Sunday, 17 September 2017

A return to "Normal" - with news of more re-listings

Hello once again, everyone.  Isobel here.

My apologies for omitting last week's post, but even though the computer came with me, it wan't convenient for me to post another bulletin last Sunday.  When one is in someone else's home, one cannot really carry on as one would under one's own regimen - and that was the case while I was away in Buckinghamshire, staying with Philippa in High Wycombe.  I did carry on with the re-listing processes, though, and several more Cuddlies have had their lives extended by a further 4 months, accompanied by more new photographs (some of themselves - taken from earlier versions of each relevant Toy or Novelty item, some with pictures of similar Toys dressed with, or made from, different fabrics). - 1 pair in stock
Our Polar Bear Baby Slippers have been re-photographed - with a Christmassy touch - and include shots of how they are made (in particular, showing, the soles of each slipper made with the leatherette fabric all COLDHAMCUDDLIES Novelty Slippers have).  You find these additional shots by clicking on the link above, and then on the 12 different photographs underneath the main photograph.

It's amazing to realise, but our Puffin Friends have come up for their first re-listing opportunity - 2 are in stock

(four months after they first appeared in the Shop following the arrival of PuffinR as a Patient in the Stuffed Toy Animal Restoration Clinic).

There are vacancies in the Clinic should anyone have an Animal Toy needing restoration - and we welcome them from anywhere in the world.  You might think shipping costs could be a barrier - but in fact, PuffinR proved they are not.  He arrived in an unstuffed condition:  so travelled as a small packet from Rhode Island, New York, U.S.A.  So, in a "light bulb moment" I realised this could happen to any toy from anywhere in the world - no matter it's original size.  Unless the toys are bigger than Cy Bear (and most of them are not, as you can see from this photograph), even the shipping home charge is within the most expensive quoted in our Shop (  So, if you've spent the summer months clearing out attics and come across an old childhood friend, please do consider giving them a new life, to become a New Friend to a younger member of your own, or extended Families.  Cy Bear and I would love to meet them, and provide them with a new opportunity to thrill and comfort a new generation - and such a gift would be VERY SPECIAL to the Little Person (or slightly Bigger Little Person, perhaps!).
The re-listing process has also involved me having to check every single listing - because as a result of the recent Etsy Shop Manager changed format(s), new items have had to be added to each listing, and I had thought I'd complied with them when they were originally introduced.  Alas, once the new format was officially rolled out, one of the two additional items allowed "disappeared" from every listing to which they had been added!!!  So, with 107 individual listings in the shop, the re-tagging process has been more prolonged than originally envisaged, and there's still quite a few more items to be checked, and corrected. - Brenda is in stock as well
Still, it's keeping me out of mischief - while I prepare for this year's MacMillan Cancer Coffee Morning here at Old Chapel Close, Kirkby in Ashfield - where my flat is now located.  The event takes place on Tuesday, 26th September - from 1000 to 1400 hours BST:  and I will be taking a table from which I  hope several Cuddlies will be purchased for this year's Christmas and other Family Presents.  Sometimes wonder if going away is a good idea - although I did have fun staying with Philippa and enjoyed my break enormously!

(I'm also repeating last year's experiment of Crab Apple Butter - by popular request! That's got to be prepared sometime this week, in between all the other things that are scheduled already. Before leaving for my holiday, the Gardener kindly picked both Crab Apples, as well as Damsons, from trees that can be found directly under my kitchen window.  They've been in a freezer since that happened, and I'm hoping to find them in a good condition tomorrow (Monday).  It was pouring with rain when the harvesting took place:  so am not anticipating that I'll need to add too much liquid for the "magic" to commence!  I'm going to also produce Damson Butter this year.  More anon!!)
Gentleman Jim has reverted to his original name - as Cy Bear told you was going to happen to many of our Toys in his last post to you.  We still have one version of him in stock - so hope that there is someone out there looking for a colourful, unusual, dressed Toy to give away at Christmas time this year.

Our most recent listing is Jemima Brown Bunny - and currently, she's just listed - as the last version of her departed earlier this year.
As Cy Bear told you though,  I can make another Dressed Rabbit like her within 8-10 days from receipt of order, through cutting out and creating, to being ready to ship.  However,  BE WARNED        there is only sufficient fabric of her unusual, patterned aquamarine dress fabric for ONE MORE Jemima!  So, she's really now a Limited Edition Toy!

