside world on behalf of the Cuddlies.  A week later (last Monday in fact) she was again on the Call Centre line very early - to find out that somehow the router order had not left the Call Centre.  

Isobel was not a "happy camper" as you can imagine, and demanded to be put through to the Manager of the Call Centre!  This was not possible immediately - there was a 36 hour wait for such a conversation to take place.  Believe me, the flat was not a comfortable place for some time on Monday morning - but there was little Isobel could do about it - except wait for the arrival of the newly ordered replacement.  (A Manager did indeed call back within the stipulated period - with profuse apologies), but the matter had been largely solved by then!)

Settling in for another week of learning how to work her new Galaxy smartphone whether she liked it or not - Isobel was delighted (and very surprised) to get a special Next Day Delivery parcel from the Post Office - with the required router inside it.  The rest of the week has seen Isobel concentrating on making everything work - something that can take her a lot longer than it does younger folk. However, she linked everything that needed it (including the Printer) to the new router and the office systems are now functioning - for the time being.  (The Smartphone and Isobel are getting on better than expected by the way!)

She also unexpectedly linked up with Microsoft Help yesterday - something she's been trying to do for MONTHS, and someone actually remotely accessed her computer and seems to have put some of the problems to bed.  One or two still remain, but she's hopeful that having discovered a route in, she will be able to get extra assistance - when she has the time to be able to do it.  As long as the laptop works, she's happy to carry on because things are beginning to hot up on more than one front.

When she's not trying to be an amateur engineer, Isobel has been sewing as normal.  The Memory Cats were finished - and posted to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She is waiting to learn about their safe arrival before telling you about the two that were still unfinished when she wrote about them on 6th September.  That should happen next week, because checking the Tracker Number before starting this post, we know they've arrived in Tulsa - the postal folk have not yet been able to deliver them because MsVS is currently "living" between two houses - the new one (where the parcel was sent to) and her previous dwelling, which she is getting ready to sell!  Always a difficult situation for everyone concerned, I should imagine!

Here the two bits of the Tiger are in place - awaiting the addition of its Head.

After the Cats, Isobel began another Tiger Who Lost His Stripes Puppet - this time for a Buyer (MsML from San Diego, California - the photos here were taken to keep MsML updated on how her commission was progressing!).  There's a real story attached to this one, which will form another blog, after I've finished the Memory Cats Saga.

Until the next time, then.  Stay Safe Everyone in the meantime.

Your Friend,

Cy Bear

Sunday, 6 September 2020

News on the Tiger and Memory Cat Fronts

Hello once more Everyone!

Here's this week's bulletin from your Friend, Cy Bear - with good news on the escaping dog front (eventually).  She led the searchers a merry dance, but was finally persuaded into a trap set by the terrific team on Thursday morning this week.  She was nearly persuaded earlier in the week, but was scared away from the area she had chosen to "settle" by the early morning Waste Bin Collectors on Tuesday morning. In the end, she moved her area of operations - not too far away - and found some friendly dogs to play with on a small-holding located in a countrified bit of  Kirkby in Ashfield.  Here is Molly - on the run - but nearby where she found some friends to play with shortly after this was taken.

No description available.
11+ days on the run beginning to take its toll

Clare - who was on site as much as possible compatible with getting her young son back to school after the Covid19 Lockdown, as well as it being the start of a new school year - watched how Molly (the dog's name) began to relax her guard (shortly after this photo above was taken), and was then guided by her doggy friends (and owner) towards what WILL BE a much safer existence than she has had so far in her life.  Arriving back at just after midnight on Wednesday/Thursday morning she's been largely sleeping off nearly 12 days on the run. 

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Now begins the long job of getting her settled into the family - at her pace, not ours.

Meanwhile, life on the Coldham Cuddlies front has been moving forward steadily.  The latest Tiger Who Lost His Stripes order will hopefully be ready for posting tomorrow/Tuesday

Tiger Puppets Without Stripes Tiger Plush Puppets Tan Plush image 5

 Isobel wants to send it tomorrow (Monday), but may not be able to do so because the Cavity Wall Insulation applied to all the buildings at Old Chapel Close recently needs to be inspected by those in charge of such things.  They're due to be calling in on Isobel between mid-day and 1500 hours.  She's hoping the Tiger will be finished by bedtime tonight - so she can post it tomorrow morning, while returning some unwanted goods - ordered recently from some people called  (I don't know them from Adam, of course, being a Beaver Lamb Bear - but they do seem to be around a lot hereabouts these days!).  She's discovered she can hand the goods in at one of the Supermarkets where she gets her shopping done, and is going to try the system for herself in the morning - or as soon as she can afterwards.

Now an update on the Smith Memory Cat Project I mentioned a few weeks ago - in our post on 16th August, 2020. 

This one needs a Nose/Mouth Job, as well as his Tail being attached

Work on the Smith Memory Cat Project has moved ahead steadily.  Two are now nearly fully complete:  and the rest are in pieces. These now need to be assembled, stuffed and put in place.  Cat No.1 has had her ears changed, but now needs to have her tail added in the appropriate spot on the back of her skirt.  She now has dark blue sash around her middle (not yet stitched in placed), and will have a white collar (suitably embroidered with some of the colours her outfit is made with).

Waiting for her Tail and a Collar around her neck

The Snoopy Dog patch was carefully extracted from the shirt it was originally sewn on, and has been successfully added to the "shirt" made for Cat No. 2 (see below).  That Cat - a gentleman Cat this time also now has a Coat - lined with the Smith Family's "Lucky Ducky" fabric that came with the two original shirts.  This was also used to provide the decoration round Cat No. 1's green skirt.  There is still some sewing needed to neaten seams, and add buttons/button holes before that bit of clothing is complete, but we are getting there. (Ms VS has seen where we've got to - and is happy with what is coming along).  

Still requires the addition of buttons/holes and a head/neck and tail before he's complete

We'll be back again, hopefully, next week - possibly with the Smith Memory Cat Project down to it's last few pieces.  It's taken a bit longer than Isobel intended, but she didn't want to waste too much of the fabric by doing things too quickly.  There is a lot less material for her to play with on this project than she normally has to hand when making the usual Coldham Cuddlies toys!

See you all again soon

Your Friend,

Cy Bear.