Sunday, 5 June 2016

Some More Piglets have arrived in the Coldham Cuddlies Shop

Good afternoon Everyone! 

Cy Bear once again wishing everyone a really good afternoon.

As ever, we've been busy this week, so I'll get weaving here straight away.  Isobel has cut out, sewn and now finished our third Nursery Mobile.  It's just been listed in our Toy Shop ( and here are some shots used to illustrate it on the site.
These were taken last night under electric light, so Isobel decided to take some others this afternoon, after her lunch, just to provide another "look".  Again, as some of last week's photos of our Polar Bear Mobile show, they were taken outside and therefore not necessarily in a "normal" situation for what is essentially an indoor object - but, we're talking toys, and imagination here, so why not?

Back ground being buildings and garden surrounding our home
Having now got three Nursery Mobile offerings in the Shop, Isobel is breaking off the production line for a day or two, so she can concentrate on AJ the Orange Dragon - presently languishing in her bedroom as a Patient in our Soft Animal Toy Restoration Clinic.  She's ordered a re-supply of polyester fibre - due to be delivered sometime on Monday (6th June) and she's planning on finding out what it will cost for AJ to travel to the Isle of Wight - where his Forever Home is located.

She's going to get prices from the courier delivering the polyester fibre tomorrow, as well as an estimate from the courier we used to send Colin the Giant Koala.         (I  last wrote about him in this post - - ).

A side view of AJ when he arrived.
She received an email notification that their carriage rates had recently been increased, so she's just making sure.

An additional reason for doing this is because AJ the Dragon has similar dimensions to Colin (the Koala), so it makes sense to get a price comparison for AJ's onward journey.  There's going to be a refund due to MsLA,  our Customer - and as you may recall, we like to over-estimate our Patient therapies' costs, so this can happen where feasible.  Isobel wants to make sure she gets a good price for AJ's travel arrangements.  She may well also check the price of Royal Mail's Parcel Force too - which is the way he arrived here a couple of week's ago.  That way, a proper price comparison can happen!

The parcel from Romo Fabrics that I mentioned in last week's post also arrived - as promised - early last week, and turned out to be off-cuts of the Laughing Owl fabric we were planning on buying from the factory.
Mommy Hedgehog

Baby Hedgehog
There's enough for a couple of Baby and Mommy Hedgehogs, so we can postpone ordering more from Romo Fabrics for a month or two - even though, we need to replace Daddy and a Baby or two soon.

That's it for this week, everyone.  We've got what feels like summer today - and already, I gather folks are saying it's HOT.  They've all be complaining that it was too cold!  Humans never seem to be satisfied!

See you all soon - and here's wishing you all a wonderful week - wherever you are reading this!

Your friend, Cy Bear.