Cy Bear and I hope to be back with you again next week, hopefully nearer the end of this year's re-tagging exercised.  Until then, have a good week everyone - and hope the weather is being more benign for those of you in the U.S.A.  who have survived the recent Hurricanes and other storms that have wreaked havoc with you.

Good Bye for now.  Isobel

Monday, 4 September 2017

New Procedures in our Shops - as well as some "New Looks".

Good morning Everyone - on Monday morning, rather than Sunday afternoon! 

Not sure exactly what is happening, but at least, we're finally on the same page!  For some reason- and it may be because I got excited by being back on line again last week, and started checking out my Google Activity - and accidentally hit a button that I shouldn't!  But when I tried to start up, as usual yesterday afternoon, this page wouldn't open.  However, just before shutting down for the evening, I tried again - and low and behold:  after a bit of time, this page did open (but WAY TOO LATE for anything cogent from me!).  So, here I am - better late than never,but ready to hand over to Cy Bear.


Hello there, Folks!  

As the title of this post implies, Isobel is still busy re-doing things in the Shop, so not much "exciting" has happened this week.  There have been several new pics of some Toys (like the one of my Tiger Friends, below)  - which were due for re-listing anyway, and which have now been give the "New Look" mentioned.  They've also been given new tags, which we're hoping will attract some attention as the Holidays Season approaches - and I'm here to also explain some things that will be happening as regards the Shop ( in the future, too.  We can't understand why these fellows haven't found new homes yet - because although they've got very long legs (which take up quite a lot of space in the Cuddlies Toy Storage area, admittedly), they are very CUDDLY, and easy to handle too!

Largely because of the storage situation in our current accommodation, and because Isobel wants to make some NEW CUDDLIES soon, we're going to be using our listings to show what we have to offer, obviously:  but not now necessarily having lots of versions of them all at the same time - as has been the case previously  (although in the case of our Long Legged Tigers, we obviously had to - given their different "suits"!)  

We're going to be much more a MADE TO ORDER business - or CUSTOM ORDER one, if you like.  Any new Toys shown in the Shop, will be OAAK (One of a Kind) - and once those still in stock go, Isobel won't replace them, UNTIL a new order is placed (although their pictures will still be posted in the Shop on   One just has to be pragmatic and practical.

Betty Bunny - pictured last week in the Autumn sunshine - without her "sister" made simultaneously
NB:  Customers shouldn't feel they won't get their orders dispatched on time - because although we always service them on a "first come, first served" basis, all of them will still be made within the time frame shown in the order form - because the production time always allows for any "Work in Progress" that Isobel may be doing when that order is received.  She usually allows up to 3-4 weeks from receipt of order - and no Toy, to date, has taken more than 8-10 days from cutting out to completion in the 7 years COLDHAMCUDDLIES has been operating. (Yes - September 2010 is the month when Isobel first began listing us Cuddlies!).  They are ALWAYS posted earlier than the scheduled date!   Unless unforeseen circumstances occur, we don't see any changes happening in that modus operandi - fingers (paws, in my case!), crossed.  Also, as Isobel likes to keep in touch with each Customer as the project progresses, any problems that might occur would be discussed as they occur!
Our most recent Panda Bear was re-photographed too - and may actually be facing a real new look himself.  These pictures make him look rather too prim, we feel - so Isobel may be booking him into the Stuffed Animal Toy Restoration Clinic ( for something of a face-lift. However, as she's away for a few days - visiting daughter Philippa in Buckinghamshire - later this week, that procedure will have to wait until later in the month!  (He doesn't know about what is in store, by the way!).

Finally, because there has been quite a lot of re-tagging etc. being undertaken, here are a few more pictures - with the latest re-listings, all looking forward to the upcoming Holidays season, and hoping that by the end of the next quarter (when they will be eligible for the next re-listing session), some, if not all of them, will have found their Forever Homes. - 2 prs in Stock! - in stock too!
So, I think this post is now quite long enough - what with all the new photographs!  I know the computer is scheduled to travel with Isobel when she goes to High Wycombe later this week, so I guess any new post will be done by her, as I shall be In Post - On Guard - In the Flat!!!  Hopefully, we'll be back again chatting to each other soon - as the trip is not for that long!  

