Thursday, 31 January 2013

Oops: Edward Bear needs a Nose Job!

Cy Bear posting this, because Isobel is too embarassed to do it herself!  But these things happen when you're close to anyone of us toys.  Ears and Noses seem to give Isobel the most trouble when she is making us, and it's normally the Ears.  The atmosphere in the work-room can get somewhat tense at times, let me  tell you.   Last week-end, though, we got a message from RevJ, Edward Bear's Forever Friend, that she was unhappy with Edward's nose.  She didn't like the way he looked at her - and would like to bring him back to the Clinic for a further consultation.

On Tuesday morning therefore - at their regular Zumba Class get-together (whatever that is - being a Beaver Lamb Bear doesn't qualify me to understand these things) - Isobel was re-united with Edward and was horrified by what she saw.  RevJ said she felt that Edward was "sneering" at her:  Isobel suggested he looked as though he had a bad smell under this nose.  Whatever;  the decision was instantly made that Edward would accompany Isobel back home here to Heytesbury and undergo fresh remedial treatment to rectify the mistake.

Looking at one picture of Edward that we took during his therapy, but didn't use in our post about his treatment, the camera angle does not really show off this "bad look".  Although now I look at it again, he does look as though he's a bit snooty, doesn't he? 

Anyway, on Wednesday morning, Isobel took scissors to the double knitting yarn she uses to embroider our noses and removed the offending item entirely.  She then re-did the nose and took new photographs of Edward's Nose Job - and sent them to RevJ for her comments and approval. 

I'm pleased to sell you that we received message back this morning that she approves of Edward's new look and that they will be re-united with each other next Tuesday - at their next Zumba session.  What would they do without Zumba, I wonder? 

As the new look has been given the seal of approval, here is what Edward now looks like.  You'll notice that he's got some clothes on - which incidentally he was wearing when he originally appeared in the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing 79124185).  Alas, the entire make-over has resulted in them not really fitting Edward any longer.  RevJ has said that his hips in particular have become more curvaceous - and that a new outfit will be created in due course.  Meanwhile, I must say,  rather like the open-neck casual look!  We've not got any pictures of Edward below his waist!

(Isobel:  Whilst this shows that one is never foolproof, think one can get too close to a toy when working on them.  Whilst originally satisfied, a week's absence definitely caused me to see Edward in another light!  Had I realised the eventual look prior to delivery, Edward would not have been allowed out the front door.  Be sure, Quality Control has been, and will be, tightened up in future!)

Cy Bear now closing down for the evening.  Isobel is about to complete the latest Wombat for inclusion in our shop at (The last one was sold just before Christmas, so this is a replacement).  TW Bear's treatment is going well:  he's about to be sewn together and stuffed, ready for return to his Forever Friend, hopefully by the week-end.  Goodnight to everyone and good bye for now.