See you all when I am next allowed here!  Have a great time - and really looking forward to being with you all again very soon.

Your Friend, Cy Bear.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Temporary Closure of Blogging Activities - and the aftermath: some Cuddlies being named!

Hello Everyone:

Sincere apologies from both Cy Bear and myself for the recent break in weekly updates from the COLDHAMCUDDLIES World:  as ever, they were caused by "technical difficulties" which this time resulted in the computer being sent for serious "replacement therapy" - namely a totally new hard disk.   (I'm never sure which way one is supposed to spell this particular technological gadget, so I'll also call it a hard disc - to cover all bases!).

Now, I'm gradually feeling my way back into "normal working conditions", and occasionally encountering hiccups along the way - because despite "all" data being backed up (according to my helpful technical gurus), some items seem to have slipped away - although. just today - trying to get back here -  I discovered a whole heap of photographs of former COLDHAMCUDDLIES family members on the "Google Photos" site that I hadn't realised I still had!!  I tend now to keep all the current - and more recent - photo opportunities filed on the computer pictures programme, which I presume is a Windows10 offering, rather than a Google one.  I really do get confused.  Think I'll just have to find somewhere (or, even, someone!) where I can just sit down and watch how I get every one, and everything connected with the Cuddlies and I, to just talk to EACH OTHER, than carry on as they once did (and some still do!! Facebook page activity is suddenly very "talkative" - in that when I post anything on one page, it tends to get duplicated:  although that doesn't happen every time. However it's easier to delete one item, and operate with nothing being seen by my Friends - or maybe, if I delete the second copy, then it will mean only SOME  Friends being updated, and not others!  See what I mean - I really am "dangerous" when let loose on line!!)

Now, those whines out of the way, thought you might like to see the opening paragraphs of the last post started before the breakdown occurred.  You will thus see that I did intend to notify you all of the impending gap in news from our part of the internet world.  The shock of finally having to succumb to the computer's woes, evidently drove me to abandon this, without actually posting it.  However, it will be a convenient bridge between THEN and now!   So:

"A short note from both Cy Bear and Myself just to give you news of a short break in communications caused by problems with the computer.

As you know, we've been engaged in a lot of relisting, re-tagging and re-photographing, and something went wrong in the proceedings.  Google Chrome (my browser of choice) is not playing ball with our Shop (  I'm taking the computer into the technical help desk at the nearest Shop from where I purchased it tomorrow (Monday 14th August) for it to have thorough clean.  I'm just not capable of doing it without getting into even more trouble.

Before I go though, here are some of the newest re-listings showing up in the Shop - which is currently "on vacation" until things get clarified.

Nicholas Rabbit -

From now on, we're in "real time"!!
This is just one of the listings that took place during the week beginning 7th August, 2017- although even while the computer and I were parted, I was able to keep re-listing Cuddlies who needed it - because I was able to access the Shop ( via a machine located in the Kirkby in Ashfield Library. While I wasn't totally without internet connection, the time available was a lot less than when I am at home - because it's allocated on a one hour basis, with just one update being available!

You will notice that this Rabbit Toy now has a published name - and it's a deliberate, "new" move on my part. (Some Rabbits and Foxes have had names all along, and this is one of them:

Jeremy Rabbit -
September was the month in 2010 when COLDHAMCUDDLIES actually began listing it's wares and offering items for sale (we actually registered in January of that year, spending the intervening period building stock), so with our 7th Anniversary rapidly approaching, I decided to name some more, if not all, Cuddlies (current and future), in the hope that by "individualising" them, they will attract more attention.  I've tried different ways to do the listing, including naming each Toy, but over the years, that particular idea seems to have fallen by the wayside.  Something tells me that the time has come for me to do the "name game" once more, so I've decided the Dressed Rabbits and Foxes, Wolves and Coyotes in the Shop will again have their own names - as and when they come up for listing (when I remember to include the new labels, that is!!).  Some have been re-named:  as I go along - retagging etc.  

Those that slip through the net, will eventually get their own "monikers" (a bit of London Cockney rhyming slang, I believe, and a "saying" that Peter often used in conversation, with friends and me, when he was alive.  Please don't ask what it "rhymes" with - as I do not know!)     Needless to say, potential Forever Friends of these Toys are more than likely - and indeed, ENCOURAGED - to name their acquisitions whatever they want to!!  (I suspect that the effort of deciding what to call Cuddlies as they appeared on the scene is one of the main reasons I stopped doing it!!).

To return to the listing that took place in the week before we temporarily lost touch with each other:

Uncle Brendan Brown Bunny-
Since 2010, there have been several versions of Uncle Brendan - who have found Forever Homes as far apart as California, France and the UK.  This photograph is of the last model and he needs replacing - and is one of several Cuddlies, listed in the Shop, who are also in that same "replacement category".  However, anyone wanting to buy him, or the other similarly placed Cuddlies, need to know that generally it takes me 6-9 days (from cutting out to completion), so well within the 3-4 week dispatch date deadline quoted on any Etsy Order form associated with our Toys.  The dichotomy in timings is there just to ensure that any Work in Progress is covered when an order arrives.  All Orders are dealt with on a "first come, first served" basis.  So far, there's not been an occasion when a Buyer has been disappointed with a late arrival at their front doors - wherever in the world they may be located - although I do recall one occasion when a Cuddly's arrival was delayed (alas again as the result of a computer mishap!".  Customer details were on the computer - and not in my "hard copy" file! Fortunately the lady concerned was most understanding.)

Finally, for this week at any rate, here's a Dressed COLDHAMCUDDLIES Fox toy, who was re-listed more or less at the same time as these three rabbits - and she, too, has had a name since she was first conceived - Miss Prim Fox:

Miss Prim Fox -

Please God, this will be the last time that the computer and I are separated for any length of time: believe me, I now do know what the term "withdrawal symptoms" actually feels like - and means!

See you all soon.  Cy Bear sends his best wishes - and looks forward to chatting with you all soon.

Your Friend.


Sunday, 30 July 2017

HQ temporarily away from base - but daily checks being maintained.

Hello Everyone - Cy Bear here today, on "guard duty" while Isobel commutes between home and TeamACE's base, three doors away, this week.

She moved up the road last evening, and is now house-sitting, dog and cat caring, while the Family are on an adventure camping holiday in Norfolk with lots of friends from St. Barnabas Cathedral at an annual get-together based around The National Catholic Shrine of our Lady of Walsingham. We've written about this place from time to time - because it's where Peter's ashes are buried, and Isobel and family try to visit it every year.  The get-together Team ACE are involved with is called "New Dawn", and it's something that's been on their "must do" lists for some time.  They left with the weather looking threatening, but dry:  news has been received that they all arrived safely, and the tent has been pitched - right next door to close family friends, the parents being GrandsonE's God Parents - so provided the weather co-operates, they're set for a lovely time.  Isobel has quite a crowded schedule this week, but will be able to fit things in so I'm not going to be on my own that long this time around.  Her "away time" this year is set for a few weeks hence.

Meanwhile, the retagging and retitling I spoke about last week has continued apace.  Daily listings in the Shop have continued - with more than one being done sometimes because there are quite a lot of Cuddlies requiring this attention at this time of the year.  Meanwhile, Isobel did complete the two new Baby Hedgehogs, more photos were taken - and here is one of the three examples now in stock in the shop -

During the week, two very new Cuddlies became eligible for re-listing, so the Ducklings - first introduced earlier this year - are now in place until 29th November 2017.  

They joined our Easter Chickens, which Isobel created at about the same time, but were renewed a day or two earlier.  When she made them, they were very experimental. She was making both the Ducklings and Chickens for the first time - from patterns provided by a Facebook friend - and in the Chickens case, she tried three different ways of making their beaks.

The Chicken in the middle has its beak embroidered throughout - and is not likely to continue with that look.  In life, it appears a bit cumbersome and unrealistic.  Not that Toys really need to be THAT realistic, I don't think.  The other two were made with different shapes cut out from felt, and Isobel has decided that the one on the left will be the future model we offer.  They don't need re-listing until 24th November this year.

Then, one of the other re-listings placed in the Shop this week was Hettie White Rabbit:  carrying on the "rabbit-naming" exercise, Isobel decided on "Hettie" (this model had previously been titled our "Halloween Rabbit", because of  dress and trimming colours she'd used when making Hettie in the first place).  The fabric for her dress is not only black and white gingham (quite a traditional mix for Halloween items, as is the orange trimming) but there is a rather unusual and pretty embroidered floral pattern involved as well.  Hettie comes complete with silk pantaloons trimmed with lace and can have a large carrot to hold, although these photos don't show it.  (Without a Carrot, Hettie will be £2.50 GBP ($3.28USD) less to buy!)

These two pictures were taken in our garden earlier this week, and show Hettie standing, as well as sitting.  She does prefer to sit, but provided there is something she can lean against, you can leave her balanced quite safely.

Then, finally for this post here's a photo of one of my best friends, Silver Grey Bear.  

He's sporting a bright orange ribbon, which shows him off very well, I think, and is eagerly looking for a Forever Home.  Both Hettie and Grey Bear have been registered as members of the Coldham Cuddlies Family until 25th November in the case of the latter and 26th November in Hettie's case.

Meanwhile, here's what happened to one of the Ducklings when he left us to travel to his Forever Home shortly after they were introduced into the Shop:

Meet Duckling "Super Duk"!  He now lives in Edmonton, Alberta
That's it for this week, Folks.  Looking forward to telling you about family and Cuddlies activities during the coming week, and wishing everyone good wishes for everything you plan to do!  

Your Friend.

Cy Bear.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Replacements underway - plus some recent Cuddlies relisted in our Shop

Greetings everyone - Cy Bear back again!

After a busy week doing lots of retagging and retitling, ColdhamCuddlies due to be renewed during the week, have been re-listed - on a daily basis.   Isobel wants to find if regular, daily changes in our Shop will really attract the attention that "the experts" (whomever, and wherever, they are/come from) say is a "must do" activity when engaged in on-line selling.  We've got a batch of Toys in this twilight area at the moment, so we're going to be able give the statement a real try-out.
Graham Grey Rabbit (he's also listed as Graham GRAY Rabbit - to include the different spelling of the colour around the world) was one of the first to receive the new "treatment".  He's a cuddly toy with lovely soft furry plush fabric for head and paws, and a green velvet jacket.  When we first began selling toys in 2010, Isobel used to christen some of us Toys with human names.  Then she stopped doing it (have not got a clue why!) but she's decided to give it another go. Graham Grey Rabbit is now safely registered in the shop until 18th November, 2017 - unless or until he finds his Forever Home earlier!.   (Obviously, our Toys may have a name in our Shop - when they find their Forever Homes, it's entirely the choice of their new Friends whether or not to re-christen their new toy, or keep our name.)
One of my particular friends is this Yellow Plush Teddy Bear - although made with exactly the same pattern as all of us Coldham Cuddlies Bears, this young fellow looks a little smaller all around. That's because the rest of the Teddies in our Shop are made with faux fur and this chap uses Yellow Plush fabric - and there can be a distinct difference in pile thicknesses between the different materials. Both varieties are as soft and cuddly as each other - and I am proud to call them all my Friends.   (Not sure why, but Isobel doesn't give us Bears names:  all except me that is.  I'm told the reason I got mine, when I was first made, is because Peter decided I reminded him of one of their neighbour friends when they lived in West Lancashire.  We'd all moved to Wiltshire by that time!).  In the Shop, Yellow Ted has booked his place until 19th November, 2017.  Do hope he finds his Forever Home soon - he'll make someone a really good companion when they choose him.

Before showing off more relisted Toys, Isobel thought you'd like to see how the Baby Hedgehogs are made - because I did mention last week that some replacements were urgently needed.  She cut out two more on Monday afternoon - during what has become a weekly chatting session among our fellow residents. Since then, each evening, she has sewn and completed one new Toy, and today took some snap shots of the second one - before putting it together later this evening, or during tomorrow's Old Chapel Close crafters' meeting.

 (Originally, the gathering  was known as the "Knit and Natter" session:  but, alas, as months have passed, knitting has ceased to be the main focus, and nattering has gathered momentum.  This is largely because the former knitters have ceased to attend, or there is now no demand for their output:  but Isobel has always gone each week, because she found it a good time for her to concentrate on us Cuddlies, and she always gets useful tips whenever she talks to her fellow crafters.  Most are older than she is, and one is actually 97 - and still knits, when her particular items (fingerless mittens) are in demand.).

Here's the first replacement Baby Hedgehog - placed on the first page of the original Hedgehog pattern that Isobel uses to create these Toys.

Here's the face, and four legs, of the second Baby Hedgehog, with the latter items still waiting to be stuffed.  The face piece has had the eyes and nose fitted in place, and needs to be attached to the body when that has been sewn together and stuffed.

That is shown below - while it is still having the grey plush base being attached to the back/side pieces made with the "Laughing Owl" faux fur fabric.  It gives an idea of what the "wrong" side of the fabric looks like, before it is prepared for the Toy to be stuffed.

I'll finish off with the completed new Baby Hedgehog looking at his potential companion Toy:

With luck and a following wind (Sundays are always busy days for Isobel - especially having to fit in our weekly post into all her other activities for that day of the week), these Toys will be ready for listing in our Shop - actually just joining the one already listed to be really truthful - by end of play on Monday of this week.  (She might take some photos of the three of them together, too).

Here's our Unique item,Winston Wombat - 3-Way Pajama/Pyjama/Nightdress Case, Hot Water Bottle Cover or just a Wombat Toy Decoration for some one's Bedroom.  Thanks to the additional 5 pictures Isobel is now allowed for every listing in the Shop, she has been able to show pictures of what Winston looks like when he's acting as a Bed Adornment (the picture below).

Add caption
Then, Winston Wombat looks like this when he is acting as a Hot Water Bottle Cover:  (you can see the furry tail has a felt lining, and is ready for the Bottle Head to be placed into it before being placed in the bed.  The tail can also be faux fur on both sides - Buyers can let Isobel know which version they want, when they order their Winstons.)

Winston then could look like this when he's waiting to be used as a Nightdress Holder (or Pyjama/Pajama cover), without any stuffing in at all.  The pillow is made with the same calico sheeting fabric we use for the bodies of our Dressed Lady and Gentlemen Foxes, Wolves, Coyotes and Rabbits.

Or he could look like this, with the pillow inside.

Whichever way, Winston Wombat now looks forward to an undisturbed future in the Shop - until 21 November 2017.

(Now, to be strictly truthful, although we've shown you all these different views of Winston here, we actually don't have a model in stock.)  He only takes Isobel three to four days to make from scratch - and since space in our flat is limited, and the Toy storage bag even more so, as Winston takes up quite a lot of room whenever he's alive, he's now just listed in our Shop - and hopefully, we'll be called upon to make several more before too long!  The last version went to a gentleman in Lancashire earlier this year, who wanted one as a birthday present for his wife.  Winston has been given as Christmas presents to family friends' children too, as well as a present for the Mother of another client - so he's a gift for all ages, whenever he is chosen as a COLDHAMCUDDLIES Toy.

I think I've rattled on quite long enough for this week's installment.  I'll end with a wish to everyone for a really great week, and look forward to telling you next week - about what has happened in the intervening period.

Your Good Friend,

Cy Bear.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

A Major ColdhamCuddlies Milestone- here's our 400th Post.

Greetings Everyone - from both Cy Bear and Myself. 

(Isobel here)  I've given Cy Bear the task of presenting this post, because he's such an amazing contributor to both the blog and to the way in which COLDHAMCUDDLIES operates.   While co-author here,  he is also the Shop Mascot and as such, takes part (when I remember) in the ritual Farewell Ceremonies set up for Cuddlies as they prepare to leave for their Forever Homes.  When he's not doing that - he sits guard over the Cuddlies in store whenever I'm not at home.  (Not bad for a "reject" - because of sharp limb seams at the start of the Coldham enterprise, is it?) 

As befits milestones such as this, we've been reminiscing over the years since https://www.ColdhamCuddliescalling first began publishing about how our COLDHAMCUDDLIES Toys are made, stories about visits I've taken - when tales of the Toys are in short supply - and between us we've decided to highlight two lines we offer - Dressed Rabbits: and the subject of our main charitable enterprise - Hedgehogs.  (We have also supported branches of the Royal British Legion and the Royal Canadian Legion in the past - and will do so as and when appropriate conditions are met in future - such as sales to Canadian destinations when they occur!)

(Cy Bear taking over)  Starting with Rabbits - we are particularly proud of this one - Jubilee Rabbit -

We want to remind you (as we've reminded ourselves) about what happened in 2012 when Jubilee Rabbit became a slight celebrity among the Cuddlies  (if not elsewhere!).  She was made specially to represent the Heytesbury Branch of the Ladies Section of the Wiltshire Royal British Legion - and ended up with Isobel being awarded first prize for a "Handmade Toy - Knitted or Material" in the county-wide Handicraft and Produce Competitions. The Heytesbury Ladies often did well in these annual competitions, but in 2012 with Jubilee Rabbit's help, they won 1st Prize for the number of prizes they accumulated - but had to share the Cup awarded that year with another branch who won the same number, but not just in the handicraft sections!

Here's additional evidence of the prize awarded for Isobel's handiwork:

We've not made a duplicate of  Jubilee Rabbit - because even though she did so well for everyone,  it was  a condition of entering the competition, and understood, that after the competition she would be donated to raise funds for the Royal British Legion (who do immensely valuable work supporting disabled ex servicemen and women - and their families).  We didn't think it was appropriate for us to make another one exactly like her - especially as she was also made to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen, which was also celebrated that year. 

(The nearest equivalent now on sale in our Shop, is Jemima Rabbit - who has been a popular Bunny and found Forever Homes in several place in the UK -
You can see the other Dressed Rabbits on sale in our Shop if you click on this link 

When Isobel began publishing and making Friends with all our Followers, in March 2011, we had a modest 25 different Cuddlies on offer - and the blog was started as a way to explain to you all, as well as anyone else interested, how us Cuddlies come into existence and become Handmade Cuddly Toys - suitable for anyone, at any age, no Upper Limits or Genders set!  Now we are proud to announce that we have 107 different versions of COLDHAM CUDDLIES, and we also produce Novelty Slippers and Golf Club Covers as well, so it is obviously not possible to tell you about everyone we want to find Forever Homes for.  We just happen to have a lot of Rabbits, in various formats, so they were an obvious choice for this particular post.

Over the years, since Isobel first acquired the pattern for our Family of Hedgehogs,

The current models of our Hedgehog Family

they too have been very popular COLDHAMCUDDLIES - and have found homes all over the UK, as well as in Alabama and Port Washington, USA to name some overseas destinations too. 

In 2015, Isobel became aware of the plight of UK Hedgehogs, who were disappearing at an alarming rate (and still are!).  She's always been a lover of these particularly endearing wild animals, so since 2015, we have supported two Hedgehog Rescue Hospitals in the UK and so hope we can help to save these prickly wild folk from complete extinction.  

So using the Hedgehog Toys we first started with - 

Original Mummy Hedgehog

Original Baby Hedgehog

Original Daddy Hedgehog

Isobel decided to donate 10% of every Hedgehog Toy sold (whether singly, or as a Family) to two Hedgehog Rescue Centres in the UK - so that they can continue with their important work.

One of these hospitals is Tiggywinkles Hedgehog Trust (, who are based in Haddenham, UK which is only about 10 miles from where daughter Philippa lives - so Isobel does try (if the weather is kind, and the crowded schedule permits) to visit that site whenever she can.   To begin with, the other selected entity has been West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue, which is based outside Birmingham, in the UK West Midlands - and was the first Hedgehog Hospital Isobel found on the internet, having been alerted to their work by a friend (and Hedgehog customer) - based in Mobile, Alabama!!  (Isn't it a small world!). To date, the two hospitals have shared approximately £75.00 each (approximately $98.00 USD).  

When we moved from Wiltshire in 2014 (where we had access to the furry fabric our original Hedgehogs were made with), we had to look for alternative supplies for future Hedgehog Toys. Incredibly, we found that the actual manufacturer of the original fabric (now no long produced by them alas) are actually located in the same Town we now live in.  Isobel went to see whether they could help us - when the original fabric ran out;   They suggested a line they currently produce called "Laughing Owl" and our current Hedgehog Toys now look like this:

The Hedgehog Family wondering if any food is about, maybe?
They don't look quite as authentic as did our original Toys, but they are equally as cuddly, and are as popular with our customers as were the brown ones.  People who have seen them in their current guise have no trouble in recognising them as Toy Hedgehogs (and Isobel tells me that other Toy Hedgehogs, can come in all sorts of different colours - and be knitted, as well as sewn - and be equally as acceptable as our original ones!).    

The above photograph is bang up to date - because it is among several taken just this afternoon in our garden, with this one using an authentic "Hedgehog Igloo" as background - which we've discovered to be unoccupied at the moment.  Isobel has recently joined another Hedgehog Rescue site via Facebook (what ever that is!) called Prickles Hedgehog Rescue ( and through that site has actually met two other ladies - who are equally obsessed with Hedgehogs (and have several Prickly visitors each evening - Hedgehogs only come out at night, I've been told) and they meet every two weeks for a cup of coffee and a chat - about Hedgehogs of course, but about lots of other things too!  (They have helped Isobel buy the products needed to create a Hedgehog Feeding Station and House, plus food and eating implements - which are shortly to be erected in daughter Clare's garden.  GrandsonE - whose recent birthday present from Granma these items were - and Isobel are going to see if they can attract a family of Hedgehogs into these houses.  It's never too early to learn how to look after wildlife!).

We currently have these 2 Daddy Hedgehogs in the Shop.

The West Midlands hospital is a bit difficult for Isobel to get to without a car, so in the past few days, she's decided that from henceforth, Tiggywinkles will continue to get their share of the 10% of Hedgehog Toy sales in future, and Prickles Hedgehog Rescue  receive the other half of the sales price.  Prickles is located in Cheddar, Somerset (yes - the same place where Cheddar Cheese originates from) which is only about 25 miles away from where we used to live in Wiltshire.  

So, earlier this week, using funds that have built up over recent months  in the COLDHAMCUDDLIES bank account (still based in Warminster, Wiltshire, incidentally!) cheques for another £40.00 (approx. $52.40 USD) were posted to both Hospitals.  

These three Mummy Hedgehogs - in stock now - are looking ever hopeful!
The donations Isobel collects don't all come just from the 10 percent  from sales of the Hedgehog Toys.  Customers often qualify for small refunds on shipping overcharges (Isobel likes to calculate those high:  then any unannounced increase in postal charges that occur between an order being received and the items being sent off, is covered).  Customers are  always offered  the choice of having the refund directly, or the funds being used towards Hedgehog rescue sites - and many are happy to go with the latter alternative, because they too like these delightful characters and the sums involved don't get more deleted as a result of bank and foreign exchange fees.

Real Hedgehogs are "in danger" if outside during the day.  Our Baby Hedgehog is quite safe though!
Isobel is going to have to get down to some Baby Hedgehog replacements, because during the photo shoot this afternoon (these are destined for use in our latest listings for these three COLDHAMCUDDLIES) she discovered this model is our ONLY one presently in stock!!  Not only is it time for our pictures to get an update, but because Etsy have given their Sellers another five more photo slots to be used in every listing in our Shops, Isobel needed some more up-to-date shots of these little fellows so that their re-listings (due in a couple of weeks' time) will also reflect the current situation for potential Buyers.  

Ooops, that hole isn't big enough for two Daddy Hedghogs at once!

With 107 separate listings for this to be done, Isobel is now very busy adding extra photographs to ALL our Shop listings.  She is finding the 399 posts before this one an extremely valuable resource for finding relevant shots (mainly showing HOW our Toys come to be made - which we feel will be of interest to our potential Customers.). 

That looks a long way to fall from:  think I'll stay where I am!!

Time will tell - and I've gone on long enough. However, one doesn't reach 400 posts every day- so I hope you will all forgive Isobel and I.

Until next week then - Your Friend, Cy Bear.

Exploring their surroundings.
PS:  That Hedgehog Igloo is currently unoccupied - and the Resident in whose garden it currently is located has said Isobel can have it for the site up the road, thus giving any potential new Hedgehog residents a choice of accommodation - if and when they appear.  Clare is fearful of attracting more Rats to their garden than already appear from time to time. So all concerned have agreed that if that happens, the Hedgehog residence(s) will be re-located, down the hill and 3 doors away, to somewhere near where our flat is located, because we already know there are at least 3 Live Hedgehogs who regularly visit one of our near neighbours.  You can see, we're all determined to do our bit for the UK Hedgehog population.  Currently these visitors pass through the bit of the garden near our flat and help clear the patios of spilled bird feed - thus ensuring that Rats aren't attracted to our premises!  They don't currently stop though:  but they might do so, if they find comfortable living premises on offer!!  Cy Bear or I will keep you all up-dated - promise!